I spent the whole night packing my clothes, seeing as sleeping wasn't an option. I changed into over 100 different outfits just to amuse myself, because the nights always drone on. I did a million and one things to amuse myself, but obviously I've done each one a million and one times before. One down side of being a vampire are the long, empty nights.

Finally, my alarm sounded at 5:00 A.M to remind me to get going for the airport. I picked up my luggage; easily done with my extreme strength. I patiently waited for the limo to come take me to the airport. I tapped my feet to a made up rhythm until I heard the familiar sound of a car drawing closer. I quickly got in the limo and waited for the driver to store my things in the trunk. Obviously, it would've been quicker for me to walk to the airport, but it's nice to relax in luxury sometimes.

I heard the car start and I knew instinctively we were on our way to the airport. I wondered to myself what the Cullens were like. I hadn't had time, or more likely the effort, to read the documents that Aro had supplied me. I decided it was time to check up on them, to learn more about them. I took out some sheets from a yellow envelope and grazed the page with my brown eyes, fixed by contacts to blend in.

I quickly learned about the many members of their family, more than I had imagined. I learned about a psychic named Alice, who was paired with a charismatic fellow named Jasper. I learned about Esme and Carlisle, a married couple who were supposed to be the "parents". I learned about Emmet, an unusually strong vampire, and his mate Rosalie, a beauty that surpasses even vampire status. And then there was the single, mind reader Edward. One of the oldest in the pack, he played the role of a seventeen year old, transferring into high school, pretending to have quit another one because he felt it lagged the academic support he needed.

For some reason Edward caught my attention. He seemed innocent enough, red-brown hair and a playful smile, but I immediately disliked him for an unknown reason. Something about the way his eyes seemed to dance on the paper, or the way his forehead crinkles when he got caught laughing in the photo. Something about him irked me, and all the sudden my stomach felt a bit queasy.

I realized the driver had stopped and quickly pushed myself out. The driver gave me a strange look, clueing me in that I had left the cab too hurriedly. I gave him a reassuring smile which, of course, made him forget all his worry and continue to unload my bags. I pulled on the strings of my comfortable sweatpants and played with the zipper of my wine red sweatshirt. Sometimes humans could be so painfully slow. Finally, when he was done, I tipped him a generous amount and quickly scuttled inside the airport to find myself in a world of chattering people, loud noises, and cheesy-carpeted flooring.

Suddenly a rush came over me to hunt, to kill. I quickly restrained myself, knowing that I had just fed last night and didn't need an extra snack. I tried to walk by the thousands of delicious humans, my mouth almost watering with the taste, the desire. It took serious self-restraint for me not to break loose and drink the blood of these worthless mongrels. But that was not my mission, and I had to stick to the plan.

I gradually made my way onto the plane, hoping that being in such a small, enclosed space wouldn't make me go crazy. I hated small spaces, anything that kept me trapped. I hated being controlled in any way shape or form. I think that's why my power was to eliminate my foe's control over me.

I can eliminate any sort of power a vampire additionally required when transformed with a flick of my wrist. I can totally vanquish a confident vampires only fa├žade with a blink of an eye. I can demean and torture a vampire's assurance by taking away his one only advantage. What I haven't told anyone, especially not Aro, is the fact that I can backfire that power onto the other victim. If someone, like Aro for instance, was trying to invade my mind, I could quite easily invade there's if I pleased. Sadly, I keep this gift to myself and respect Aro's and other vampire's personal space. If Jane, for instance, tried to blast me with her torture, it'd come back to her almost threefold, because I can amplify the power to extraordinary lengths, also. Of course, I don't absorb it or gain it, I just can use it momentarily against its holder.

I felt the plane took off, and shook. I was off the ground and headed for the Cullens, whether they were ready or not.