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Draco was tired. Then again Draco was always tired, always. There was not a moment he wasn't. But still he went on, with his job, with life. He ate when he was hungry, but for the most part did not taste the food, he slept when he became to exhausted which never really gave him much satisfaction, and he gave off all the right emotions at the right time. But anyone, who actually knew him, which was no one now, could see it was all planned out. Each move carefully calculated to fit whatever situation he was in, every step measured to fit how he was supposed to be. Draco had done this his whole life after all; he had 36 years of practicing under his belt. But he had changed from what he was; a cold conceited sneer was no longer seen on his face, no arrogance danced around him anymore, no.

In fact when he was not laughing, or whatever emotion the situation called for, his face was a cool blank mask of nothingness. Draco had perfected that, the complete stillness of his mouth, the empty, almost out of focus look in his eyes. Nothingness. Perfect control. He groaned, scrubbing his hands over his face, he placed his elbows on the desk in front of him and leaned into it.

Draco knew he should get to bed, he had a job tomorrow, and Jacob would be all over his ass like white on rice if he found out Draco hadn't slept at all. Jacob was funny that way, he was a tank of a man, all muscle and strategy. But somehow he still managed to take care, almost mother, all of his men, which was alright with Draco. It bothered him immensely at first, but then he just got used to it. Besides Jacob was the one who had trained Draco in most of what he could do. Swords man-ship, hand to hand combat, and using a gun. Okay any kind of gun, humanly, or otherwise, possible. The only thing Draco did on his own was his languages, and that had not really been difficult, being the aristocrat he was he could fluently speak five languages prior to the program- French, Italian, German, Russian, and English- he only had to learn four more which kept him busy enough for a year. His phone rang jarring him away from his thoughts,

"Malfoy." He said

"Dammit I knew you would be up!" he heard Jacob say


"Don't care. But for the record no you didn't try…The job has been moved up pack you bags, your leaving in five." Jacob ended the call. Well so much for sleep, it didn't really matter though, no matter how much sleep he got Draco was always tired, Always.

"Hey Ralph." Draco said lightly as he sat down in the town car,

"Mister Malfoy." Ralph said nodding his head curtly and shut the door. Draco watched his walk swiftly around the car and slide in.

"How have ya been Ralph?"

"Exceptionally well, Mister Malfoy. Thank you for asking, and yourself?" Ralph always answered the same way,

"Still alive." As did Draco. Draco liked to think that maybe he was the only one Ralph did this with, it was stupid he knew but really he liked the idea of the old man not really talking with anyone but Draco. It made him feel special. Again stupid but none the less that's the way it was,

"How's your wonderful wife Glinda?" Draco asked, no that was not her real name but the once he had met her he came to the conclusion that she was simply one of the most pure and beautiful people he had ever met, and she was, in fact, Wiccan and once Draco had caught wind of that he took a liking to calling her Glinda. Which of course never seemed to fail to amuse Ralph.

"She is very well, Thank you for asking." This of course would be the part where Ralph would ask how Draco's wife was, the only problem there was that Draco had no wife. In fact he didn't have much of anyone to ask about, aside from Ralph Jacob and his team, Draco spoke to no one. This was where their conversation would stop, and they would sit quietly listening whatever music was playing over the stereo.

"Mister Malfoy may address you on a more personal level?" Ralph asked breaking the silence, well this was a change of pace,

"Of course." Draco said

"Well why is it you have not found yourself a nice young person to settle down with?" 'well that was straight foreword…' Draco thought but gave the same answer he gave to everyone who asked him that.

"I just haven't found the right person yet." Truth be told he wasn't even sure he ever would find the right person and he wondered would he honestly be willing to give up the one thing he had completely devoted his life to over the past eighteen years? He wasn't sure. It wasn't as if he had not tried to date and such, but it never worked out. Draco was attractive enough to accumulate quite a few dates with women over the years, he even thought he had loved one of them but in the end she simply said one thing that stuck with him "when you look at me its as if your waiting for me to become someone else." They had parted on good terms and the last he had heard was that she was married and four months pregnant.

"Perhaps you're looking in the wrong place." Ralph mused. Okay that caught Draco off guard.

"What do you mean?" Draco asked conscientiously. Ralph pulled up to the drop off point in front of the LAX airport and turned to Draco.

"May I be frank?"

"Sure." Said Draco still eyeing him,

"You seem lonely. And most of the time I don't think you are looking for anyone at all. But Mister Malfoy I am old. I know a thing or two about life, you young whippersnappers are always dashing around trying to get what you need to get done as quickly as possible. And the second you finish something you set to work on a new project. What you do is not any of my business but lemmie let you in on the secret of life…it's for living.

You find the person you are meant for and then you LIVE your life. You are getting older Mister Malfoy, do not waste what precious time you have going through the motions." Ralph turned away silently saying that was what he had to say and Draco could leave. Draco got out of the car and got his suitcase, he tapped the trunk twice and the Town-car gently eased into traffic leaving a very confused almost shaken Draco to head back to the place he thought he would never go.