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Ella sat in her usual seat at the Gryffindor table, delighting in the various foods the house elves had prepared for the night's meal. First term was nearing an end into Ella's seventh year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the final and most important year of a magical person's life. Surprisingly, the most pressing thing on Ella's mind was not NEWT's, but making sure she got a fair serving of her favourite dessert; trifle. As she piled her plate high, she looked along the length of the Gryffindor table. Surrounding her were her friends, all in deep conversation about something Ella had ceased to pay attention to once dessert had appeared. On one side of her sat some first years who had attempted to try out the levitating charm with some interesting results; namely a goblet of water bursting into flames and singeing three people's eyebrows while catching someone's sleeve alight. On her other side sat the rest of the Gryffindors in her year who were piling their plates high with dessert, quite like Ella had moments before, and talking animatedly through mouthfuls of food. Taking a look around the great hall, Ella saw the other house tables filled with people having dinner conversations, all creating the familiar hum which she associated with meal times. It was a great feeling to be part of something as amazing as Hogwarts.

It was a Thursday evening. One more day until the weekend which meant there was only one more week until the Christmas Holidays. Remaining true to Hogwarts tradition, 12 gigantic fur trees lined the walls of the Great Hall, all decked in elaborate silver baubles and ornaments. Despite seeing the Christmas display each year, the site never ceased to amaze. Dinner was finishing up and files of people were leaving the great hall to return to their dormitories. Ella was savouring her last helping of trifle when her friends called out to her.

"Earth to Ella!" Ebony said. Ella looked up with her fork still in her mouth. Margot chose this moment to stop waving her hand in front of Ella's face.


"Honestly El, there's just no dealing with you when it's trifle night."

"Well you're no different when you go off on one of your 'Jeremy' fantasies." Ella retorted. Ebony looked toward Margot for support. Unlucky for her, Margot took Ella's side.

"It's true." She said. Ebony gave her a hard stare. "Well really, you two are as bad as each other." Ebony decided to defend herself.

"First of all, Jeremy is my boyfriend, I don't need to fantasise. And secondly…actually there is no secondly. That's it."

"See, you just have to say his name, then you go off all halved cocked and can't remember what you were going to say. Typical obsessive behaviour I would say."

"Well at least I don't have an orgasm every time someone mentions trifle." Ebony said defensively but a smile plastered her face. This banter was usual between the girls. Unfortunately, a boy in their year level chose this moment to eavesdrop on the conversation while he was getting up from the table.

"Who's having an orgasm?" He asked. He almost seemed serious if not for the twinkle in his eye. Ella took the liberty to answer.

"Oh just Eb here, she was telling us about her night with J-" Ella was cut off by Ebony's hand being clapped to her mouth, accompanied by an evil stare. The boy stood there with his eyebrows raised, waiting for an explanation.

"She's joking Sirius, no one was talking about orgasms." At this point, another boy from their year joined the conversation.

"Who's having an orgasm?" He asked. Ella attempted to pull Ebony's hand away from her face but it had tightened considerably. She was sure she would be left with an imprint of Ebony's hand.

"No one!" Ebony defended.

"You know James, I swear I heard the word orgasm in their conversation, didn't you?" Sirius asked the other boy.

"Positive. I do have good hearing you know, and I swear I heard the word orgasm too." Before the girls or Sirius could answer, a red headed girl joined the group.

"Typical of you Potter, hearing those kinds of words. Thought you could listen in and get a few pointers perhaps?" James, the 'Potter' in question, smiled and turned to the girl.

"Don't act like you're not intrigued Lily. " Lily scoffed.

"I've been meaning to ask you, since when am I Lily? What happened to 'Evans'?" There was a split second before James responded.

"Just getting into the festive spirit. No seriously, it's a new year, and our last year, so I thought we could be civilised and drop the whole 'Potter'- 'Evans' thing." Lily looked at him a moment. James was bracing himself for a verbal attack.

"Hm." Lily began to walk away, but turned around and continued. "That's a shame. I quite liked that we never acknowledged the formalities of civilised conversation. You could say I found it…intriguing." James simply stood there while Lily made her way out of the Great Hall. It was common knowledge that throughout every year at Hogwarts, James Potter tried to snag Lily Evans. He was clearly unsuccessful. His attempts at courting were shunned and often ended in violent screaming matches. It was for these reasons that Ella, along with her friends and the two boys, stood in stunned silence for a good minute. Sirius decided to break the strange moment.

"That was… I don't know what that was. What was that?" Margot, ever the voice of reason, decided to answer.

"I think Lily has finally decided to accept that she's been in denial for six years." This seemed to pull James out of his reverie.

"What, she's always liked me?" The look on his face was of complete desperation. Sirius had to laugh at him.

"I think it was obvious to anyone who has eyes and ears that there's always been something there." Ella offered. James looked as though he was going to ask something, but Ella cut him off.

"BUT because you can be an utter arse at times, she didn't want to give you a chance."

"Hey!" James retaliated. He looked to Sirius for back up.

"Sorry mate, she's got a point." He stated unhelpfully. There was another awkward silence. Ebony looked around the group of people.

