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She was warm. Everything about her seemed to be.

It had been several minutes since the boy had relaxed fully against the mattress, welcoming her advances; needless to say, he had always been a fan of warmth. And it seemed to have been growing with each passing second since then.

Her humid, soft skin in his tight arms, the heat of her breath when it hitched in his mouth, her hot tongue finding his…

It was exactly what the Mist tensai had missed. Being close to her in a way he knew no one else had or could have, not even the Uchiha. And on a bed. That was definitely something of interest.

He dully realized that he had only ever kissed her mouth, and he couldn't help but feel an abrupt urge to change the fact.

Suigetsu's lips disappeared from hers so quickly that the girl's eyes remained closed even as her brow furrowed. What-?

They shot open, however, when an open mouth pressed to her cheek, then behind her ear, to the bottom of her jaw, her eyelids lazily falling shut again with a content smile as he slowly trailed down her neck in a vigilant mixture of tongue and lip.

The white haired shinobi listened intently for her soft sounds or sharp inhales, pausing only when he had unexpectedly found her pulse. It felt so similar to his...

"Hn…" His amused breath gusted over her skin as he lingered, surprising her with a much more affectionate kiss than the others. "You really are enjoying this, huh?"

Her fingers gently gripped the hair falling in between them and she inhaled his scent again; fresh rain clinging to the outside world, droplets slowly slipping from petals and leaves, running down blades of grass.

She buried her face in the soft strands, feeling the gentle scrap of teeth graze the curve of her neck in response, allowing a breathless moan to escape her.

Yes, she was (like she would tell him) enjoying this; the opposing feelings, the outer bitterness she always felt around him were suddenly nowhere to be found, and in their places feelings she wouldn't take the time to fully describe.

Something close to a bittersweet longing, painful but pleasurable at the same time…

Perhaps something that she realized she did not mind having around him.

Almost absent mindedly, Suigetsu gave a careful nip—the last thing he wanted was to draw blood and have the girl above him snap. Or worse- stop the whole thing entirely.

He was instead pleasantly surprised to feel the spine under his arms arch just the slightest, her legs tightening around his hips.

A sensitive spot…?

It wasn't too long till he found another, and she twisted lightly against him, unable to stop herself from moving.

So with a suppressed grin he bite down as much as he could with such teeth, suckling—

Karin's weight shifted as she freed the portion of skin. What—

Her body suddenly felt tense…he quickly found her narrowed eyes.

"Suigetsu—" Damn. How was she supposed to state anything with such a breathy tone? She swallowed heavily before continuing. "What do you think you're doing?"

As she somewhat expected, he propped himself up on his elbows with a blink, confused.

A frustrated sigh escaped the red haired kunoichi. "God—listen, you can't go leaving marks wherever the hell you please."

"…Oh," he muttered before a distracted smile twitched at his lip. "Guess we can't have Sasuke and Juugo wondering, eh?" And the smile quickly rose into a wicked curl.

"Just where can I mark you?" Yet again, she felt the powerful muscles in his abdominal flex as he sat up against her.

And for the umpteenth time, the girl felt a wedge pound itself in her stomach and breath as his hands slowly followed up the curves of her sides, stopping to feel the individual ribs beneath.

It was stranger than hell, though, that it was Suigetsu making her feel this way, that it was Suigetsu against her, his hands and mouth on her body. A couple of weeks ago and she would've killed him for even looking at her in a suggestive way. A couple weeks ago, she's be fantasizing about being with the Uchiha like this, about Sasuke making her feel and act this way.

And yet…here she was with him. The boy she was supposed to hate. And all she could think about at the moment was how he was starting to take control again.

Of course, his eyes lifted instantly at the flicker of movement—her shoulders shrugged the slightest, and he stiffened, intently eyeing the material around them slip down her arms, revealing her cream skinned shoulders…

His gaze abruptly found her face and the hints of hesitation were there again; she was too easy to read at times—

"Anywhere," she whispered, pressing closer, "This shirt happens to cover."

Holy shit…The very idea set the boy's heart pounding, and something in his chest clenched; he tried to release it with a tight outtake of air, but it only constricted, pooling in his stomach to melt into straining coils, flooding lower…


It was almost too much.

Being with her was so confusing…the yearn to tease her battling with the one to hold her, the fascination with her flaws and the one to admire her perfections, all of it against flickers of sudden uncertainty amongst contradicting urges…he hated that he loved it.

The shinobi would've very well knocked her onto her back, but yet again she was quicker.

Her mouth pushed against his and he gave a groan, hands coming up to grip the fabric and yank until her arms curled back and she was free of her—

…Shirt. Her shirt. Her god damn shirt. With a quiet noise he heard it rustle to the floor. And this time, his breath stopped.

Because he knew for a fact that the girl was only wearing bandages and her ridiculously short…well, shorts.

She responded to the call of her name with nothing, wrapping arms around his neck and kissing him instead until his mouth was moving against hers again, because he remembered how timid she had seemed just from unzipping it, remembered just how uncomfortable she was with exposing any vulnerability.

