Hi! This is yet another Harry Potter 7 related fic. This takes place after the book, but before the nineteen years later.

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The night around the Burrow was quiet and peaceful, quite an achievement, considering who lives there. The silence might have had to do with the fact that it was 3 o'clock in the morning, but that's just a guess. The only sounds were the crickets chirping and the breeze ruffling the leaves. A small pop sounded through the darkness, unnatural among all the environmental noises. Ginny Weasley, fast asleep, didn't hear it, so she didn't even stir when a large, dark figure appeared in her room. However, when said figure grabbed her shoulder and shook it, it couldn't be ignored. Her first instinct was to grab for her wand, but the comforting hand remained on her shoulder, and she stared at the shape. Even before her eyes could finish adjusting, she whispered, "Harry." Suddenly, she was wide-awake and sitting up.

"Hey," he said, but before he could get another word in, Ginny had wrapped him in a hug as fierce as any of Hermione's, which is saying something. He hugged her back, awkward at first, but then harder.

"I was so worried about you," she whispered. "You were out there with the whole Wizarding world after you, and you were doing insane things like breaking into Gringotts, but we never knew what was really happening to you, because the only information we got was from people who didn't know the whole story anyway…"

"It all over now," Harry said, trying to comfort her. "I'm fine."

Ginny finally pulled away, and in the dark, they looked at each other for a long time. At long last, Harry spoke. "Listen, Ginny, we need to talk. I know you felt helpless this year because we didn't take you with us. But we couldn't. We couldn't tell you what we were doing, Dumbledore told me not to. Believe me, I would have told you otherwise. I'd been worrying about you ever since I heard what Hogwarts was like. I worried about you the entire time. I'm not saying I would have taken you. I still stand by what I said after the funeral: I cared about you too much to let you risk yourself like that. But I am sorry for everything I did to you. Whatever you felt, I felt it more."

Ginny wasn't looking at him. She seemed caught up in her own world. Still staring at something not quite in her eyesight, she said, "Do you still care?"

The question caught Harry off guard. "What?"

"Do you still care? You said that you cared to much about me to let me come, do you still?" Tears were in her voice, as though she knew the answer, but hated it all the same.

Harry was stunned. "Of course I still care. I love you, Ginny. All I want is to pick up where we left off."

For a moment Ginny said nothing. Harry was sure that she would say that he had had his chance, and he would have completely understood if she had said that. He threw away what he had with her so she could be safe. If he had to pay for that with never dating her again, never holding her, never being allowed to love her, it would almost be worth it… almost.

Then she kissed him as hard as she had on his birthday. When they pulled apart, she said, "I love you Harry,"

That settled it. Harry said, "I'll see you," and Dissapparated with a pop, and Ginny did her best to fall back asleep with her pounding heart.


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