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People have, and will always try to kill their new God. The body on the table in front of me belonged to perhaps the only person to ever truly support Kira and his ideals. Misa Amane, the only true believer in a world of millions. If there is another one, I have yet to find him, but I feel I should do it quickly.

People are…human. I find this to be the one basic truth, and possibly, the only thing that can kill me now. I am human. I, Light Yagami, am a human being and I play a God's game.

So much time has passed, and the world still changes. For a brief time, a very brief time, I was God. I was king of a glorious world, and there was peace. Perhaps no good will, but there was Peace. I'd done it. People far and wide, across every ocean, desert, in the very corners and cracks of the world feared Kira. The whole of Mankind sat in the palm of my hand and sung hymns to my glory. I was God.

It wasn't enough. It wasn't happiness. I'd sacrificed everything I ever cared about, everything to achieve this dream. I was more than willing to suffer for it. Now, I sit and watch as it crumbles around me.

It started with the holy wars. God's children were fighting each other, killing in Kira's name to gain his favor. Self-judgment, self-sacrifice, and every move I made either glorified the different tribes, or demolished their motivation. To strike down a fanatical leader was to 'abandon' his people, or show his 'imminent defeat' in whatever battle he happed to be fighting…he was either wrong, or not worthy. After that, it was either suicide for his followers, or, for those left over with weaker faith in Kira, death for heresy at the hands of another crusading tribe.

Madness. Like a disease, an infection in the minds of mortal men, and it haunts my very soul now. Madness is like a lover in the back of my thoughts, stroking my heart even as it blackens and withers beneath her touch.

The holy wars were soon raging out control. I briefly managed to put a stop to it, by simultaneously killing each and every cult leader, and oh, that made the world pause. How it had frozen in its tracks, the very gears grinding to a halt as it pondered this new move. Then, Insanity, the ever present drug of society, whispered in the ears of my people.

Until those months, I had never known bloodshed. I had never known murder. They took my message, bastardized it, and turned my wrath, my loathing of war…into loathing of themselves.

"Let us seek out the infection, the heresy, within our own ranks, for God himself has shown us our weakness. We turn on each other, when instead our great nations face an internal problem."

And oh, the killing…

Thousands of innocents died, tortured and killed in my name. Man turned on his neighbor as my self-proclaimed holy men began to search out the heretics. Thousands of innocent people were slaughtered by people who were twisting my good words.

I watched every televised burning.

I watched every riot, every lynching, every public firing squad, every terrorist bombing, every assassination, every stoning, every man crucified, every, single, one.

I did not feel like a God.

Misa, my poor servant, my dearest follower…she couldn't take it. I'd never known the depth of her love until those months, but, as she watched me suffer, I watched her bloom into a beautiful, strong woman. My arch angel, my stupid, stupid, angel…

She disappeared one day. I thought she'd gone to do more protesting, as one of my Spokeswomen. I had a few, all beautiful, faithful, women the world had once listened to…but Misa…Misa was something else entirely. She never stopped, she slaved for me, all willingly, and I only had to ask. Not even Takada was that hardworking…that…Fanatical.

I see it now, where I didn't see it before. My Little Martyr.

Misa went Public. She took her notebook and called a mass, in my honor.

And there, on international television, in the eyes of the entire world…she killed me.

My Martyr.

She showed them the notebook. She demonstrated its power, beseeching them to finally see that I was just a man, and that they were killing me, breaking Kira's heart. That this holy war they were fighting was everything I'd hoped to avoid. In a touching speech, she appealed to whatever humanity was left in the world to just be at peace.

She'd barely made it out alive with the notebook.

Ah, Madness, my dear, you're cruel.

They knew. They knew, they'd witnessed…

And when a world's religion is ripped apart, when the very God they worship, the very god they entrusted their souls to is shown to be nothing…The world begins to fall apart.

I killed her. I had to, but I must admit, I didn't mind at this point. With fifteen minutes of footage, and a teary message, she'd made the entire world realize that they were all murderers, and that the God they had trusted to redeem them, to keep them safe in the horrible unknown of the afterlife…was a man…just a man. Neighbor looked at neighbor, and realized that they might as well have started their own religion, for all the good their faith had done them. The old Gods were long dead, all texts and artwork long destroyed in the fire of "Kira's Light".

They had no where to turn to. So they sought vengeance. And now, I, Light Yagami, am not only a mere mortal…but the most wanted man on the planet.

I know that I will die, very, very soon. I will die with a gift. An intimate knowledge of Fate and her fickle ways, and the undeniable glory of knowing that I single handedly destroyed the world.

And I won't even get a comic book.

"Truth, Vengeance, and Justice.", Kira's creed. I killed selectively, wisely, and for all my genius, I lead the world down a golden path, a righteous path…and straight on into hell.

Misa looks peaceful in her final rest. As a user of the DeathNote, she cannot go to heaven or hell, and neither can I. I suppose that's blessing. Because if the real Gods were right, and watching my people…

Well…I'd rather not meet them in Hell… or any other afterlife I can think of. The building shakes beneath my feet, and I can hear the planes overhead. Ten years, six of which had been bliss, as a contented God in a utopian world.

"Once is Once.", Yes L…it is. Even now, after all of this, I try to tell myself that it was all worth it…that those six years were worth everything that followed.

Yes, I don't believe me either.

The building groans again, the shriek of rending metal and shattering glass an indefinite roar it seems. No, it stills for just a moment, and I can hear, dimly in the distance, thousands feet away…

"Kira, Kira, Kira…" They're calling me Home. They're coming to kill me.

They've been working at the base of this building for close to three hours now, the tallest building in the Kanto region of Japan. L's "Kira Investigation Headquarters"… Amazing really, how much average people can deduce from a box of files found in a gutted orphanage in England. I'd had no where else to go. And now I'm going to die here.

L is laughing at me, I know it.

They've bombed the support of the sky scraper, and as it leans beneath my feet, I know the end is close. I can hear the crowd, a safe distance away, still chanting my death call. Tonight, they've come to kill a god. All they're going to find is the corpse of a man. I've already sent the notebooks back, all of them. They won't have those…that at least, I can assure.

The planes circle back, and I get on my hands and knees as I hear them fire again. The very earth seems to shiver, and the building leans again…slowly…oh so slowly at first. With a final crack and hiss of metal, it keeps going, and I know that it's done. They've broken it, and me too. Even as my nails scrabble for purchase on the thin office carpet and Misa's corpse rolls off the table to crash through a window, I know I'll die here, like this.


Yes L, You were justice.

But I, Light Yagami…

I was God.