Well she'd just have to get used to it—he liked seeing this other side, the one replying to every bold push he made with one even more so, luring him in with almost shyness to knock him out with sheer audacity.

Her skin was so soft that his fingers tingled to feel more.

But his hands were hesitant to touch her bare back, slipping down her shoulder blades with caution, almost tentatively following those damned bandages to their precarious knot, but uncertainty wasn't for long...

"Heh…" He caught one of her deep crimson orbs eyeing him beneath thick lashes. "Don't tell me you're nervous…"

Who the hell was she to talk? He wasn't the one continuously blushing here. Before he could retort, though, another thought boiled up:

…Just how far could he go…? It was a question his body was burning to answer, even more than the first one.

A dare that slowly made his every move more insistent, until his hands were pushing her against him and wandering, mouth moving stronger and deeper, leaving her mouth for moments of exploration, waiting for the cue to ease up yet listening, feeling for every response.

"You know…" she eventually murmured, strain evident, "This isn't exactly fair."

"Who the hell," he inwardly grinned from the discovery of yet another perceptive portion of her skin, just above where the bandages around her chest began, "said I played fair?"

And Karin scowled despite the thrilling patterns of his mouth on her skin. She was not letting the boy have this much if he wasn't going to be generous himself.

Suigetsu's body jerked with surprise when her hands suddenly dipped under his shirt, finger tips pressing into the tensing ridges of muscle beneath.

"I do starting now." Her voice came low and insistent in his ear, a curl of hot breath.

He would've responded with something, anything that leapt to mind, but every single thought was suddenly snapped in half.

Because her fingers splayed, exploring every single inch of skin and teasing every tensing line of muscle, palms stroking up or down or to the sides, nails lightly dragging, pads of her thumbs tracing his navel.

And that was just his stomach.

The boy watched, almost in stupor, at the incredible concentration she put into every single move with an ample dexterity he had never had the immense pleasure of knowing before, every stroke flooding hot blood downwards until it ached…

Only a moment longer and he practically slumped against her, mouth burying into her neck, hands gripping her hips because he didn't know what else to do.

In his reverie, she instantly seized the hem of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head, freeing his arms and letting it fall from her grip—

Damn…And she was grateful the boy was a freak with water and not mind-reading.

His upper torso had been something from far away, but up close it was down right impressive. Obviously several years in a cylinder hadn't taken away that length of physical building.

"If you start drooling, don't let it spill."

Almost twitching, she glowered in his smirking gaze. "Do you ever shut up?" she grumbled. "I'm serious, you're mouth ruins everything sometime—"

She was right—it ruined her sentence as it heatedly brushed against hers.

"I could tell you the same," he growled contently, and the deep sound mixing with his voice and words very quickly undid her supremacy.

Her scowl faltered, fingers curling against his shoulders uneasily, and he found she wasn't even trying to look him in the eye.


She gave what he'd hardly call a willing glance. And he couldn't help but snort. She would come at him with a boldness that he could barely take in and then back off with girlish shyness that he refused to take.

"Don't tell me you're nervous--" He should've known she'd desperately hide something she was already caught in.

The fingers roughly seizing his hair and bringing him an inch away from her mouth cut him off abruptly. "Shut it, Kappa-Teme, or I'll make you."

"To tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind that—"

Normally, cutting him off would call flat out verbal war. But the way her mouth landed hard on his, tongue, teeth, and lip, impatience and frustration roughly mixing with an anxious need…

If he had ever doubted the girl's kissing capability, now wasn't the time.

Karin pulled back an inch and apparently too soon.

She had a split second to notice the sheer hunger dawning his features before his lips fervently crushed to hers, tongue slipping in. And with a moan, she caved, finally and slowly sinking onto her own back as the boy moved over her.

God… The bare skin of his upper body pushed down on hers, erupting with such heat that it burned. And when his legs fiercely intertwined with hers, she couldn't help but forget about every tiny unease and welcome the crave to battle him.

Their mouths and hands moved with increasing insistence, trying to find something new that would make the other weaken, battling with grating sounds and harsh ministrations, luring the other in to have them reeling for more, until every single other detail in life meant nothing more than the melting minutes.

And the winner was unannounced until Karin pulled back, slipping down to the pillows with a sharp, harsh breath, the hands pressing to his chest keeping him an agonizing inch at bay.

His smoldering gaze fell over her, hair spread, crimson eyes heatedly looking back at him through lowered lashes as her bandaged chest rose and fell for lost breath. His was no different.

"You know…we should be looking at those stupid maps…" she noted breathlessly.

A very smitten smirk broke from the concentrated intimacy that had overtaken him. "I don't think either of us wants to do something as boring as that…"

She slowly raised her brow, and something about the inquisitive look mixing with the lingering blush allured him even more.

"We might stumble somewhere we shouldn't be…" And the sudden lack of teasing in her voice made him rethink what she had just said. It was going for this situation too.

A small frown tugged at the corner of his lip at the seriousness, and he dipped down to tease her mouth with his. "You should know by now I do whatever I damn well please."

"…" Her unusual silence was irritating him.

