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Draco woke up and groaned, Merlin his ass was sore! Why was it so sore again? And then the memories hit. Wonderful, intoxicating, cum-at-the-very-thought of them memories. Draco smiled and now took great pleasure in his aching arse, he rolled over and came face-to-face with what was steadily becoming one of his favorite sights. A sleeping Harry Potter. Draco smiled and kissed Harry's lips, the brunett mumbled something and fell back asleep. Draco rolled his eyes and kissed him again,

"Harry…" Draco said against the other man's mouth,

"To early, sleep." Harry mumbled. Draco turned his head and looked at the clock,

"Harry Potter. You open your eyes and look at me." One bright green eye opened, then the other.


"It's six in the afternoon Harry, we need to wake up." Now Harry rolled his eyes and grabbed Draco around the waist, hoisting the blonde onto his chest.

"Harry!" Draco nearly shrieked, Harry smirked,

"What?" Harry said again mimicking Draco.

"Ha. Ha. Ha" Draco mock laughed and Harry started to gently thrust his hips into Draco's, "W-what are you d-doing?" Harry smiled and rolled his hips, Draco moaned,

"Getting you turned on, it seems." Harry smirked and pulled the blonde down for a kiss, Draco stopped him and looked towards the window quickly.

"Did you see that?" he asked, Harry looked up and shook his head and got up, gently moving Draco off of himself. The brunett walked to the window and looked out, the sun was just setting, splashing color across the sky, but nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

"What did you see?" Harry asked turning around to face the blonde,

"I'm not sure, this is the second time it's happened. Maybe I'm going crazy?" Harry didn't respond, "This is the part where you say 'no dear your not.'" Silence. "Harry?" The brunett seemed to be staring at him. Harry was certain he had never seen anything mare beautiful, there stood Draco, in naked glory. His lips were still swollen and pink, either from sleep or all the kissing they seemed to be doing lately, Draco hung softly between his own well defined legs, and shifted slightly under Harry's scrutinizing gaze. Harry gulped and felt like a complete git, he already had sex with this man and yet, Draco standing naked in front of him still managed to make him feel like this was more intimate then anything else they had ever done. Harry felt himself swell against his own abdomen, and saw Draco the same in response.

"Good God…" Harry whispered, they were so different but seemed to respond so dramatically to eachother. And suddenly it hit Harry, he was in love with Draco. In love with every aspect of him, the good the bad, and the indifferent. When he had said it last night he had thought that he was just saying it just to say it. That always seemed approperiate after a shag like that, but he had never actually had a shag like that. So he supposed when he had said that it was true, he just hadnt know it yet. Harry felt like he was going nuts! No he didn't, in fact this seemed to be the most sane he had ever felt in his whole life, after being told who he was all his life and being told who he should be someone finally didn't try to judge him. Granted, Draco had when he was little but now, he ws just a different man. Harry felt that when they hadtheir first conversation, he seemed to be so bloody close to going crazy and now he felt more sane then anything in the world.

"I love you." Harry told the blonde. It wasn't excatly most idyllic time t fess up his true feelings considering they were both standing there, starkers but none the less there it was.

"What?" Draco asked,

"I love you." Harry said again, "And the funny thing is, I know you love me too. There isn't a single doubt in my mind, and when people tell me things I have a tendency to question them. But with you…" he looked up at the smaller man and began to move towards him, "there is no question." Draco smiled, and moved in for a kiss. "But before you kiss me I have to ask otherwise this will drive me nuts…you said that you saw something odd twice. Once now, when else?"

"When I was showering…I thought it was you. But when I opened the door, no one was there." He shurgged, and saw Harry flush crimson.

"I move fast. Quidditch and all."

"It was you!" Draco laughed, "I knew it!"

"Yes, it was me." Draco kept laughing and leaned into Harry placing a kiss on Harry's chest,

"I love you too."

"I know."

"So what does this mean excatly?" Draco asked, placing gentle kisses on Harry.

"It means that we live our lives now. As who we are. Together." Draco moved back and looked up at Harry.

"Together." Yes, there were still things that needed to be answered, what would happen when the ministry called about Draco? But Draco didn't care, he knew Harry would take care of that. It was funny somehow, when he came here, he was supposed to be prisoner and yet he had been in more of what felt like a prision outside these these guarded walls then in his own somehow twisted idea of freedom. No more,caluculated movements, or nightmares. Finally someone who would take care of him and vice versa, an equal partnership. Draco smiled and leaned forward, sealing both his future and his lips to the man he loved. The-not-so-subtle-man-who-peeked-on-him-in-the-shower, the-crazy-person-who-seemed-to-love-him-in-return, Saviour of one Draco er-Parker, Harry James Potter. This was the begining of something beautiful.

The, not so end, End