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Week 2 Intent.
"Shishou, I want you to take me off Team Yamato." Sakura stated grimly as she faced Tsunade.

"Are you planning on concentrating solely on your studies?" Tsunade asked, not looking up from her paperwork.

"No. I want a new team. Like Shizune-san's, with more experienced chuunin or Jounin." Tsunade glanced up in surprise at her answer.


"Inuzuka Kiba."


"I am underestimated by my team. I want the option of one that trusts me to pull my own and knows that I have the ability to cover them. Kiba believes in my strengths and we have a good working relationship."

"If I say no?" Tsunade leaned back in her chair, searching her apprentice's face.

"I will work solely in the labs, no more field or trauma ."

"What if I said I want you back on Team Kakashi?" Kakashi stood in the open doorway, back against the framing, taking in the sudden tension throughout Sakura's body grimly.

"I would say that no matter how I try to prove myself, you will never believe in me. Yamato-taichou backs me on this. He believes that this would be for the best." She directed her answer to the woman in front of her, not once looking at Kakashi.

"You don't really believe that do you?" He asked, shocked at her response.

"What I believe is that I'm seen as 'the cute little medic who's swinging ass does more damage than her combat skills'. That I 'stick out like a lollipop just waiting to be licked'." Sakura looked down at Tsunade, frustration and hurt in her eyes but only scorn issued from her lips.

"Shit, you heard that?" Kakashi ran a hand across his face, shoulders slumping.

"You might want to have those conversations somewhere other than the bar. You might also consider not talking about me to your dogs, they like to visit every chance they get." She answered flatly.

"Sakura, I will consider the matter. Until then, report to the hospital. Kakashi, don't even think about leaving yet." Tsunade waved her hand to dismiss Sakura before leveling her gaze on Kakashi.

"Hai, Godaime-sama." Kakashi answered, quietly walking into the room as they watched Sakura disappear in a whirl of leaves.

"Hatake, has your brain dribbled out your ears? Licked like a lollipop? You're lucky she didn't throw your dumb ass clear to Wave Country." Tsunade asked, disgust evident in her tone.

"Haha...I had a few too many?" Kakashi rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Look, I agreed that you could test the waters to see if she was interested, but this! You're more likely to be killed than get a date. You're a genius, act like one!" She shouted in frustration watching Kakashi struggle with his thoughts.

"Help me?" He asked in defeat.

Tsunade's grin became positively evil.