A lightly pained laugh fell from him and Suigetsu followed it, slipping past her arms to embrace her tightly. "Do I have to convince you do to anything…?"

The white haired boy was more or less surprised to feel her arms wrap around him in just as tight of a hug.

"Where do you think this is going to lead, eh Kappa-teme…?" The usual pet peeve was beginning to sound more like a pet name.

His love bitten mouth dragged down her jaw and neck, feeling her chin tilt up instead of seeing her eyes practically roll back. "I'm not stupid-- I know where this is going…"

And he finally gave into the urge his body had been demanding since she had removed her shirt.

She nearly choked on her own breath, pushing up against him, blush increasing…because his hips gave a rough grind against hers, and she felt his need again, only much more differently.

It was hard, pressing against her upper and inner thigh.

Something trembled down her body as his name was yanked from her throat. "Suigetsu…" she whimpered.

With a frustrated groan, his face buried into her hair, hands gripping at sheets. "I didn't want to tell you this…"

"Tell me what?" she murmured, turning her head to hear him over her own pulse now thundering in her ears—she hadn't been expecting that.

The side of his face she could see looked genuinely determined but with such reclusive features that she couldn't help but think him—she couldn't believe it at all—adorable.

"I don't think I like seeing you hurt as much as I used to," he slowly admitted in a whisper. "So what makes you think I'd hurt you? That this is somewhere we shouldn't go…?"

And just as he was so mortifyingly dreading but at the same time hoping for, her gaze immediately went from revelation to something so soft it was almost unnerving. To the point, in fact, where he closed his eyes altogether.

But Karin studied his features, the snowy colored strands gently falling across them…and she could see more than what he had just said.

No one had ever cared for her in such a way…

Saving her from the brink of death, sparing her the agony of a ravaged arm, struggling with the same feelings putting her through turmoil everyday since he had first placed them there…

And sticking around through it all just to let the whole picture sink in, even with his trademark impatience and utter lack of compassion.

"God, Suigetsu…"

He opened an eye to find apple candy red orbs half lidded, a half smile adorning her lip.

"Just when I start to think that you're an inconsiderate jackass with nothing else to do but annoy me…"

Her hands cupped his face, inching him forward until her nose was touching his. "You go and say something that reminds me how much of an utter pansy you are."

And she gave him such a warm and soft kiss to the mouth that it was almost startling such affection could come from such a bitch.

"Mocking me even when I try to be disgustingly nice-- and I'm the inconsiderate one here…?"

"Heh," her thumbs slid beneath his eyes before sweeping across his eyebrows, gaze suggestively flickering down to his mouth. "You're just trying to talk me out of my shorts and you know it."

"…Is it working...?"

He couldn't help but ask. But at the same time, her bluntness gave him a small understanding; she was quickly learning to be comfortable in such a position, especially after his reluctant confession.

Maybe…she was just beginning to trust him.

And it only reinforced the budding feeling to help such a faith in him grow, no matter how much he yearned to continue.

She raised a brow at the question, but even further at his sudden pensive silence, and even more so at the arms tightening around her.

"Though it can't be anything of importance, what're you scheming now?"

"…I was just thinking about how you'd castrate me if I tried any further." And yet he tasted her supple skin, feeling her fingers instantly grip his hair as his hips harshly met hers again.

"It doesn't seem like you're giving me much of a choice," she weakly growled, fighting back the exhilarating rush such an intimate gesture gave.

Suigetsu's mouth covered hers one more time, savoring the sweet warmth and taste, lingering as long as he could before slowly (slowly) pulling back. His nose touched hers.

"I'll tear off your shorts some other time then…" The words were much harder to follow by than to say—he wanted nothing more than to lose himself to her losing herself, to forget everything but how he could get her to give everything.

But now wasn't the time. Not yet.

To say the least, Karin was more than astonished that he would even stop to consider something, nonetheless something as serious as this. He just kept shocking her, didn't he…?

"What about your…?" Surely, he was pulling her leg; there was no way someone like him--

"I'll just think about that time when I accidentally saw Kabuto naked."


"Trust me—I'm a guy. We happen to know what to do in these situations."

He felt it first, considering he was still on top of her. And then he heard it. It was something he had never heard the girl do in a non-malicious way, something so absolutely rare that his features almost fell to disbelief.

Her laugh.

The fact that she was doing such a thing from something he said was strange enough, but he had to see for himself.

He stared down as her head twisted to the side, a hand coming to cover the smile etching itself across her lips though her closing eyes gave it away, feeling her body tremor beneath from the noise escaping her.

Blinking, he found that he couldn't find a single bit of irritation…in fact…he almost smiled himself.

With a proper mental slap, said almost smile was replaced with said irritation. "See if I ever give you a choice again."

"Hm…" With the fading curls of her mouth, she pulled him down, fingers entangled with his hair as her mouth found his ear.

"You're getting harder and harder to say no to anyway…"

And this time he did smile, but only because she couldn't see; her own confession. And it would only bring them that much closer.

"Shut up and get dressed—you're not helping yourself here at all."


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