"Okay, so we're going back to the common room. Big day tomorrow you know."

"Big day? Are you serious? It's nearly holidays and we have mostly free periods tomorrow." Sirius replied, looking at Ebony with an eyebrow raised. She looked straight back at him, unfazed.

"I know that. I just wanted to break the silence seeing as no one else was making an effort." She stated bluntly. Another silence followed.

"Okay, bye." Ebony finally started walking away, Margot and Ella in tow. After they had gone only a few metres, Ella heard Sirius's disappointed remark to James.

"We never did found out who was talking about orgasms." Ebony paused and turned back to the two boys. She patted Sirius lightly on the back.

"Let it go Sirius, just let it go."


The girls sat in the Gryffindor common room on Friday night, gossiping and deciding what to do for the weekend. Margot insisted they get a start on their assignments which had been issued that day. The other girls decided to ignore her suggestion. There was a commotion in the corner as the same group of first years from the previous night attempted the levitating charm again. This time someone's nose had swelled to an abnormally large size. The girls looked on as the first year's nose was fixed by Sirius who then proceeded to give them all a lesson on how to do the charm properly. Margot furrowed her brow.

"I don't understand that boy." She said shaking her head.

"What do you mean?" Ella asked.

"Well, apparently his whole family has been in Slytherin but he was sorted into Gryffindor which made his family denounce him or something." Margot didn't attempt to elaborate, leaving Ella and Ebony to stare at her. By this stage, Margot shifted her gaze back to where Sirius and the first years were practicing the spell. Margot often said things as though they were self explanatory, which still irked the other girls.

"Yeah, Margy we've talked about this. You really need to finish your sentences. El here may have a freakish insight into things but this is not one of them." Ebony said. Margot looked back at them.

"Oh, sorry. It's just that he comes from a family of Slytherins who are mean and possibly evil, while he hated that and became a Gryffindor, and yet he still treats other people badly, even though that's what he hated about his family. Then you turn around and he's doing something like this, helping out first years with their homework. I just don't get him."

"Well if you think about this logically, a lot of who we are is because of our environment, so the way we were brought up. If he grew up with people who treated other people badly, it's no surprise that he has developed some form of the trait. Either because he's trying to compensate for how he was treated or simply because it was a learnt thing. As for him helping out those first years, I'm sure it was because they've caused so much damage already, it was probably just a precaution to make sure their next try didn't backfire and ruin his hair or something." Ella said with a chuckle.

"I really don't see what you have against those boys El. They're really not that bad, I mean they're not perfect or anything but we've all worked with them at some stage and talk to them. It's not like they've ever done anything horrible to us." Ebony stated. Ella decided to defend herself.

"Oh I know. I've got nothing against them." Ebony gave Ella a disbelieving look.

"No seriously, I don't. I was just trying to reason Margot's bafflement of Sirius. And come on, there's no denying that he's treated people badly in the past and as for the attack on his hair, well anyone can see that he's just really vain. Sit him in front of a mirror and he'll be amused for hours."

"Okay, point well made." Ebony replied. "You know, he may be vain but it really pays off doesn't it?" She added. Margot and Ella looked back over to Sirius and eyed him up.

"Yeah, I'd have to say it does." Margot agreed.

"Oh of course you would agree, you've had this little girly crush on him for ages now." Ella offered. Margot's face had the slightest tinge of pink to it when she answered.

"Oh don't be so silly El, that was ages ago and it was hardly a full crush."

"No, that's why you know all that stuff about his family and take note of his every move and hate Miranda." Ella answered. Margot looked like she was trying to do some quick thinking.

"I do not take note of his every move! And the stuff about his family is just common knowledge and I don't hate Miranda, I just dislike her and not because she's going out with Sirius."

"What happened to giving people a change Margy? You're so willing to accept the good in Sirius so why not Miranda? Even after she went all schitzo on me I still talk to her and get along with her so I don't see what you can have against her other than that she constantly displays her affection for Sirius. In public. Where you can see. And wish it were you." Ella knew she was right as Margot had gone a darker shade of pink now and appeared to admit defeat.

"Who hasn't wished it were them?" Ebony offered. Ella rolled her eyes and pushed Ebony off the sofa. She never bothered to answer Ebony's question or statement rather. Indeed she had thought about it on a couple of occasions, but as Ebony stated, who hadn't? Sirius was a good looking guy and although he had a slightly bizarre dress sense, it really worked for him. Although he had a reputation for being extremely flirtatious, he had only ever had two girlfriends and, despite the rumours, Sirius stayed completely faithful to them. However, when he was unattached, nothing stopped Sirius from having a bit of fun with the ladies. Ella was sure that Margot wished she could be one of the lucky ones to whom Sirius became completely enamoured with as this meant the public displays of affection, the envy of many girls in the school and having someone so devoted that he practically becomes your personal slave. There really was only one Sirius Black.


