Once upon a time there were four beautiful, thin, charming girls who wanted nothing more than to stay together, when life was trying to pull them apart.

So they all prayed and wished that somehow, they would be able to stay together.

The answer to their problem was handed to them in a pair of pants.

Those girls were me and my friends (okay, so maybe we're all not beautiful, thin, and charming…especially not me). And the pants were a pair of blue jeans from a local thrift shop.

I know what you're thinking. Pants. Okay. Who cares about pants?

That's where you're wrong. They weren't just any pants. They were magical pants.

Believe me, if they fit amazon Bee, perfect Lena, slender Tibby, and me, well…Puerto Rican Carmen…then they had to be magical. Seriously.

So the Pants were perfect. They kept us together, even when we were miles and miles away from eachother.

For a while.

Then the Pants started misbehave. And instead of keeping us together, they started to keep us apart.

Long story short, we don't have the Pants anymore. Hopefully for the better, and none for the worst.

Right now I think they're floating along some sea in Greece or something.

Anyway, the important thing is, the Pants taught us the most important lesson there is out there:

As long as you're apart, love will always keep you together.

And more importantly;

Get together again as fast as possible, and kick ass together. Just because you can be apart doesn't mean you should be.

And so our story begins, as the girls without the Pants.