I tightly shut the door behind me, trying to soak up the screams that I allowed my victim to emit. Striding down the corridor, I knew, without looking into any mirror, that my eyes were blood red and my pale face was shining with delight. This time of the week was always my favorite, the feeding. Worthless mortals were always satisfying, ask any fellow vampire.

Knowing that Aro was probably waiting for me, I gracefully glided down the halls and entered a room of which he sat on a throne. Cloaked in robes, he smiled at me earnestly and beckoned me closer. Sometimes I was annoyed by Aro's childish ways, but everyone here, even the humans, knew not to get him mad. I reluctantly went forward, waiting unwillingly waiting for an order.

After a few moments I guessed what Aro desired, and stepped even closer towards him. He reached out his pale, bony hand a gently stroked my forehead, like every other day. Surprise and delight twinkled in his eyes as he once again was thwarted by my capacity to block him from my mind. I could only imagine how irritating it would be for him to have access to my every thought, every desire. Suddenly, his head snapped up and he addressed me.

"Bella, Bella, you're such an interesting one. I don't know how you do it, but I'd love to know. Sadly, that isn't possible. Ever since day one you've fascinated me. Ah, it's refreshing to have some restraint over my authority, but certainly not enjoyable."

"I can only imagine, sir." I blandly replied, waiting for him to finish ranting and, for once, get to the point. Aro has a tendency to rant on and on and get majorly off topic. Of course, being in a lower position in power then him, I am in no place to steer him back on track or risk being punished, something every vampire seeks to avoid in this "family".

"And yes, imagine you will. Anyway, back to the point. I've been keeping my eye on a rather large collection of vampires, the Cullen's. A family of 6 or 7 who lives in a small town called Forks has stayed dormant for years. I believe it's starting to reach the point of being almost dangerous. Your task is to send the message that they have two months to pack up and leave the area or else we'll take matter into our own hands. And, Bella?"

"Yes, sir?" I quickly answered.

"I want full reports on what you're doing, what you have done, and what you're going to do every single day. No excuses at all. Not violence, no anything. Just send the message that they have two months to pack up and leave. Explain to them the risks of their existence for such a long period of time in that neighborhood." He demanded. "Also, tell me if any memories of your past come back. It'd be quite interesting to see how this may turn out." He added with a chuckle.

"Sir, I've told you time and again. I don't remember anything from before my transformation, not a single thing. Only information that you've gathered and so mercifully given to me have I recalled from the past. I don't know what else to tell you." I said warily. We'd gone through this conversation hundreds of times over the last few years, ever since I'd joined the Volturi. Or, more accurately, recruited against my will.

Aro won't tell me much about my past life except the basics, such as my name and what age I was transformed. Most vampires in this place are like me, totally clueless except for basic facts. But what could I do, argue against Aro himself with over 20 vampires ready to take me out? Not a chance, especially for the newborn that I was.

"I just have a feeling this will be… different. Well, go get the information about the Cullen's that's been placed on your desk in your room. I expect you to board a plane I have scheduled for you that leaves tomorrow at 7:30. Have fun."