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"What do you mean a 12 year old boy?" The control in that sentence could only be gained by years of discipline, and if there was one thing Neji had it was discipline even in the most outrageous situations.

"I mean that whatever scroll you were messing with has turned your body into that of a 12 year old." Tsunade recited her diagnosis for the second time, while still examining the strange seal that formed on Neji's neck after the transformation. "You didn't always wear this red bow did you?"

Eyebrows gathered close. "No. Of course I didn't."


Neji turned his hands at the wrist and looked up expectantly. "Can you change me back?"

"I've never seen something like this before. I really need to do some more research. I do however have some questions." Tsunade looked at the young Hyuga and smiled. She hadn't seen that young determined face in almost 10 years. It made her feel older than she cared to look, but at the same time proud of all that her young ninja had accomplished.

"What questions?" Neji used his small hands to adjust the pant's length after he brought his legs up on the bed with him.

"First I'd like to know where you got that scroll and if you still have it with you?" Tsunade took a seat in the purple visitor's chair and began scribbling some details about the red bow.

"I found it in the ANBU library. I was practicing out in field 95 with some of the weapon summoning scroll techniques for practice with Ten-Ten later. I brought the entire set that consisted of four scrolls with me. The first one worked out just fine. It brought out the appropriate weapons for me. The second and third did the same. It was when I opened up the fourth and wiped my blood across it that I passed out and woke up here." Neji searched through his over sized robes and brought out a scroll. "This could be it. If not, it may still be out there." He made a vague hand gesture towards the window.

"It was actually me who found you by the way." She opened the scroll and spread it on the bed. "You didn't just wake up here." She read it quickly and rolled it back up.

"Thanks for bringing me here. Do I have to stay in the hospital until this wears off?" Neji's voice was still adjusting to its new childish pitches. Even under his somber speech and relaxed tone he was a boy again.

"No. You can go, but seeing as how small you look I'd rather you stay with somebody." Tsunade glanced at the clock on the wall. "Although it is pretty late I suppose you should stay the night. I'll assign somebody to search the area for the correct scroll. If you don't transform back by tomorrow I'll look into assigning a guard for you." Tsunade stood with the summoning scroll and her notepad in hand.

"I think I'll be fine on my own." Neji rolled up his robe sleeves. He looked like a kid playing grown up in his father's clothes. "I wouldn't want anyone to find out how careless I was to use scrolls without reading them completely first." Neji hid his face with his long hair to keep his embarrassment from showing.

"Well, Sakura will be coming here later. I guess I could lie for you Mr. ANBU. Would you like to be your own cousin?" Tsunade smiled at the young Neji before her. She completely understood how Neji felt. If it were her, she would rather get lost in the woods until she turned back than admitting her mistake. Then again she was a very stubborn woman.

"Thank you Tsunade-sama. I'll be Hyuga Tori." Neji smiled at his new name.

Tsunade scribbled the name down and replaced the chart on the foot of the bed. She slid the door open and started to walk out. "Very creative Mr. Bird."

Neji chuckled before whispering, "Stop calling me mister." Neji laid his head to rest and soon drifted into a peaceful sleep that came with being a child.

The day started with a cheery "Good morning-" and a pause as Sakura looked at the chart hanging of the end of the bed. "Hyuga-chan." She smiled delighted at the sight of a little kid hiding their face as she pulled open the window and allowed the morning sun's rays indoors.

"Morning." Neji looked at his feet and hands. They were small, still small. "When can I be released?"

Sakura took out the trash and the towels from the bathroom. She changed the toilet paper and left a fresh towel next to the sink before returning to the room and looking at the chart once more, but this time reading it through.

"Well, it says here you had a tummy ache. I sure hope you're feeling better." She cooed at the small boy.

Neji forced a smile and willed his eye not to twitch. "Yes, I'm much better." Neji sat up and hid his oversized clothes from Sakura's sight.

"I don't see any complications here on your chart. I'll just have Tsunade-sama come and take a look at you since she is the one who signed you in. Hyuga Tori, that's a beautiful name." Sakura smiled her sweet nurse smile at the longhaired girl before her. "Fitting for such a beautiful girl." Sakura made her exit before Neji could correct her mistake.

His eyebrow rose in question. He looked like a boy, didn't he?

After contemplating it a while he realized he had yet to see himself. Perhaps he did look female. Neji waddled while holding the long legs of his pants above his ankles. He reached the bathroom and looked into the mirror. He looked just like he had when he was 12. Why was he just called a girl? Then he noticed the small red bow on his neck. He wiped at it, but it seemed to be stuck on. Maybe even tattooed on.

A seal, I guess that's what Tsunade-sama was talking about.

The door slid open and Neji slipped out of the bathroom to see who was there with him.

"Morning, Neji. How are you feeling?" Tsunade made her way over to the short kid. "I guess it didn't wear off as we had hoped." Tsunade was doing everything in her power not to squeeze those tiny cheeks.

"It seems not, but I'm feeling fine. Can I go home?" Tsunade shook her head.

"No. Too many perverts out there."

"I was fine when I was actually 12. Why wouldn't I be okay now?" Neji asked defensively.

"Did you wear a red bow when you were 12?"


"Then you wouldn't have been so easily confused for a young, cute, and parentless little girl."

"I'm an ANBU member. I can take care of myself."

Tsunade-sama shook her head again.

"Neji, haven't you noticed it?"

"Noticed what?"

"That bow is a seal."

"So you've said." Neji looked like his patience was for once running out.

"It has sealed up all of your chakra. That's why Sakura hasn't recognized you. You aren't a ninja right now. You're just a regular 12 year old chakra-less boy."

Neji formed seals. A simple clone jutsu would prove it. Even though he wished she were wrong he stood and felt no chakra within him. He finished the seals and nothing happened.

Defeated he asked in a hushed voice. "Who am I staying with?"

"Well, I've narrowed it down to a couple of people." Tsunade opened up a folder she'd been carrying. "I didn't think you'd like to stay with any of the girls around here so I chose some young men around your age. Well, your actual age." She corrected.

"Who do you have for me?" Tsunade put three pictures before him.

"Take your pick."

"Kiba has too many dogs. Naruto is dirty from what I can tell."

That and he's the most annoying person I've ever met.

"Are you sure I can't just stay with Hinata-sama?" Neji wrinkled his nose at the remaining picture.

"She's out on a mission with Shino and Shikamaru. Believe me I tried to avoid making this a messy situation." She pointed at the last picture. "What's wrong with him?"

Neji stared at the picture intently. "Green spandex still bothers me. I also get a feeling Lee would try to make me wear it."

"Fine, you want to leave right?"

Neji nodded without removing his eyes off of the pictures.

"Then pick one." Kiba looked serious and tired. Akamaru was in the picture under him. He must be training hard. Lee was giving the good guy pose. Lee was also wearing tight green spandex. Naruto's smile seemed warm and childish. Even at age 21 Naruto had a spark about him that always helped Neji feel at ease. At ease that is when he wasn't yelling at him and being rude.

"Naruto." Neji jumped from the bed where he had been staring at the pictures and stood.

"Fine, follow me to my office and I'll introduce you to him, Hyuga Tori."

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