H.E. Gray allowed me to make little ficlets about her rules for team nineteen :D I think it will be fun! So here's the first rule!

1. Team Nineteen is banned from any missions involving cats. Ever. Just because you're curious whether a cat really will always land on its feet, Iruka, doesn't mean you can drop it off the Hokage monument. Kotetsu, Izumo, stop encouraging him. And Ibiki, your name is now down as one of the four jounin-instructors who've managed to fail a D-rank. Ever. In the entire history of Konoha

I don't own. Although how I pictured it happening is all my idea.


Iruka glared back at the creature that was sitting on top of his chest. Its long white hair was bugging him by getting in his nose and on his chin. It was scratchy! He looked longingly at Izumo and Kotetsu, who were approaching him with caution. They didn't want that thing to attack them.

Iruka sighed, the cat had been sitting on him for the better part of thirty minutes, glaring at him and daring Iruka to make a move to dislodge him from his perch. Some mission this turned out to be. Ibiki had really out done himself this time. A D-rank mission, stating that they were to make the ladies cat as comfortable as possible while she was away for the day at relatives.

Iruka figured that whoever had given the office this mission was pretty spoiled… just like her cat. Now, he was stuck with lying on the grass with a cat on top of him, attempting not to be scratched, should he move even the slightest bit.

Now, boredom and genin didn't go well together, when genin and boredom have a party, something bad always happens, because when genin are bored, they start thinking and genin at the age of twelve, especially male genin at the age of twelve, start thinking, their thoughts turn into something similar to an action movie, including the blowing up of stuff.

Iruka contemplated for a while, an idea slowly approaching his dull mind. "Say, Izumo, Kotetsu, wanna find out if cats really do land on their feet?"

Izumo and Kotetsu glanced at him then at each other, their faces slowly splitting into identical sinister smiles. "Yeah," they drawled slowly before pouncing on Iruka, and the unsuspecting cat. This would be redemption for scratching them into an almost unrecognizable state.

Getting to the top of the monument was easier than they expected, although all of them had managed to gain a few new scratches from the furry demon, but other wise they were unscathed.

An evil glint in his eyes, Iruka looked over the edge of the monument. He motioned for the others to come toward him, the cat struggled even more frantically then before, finally understanding what these hellions where about to do. Iruka snatched the fur ball from his friends' arms quickly before throwing the poor animal out away from the face of the cliff and into open air.

All three of them watched transfixed as the cat began to fall faster and faster. "Wow…" they all murmured together before jumping down to follow at a slower pace.

Iruka wondered sadistically if the cat would be alive, he kinda hoped so, he didn't want Ibiki to kill him just yet, he wanted to life for a while more.

Kakashi hadn't been doing anything, just walking along minding his own business in a deserted part of Konoha. The last thing he expected was for a cat to fall on his head and pound him into the ground. It was truly a surprise.

The cat clung to his head in a death grip, the sharp claws digging into his temples and neck.

He blinked lazily when three genin landed in front of him, and blinked back at him in curiosity. He was used to that part. What he wasn't used to, was having a cat on his head when doing so.

"So did it land on its feet?" the long haired brunette asked him.

He hadn't been expecting that either. Was that what they were curious about?

"Well did it?" The other one with the bandages on his nose asked.

"Ma." He mumbled into his mask, "Just take it back, it's yours right?"

They all looked at each other, "It's a client's, can we have him back now?". The scared brunette asked again. Kakashi shrugged before handing the cat over; luckily he wasn't a cat lover, because the cat seemed to be begging him to take him away from the genin in front of him.

Both parties jumped as a very displeased Sandaime stepped out from behind one of the many buildings. "Iruka, what did you do, and why is one of my shinobi sporting what looks like cat scratches on his head?"

Iruka gulped nervously, "Well, I threw the cat off the Hokage monument. I wanted to know if it would land on its feet. Izuma and Kotetsu agreed."

Sandaime sighed before lighting up his pipe, waving a befuddled Kakashi away and escorting the three rather pleased genin to Ibiki and then to the mission room.

Ibiki never did completely forgive them for putting him down in the Konoha history books as one of the four jounin instructors to fail a D-rank. He never left them alone after that though, and thus the first rule was formed by the mission room staff. And Iruka and his two team mates did learn that cats do land on their feet, even if it's futile and they won't live through it.


Heh, that was fun! XD