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15. If any of you find summoning scrolls only mentioned in ancient legends, involving some sort of "savior", the "protection of mankind" and "big, out-of-control flying lizards that breathe fire and destroy any buildings within a five mile radius of where they were summoned," don't sign them. Even if the creepy old man you bought it off tells you it's a good idea.


He hadn't meant for it to happen, it just had. I mean really, he had been trying to be a good kid! The one time he was not trying to create chaos, he does it anyway, on a much larger scale then he ever intended.

And it would have been amusing, if it had been on purpose, and Ibiki wasn't going to fry him alive and then cut him into strips to feed to the demon dogs on training ground 86.

But as he watched the rather large ferocious dragon fly away from his current location, Iruka realized that since he had let this terror loose, he was the one that was going to have to set things back to normal, hopefully before the lizard set anything important on fire. Like the Hokage tower, or that newly rebuilt tea house, any thing in Konoha, because it would take a lot of money to rebuild all of Konoha, and the team had just finished paying for the tea house out of their small salary and Kakashi's underwear; a commodity that as strangely popular amount fangirls and oldmen alike.

But Ibiki had told him to respect his elders, time and time again (usually referring to himself), so when the old crippled man had handed him the scroll and told him to buy and sign the document, Iruka had, because he thought that Ibiki would approve of his respect and obedience. Now, he wasn't going to listen to anyone 'casue, look how that had went. He had followed his jounin sensei's advice, and now an enormous scaly fire-breathing reptile was out with the intent to bring Doom's day to earth…early. It wasn't even 2012 yet! Didn't the universe have sense of time so that that didn't get royally screwed up?

Luck was on his side… besides the whole dragon thing that is, because the ugly thing had gone in the opposite direction of Konoha instead of toward it. Gathering his strength, Iruka sprinted back toward Konoha, idly reflecting that scouting was more boring then the weeding missions they always got. At least he had Kotetsu and Izumo around to watch make fools of themselves.


When Iruka cautiously approached the Hokage's office, Kakashi wasn't sure whether it was his natural instincts or the fact that every time the genin got close he ended up in a bad situation, that made him what to scurry away with his metaphorical tail between his legs.

Of course being the totally awesome shinobi he was, none of this happened. He bravely stood his ground and tensed with dread. He watched with an empty fascination as the genin approached cautiously, fingering a scroll in his pocket, before lunging at the door and yanking it open. "Yondaime!"

The blond looked up to see a rather worried looking Iruka, "What?"

The boy hesitated again, "Well…it's kinda hard to say exactly, but…" Motioning for the child to continue, the Hokage pasted a smile on his face. "!" rushed out of Iruka's mouth hurriedly as he threw the scroll on the desk before him and ran away.

Yondaime sat there, quite astounded as Kakashi moaned.

The damn scroll had rebounded off the corner of the desk and into his forehead. Once again he'd been defeated by a twelve year old.

"Hey look, there's a story on this scroll!" the fourth exclaimed excitedly. "…IRUKAAAA!"


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