If you have read the Dark Return, my other story in the Seventh Tower, you will know what this story is about, if not it will confuse you.

Ebitt walked down the corridors of the former Violet Tower, and he came upon a strange sight.

Upon the windowsill of this corridor a bird with violet feathers rested.

Ebitt got excited and walked over to the bird.

"Hi my name is Ebitt, what is yours?" Ebitt introduced himself.

The bird squawked and flew out of the window landing on a sunstone pole just a few stretches from Ebitts grasp.

But it was near a window higher up so Ebitt ran up stairs and finally came to the window. The bird had moved right over to the edge of the pole.

Ebitt reached but couldn't quite make it. A Castle dweller walked up behind him with a confused look on his face.

"Can you help me get this bird? Because it doesn't seem to like raisins!" Ebitt exclaimed with his hand outstretched towards the bird full of raisins.

"I got it!" Ebitt exclaimed and held out his sunstone. He weaved orange, red and indigo lights together and made a birdcage of light.

The eccentric old man lowered the cage over the birds head and shut it. The man behind him looked on in amazement and confusion.

Then Ebitt let the bird go inside, and it flew down onto his shoulder.

"That's a good Seven!" Ebitt said in a childish voice.

"Why is it called Seven?" the confused man asked.

"Well it's the seventh colour and I found him in the seventh floor on the seventh day of the week!" Ebitt snapped like it had been obvious the whole time.

Then Ebitt and the bird left the corridor heading towards Tal's room, leaving a confused man behind.

But Ebitt took some wrong turns and ended up in front of Millas door, he looked around to see where he had gone wrong in his directions.

Milla walked up behind him and asked, "Why have you got a bird on your shoulder?"

Ebitt jumped and turned around, the bird looked annoyed.

"His name is Seven and I found him" Ebitt told Milla proudly.

Then the bird gave a squawk and bit Ebitts nose.

"Seven, down boy down! OW! That's starting to hurt!" Ebitt yelped in pain running around in circles.

Milla laughed then decided to help the old man. She grabbed the bird and pulled it off his nose. Ebitt had a red nose after that but it started to return to its normal colour.

Milla laughed again and gave Ebitt the bird back.

"Thanks" Ebitt mumbled rubbing his nose as he walked away.

Then Ebitt finally found Tals room and tried to open the door with his bird on his shoulder.

But he miscalculated when he should turn the knob and crashed into the door, rubbing his head he opened the door properly and walked inside.