Author's Note: This is the last of them, the drabbles are done. Thank you everyone. I don't know when I will be able to post the other stories that I have in the works. Life has become...interesting (to say as little as possible).

Week 24 Past
She never ceased to amaze him.

Standing next to Sakura, Kakashi listened as she spoke with the Suna elders in their own tongue. That in itself was no small accomplishment but then she had to go and translate some obscure text from Earth Country as if it was her birth language.

"Haruno-san, I wasn't aware that you spoke any Earth dialects."

"Elder-san, Sakura-san has studied under the Godaime." Gaara answered quietly from the back of the room. Kakashi frowned at the small but overly friendly smile Sakura flashed to Gaara.

"Kazekage-sama, the poison in the text is similar to the one that Sasori of the Red Sands used. It would take a little time to duplicate." She pointed to the text, absently tapping her finger on the page.

"Write out the entire translation tonight for my records. Make the poison in the morning." Gaara gave the elders a curt nod and motioned Kakashi and Sakura out of the room. "I had the usual room readied for you."

Kakashi watched as Sakura gathered up her things, bowed to the elders, and walked out the door. The woman was amazing. No hellion attitude, all quiet soft-spoken feminine appeal. With a grin, he jutsu'd inside their room, trapping her between the door and his chest. Watching her work people always did things to him.

"So love, what do I have to do to get my hellion back?" His breath slid along the side of her neck.

"Kakashi! I have work to do. You can play your games another time." She pushed passed him and walked further into the room.

"When did you learn Earth Country? I knew that you had most of the Water and Wave languages mastered years ago, but I can't remember you studying Earth." He stretched out on the bed, watching Sakura settle at a table with books stacked around her. "Don't forget your glasses; you were squinting in the counsel room."

"Ah, thanks."

"When did you learn the languages?"

"Kakashi, I'm almost thirty, I've had lots of time to study while you were off doing your thing."

He frowned at her comment. Was that necessary? He pulled out his faithful book and proceeded to think.

Hours later, he was pushed to one side when Sakura slid into the sheets for some well-deserved sleep. Kakashi simply gave her enough room to roll on her side before taking back three-fourths of the bed.

"If I answer your question, will you go to bed?"


"I started back in the academy; Iruka-sensei realized that I was good at languages. Therefore, I took them instead of other elective classes. It just went from there. Satisfied? Could you get in bed now? I'm cold."

"How is it that after all this time, I'm still learning new things about you?" Kakashi asked as he curled around his kunoichi.