"Detention, Monday night Miss Powell!" Professor McGonagall shouted. Ella lay sprawled on the floor in the entrance hall of the castle, just having fallen down half a flight of stairs. Her clothes were soaked through and she was shivering uncontrollably. And now she was sure to have broken a few bones or at the very least have bruises aplenty by tomorrow morning. While professor McGonagall had picked herself up off the floor after being knocked over by the human bowling ball known as Ella, other students were still trying to right themselves after the catastrophe. Laying in a daze on the floor, Ella was still trying to piece together what had happened.

She remembered talking with her friends by the lake. She remembered looking up at the clouds and stating that it looked like it was going to rain. She remembered arguing with the girls that water was always warmer when you swam in the rain. She wished she didn't remember that she ended up in the lake to prove her point. She wished the lake wasn't so cold. She wished she hadn't forgotten that she could have done a warming charm before jumping in. She wished that she hadn't attempted the drying charm while running up the stairs in her haste to get to the Gryffindor common room. She wished that water wasn't slippery, or that staircases in the castle weren't so big and full of people, particularly irate Transfiguration professors. As professor McGonagall helped the other students up off the floor, she shot Ella a glare. It was lucky for her that the professor didn't know why she was so wet, as it was raining so heavily outside that everyone returning indoors looked in the same state. Ella was sure she would have been reprimanded more had the professor known she had jumped in the freezing lake to prove that the water was warmer when it rained. She didn't need a teacher to tell her it was a stupid idea; she certainly knew it was now. Finally, Ella was taken to the hospital wing by Ebony and Margot who had difficulty controlling their laughter, while they decided not to perform a drying charm on her as they didn't want a repeat of the 'incident' so to speak. Once in the hospital wing, Ella was informed she would be staying overnight to let her broken arm heal properly while she was finally dried off and given numerous potions which warmed her from the inside out.


Monday night arrived which meant Ella was to serve her detention. She knew she would be accompanied by Sirius Black due to an extremely eventful, if not amusing, potions lesson that day. Ella and Sirius waited in professor McGonagall's office at seven thirty that night, awaiting their doom.

"Now I assume you both know why you are here?" The professor asked unnecessarily.

"Yes professor." The two answered mechanically.

"Mr. Black, I have been informed by professor Slughorn that it is not necessary for you to have a weeks worth of detention, therefore you are only required for one night. After tonight, you are free to use your week as you wish." Professor McGonagall made a face which looked as though saying those very words left a foul taste in her mouth. Her opinion was that ill behaved students should be punished accordingly. The potions master had quite a soft spot for Sirius which was possibly the only reason for reducing his detention. Sirius gave a nod while trying to hold back a smirk.

"Yes professor."

"Now, Miss Powell. You on the other hand will continue with three nights of detention. I am aware that it was an accident, however I believe for the amount of chaos you caused, it is only befitting that you lose three nights of your time."

"Yes professor." Ella replied stiffly. It didn't seem fair that Sirius got out of detention while she had to do the full sentence. Professor McGonagall motioned for the two students to follow her. As they tagged along behind their Head of House, Sirius looked over to Ella and asked under his breath.

"Three night's worth of detention for something accidental? What exactly did you do?"

"I fell down a flight of stairs." She replied shortly.

"Oh come on, no one gets detention for falling down stairs."

"I may have knocked over the professor in the process." Sirius knew there was more to the story.

"Aaand…" he circled his hand in mid air, gesturing her to continue.

"And I may have also knocked down about ten other students. I think half of them landed in the hospital wing." Sirius laughed out loud which earned him a glare from professor McGonagall. They continued in silence.

Finally they stopped outside what looked like a storage room which was a part of the trophy room. Professor McGonagall turned around to address them.

"This storage room has not been cleared out for over ten years. I want it cleared out and everything cleaned and reorganised to get rid of the clutter. I want this done manually please, no wands. If you use them, I shall know. Now, I will be back in four hours." The professor waved her wand at the room, then gave the two a curt nod and left them to begin their detention. Ella looked down at her wand in her hand. She had been about to hand it over.

"Why didn't she take our wands?" she asked.

"That wand waving thing she did just now was a detection spell. We use our wands, believe me, she'll know."

"Why, what will happen?"

"Let's just say, if you value your hearing, or your looks or your ability to move, then I wouldn't try to use your wand." Sirius said this as though no more questions should be asked. Ella simply nodded and put her wand away. They stood there looking at the door. On the plus side, the door looked rather small which meant the storage room couldn't be that big. Sirius shrugged and opened the door. They turned on the light and realised that what the professor called a 'store room' was more like a cavernous space cluttered with books, strange looking ornaments, old trophies and school supplies. Sirius turned to Ella who stood there with her mouth open.

"Don't worry. After all you've got three days to finish it."

"Thanks." She smirked and rolled up the sleeves of her jumper, ready to put her cleaning skills to the test. Sirius followed suit.

While Ella and Sirius were in the same house and year at Hogwarts, they had never really gotten to know one another. They had random talks here and there but nothing to indicate they were any more than acquaintances. Sure Ella knew a little bit about him from her own observations and information from Margot or Miranda, but her conversations with Sirius had only ever been polite and superficial. To Ella, Sirius appeared to be carefree, confident and have a passion for causing mischief with his friends. He really did come across as unflappable. Sirius knew nothing of Ella except that she was reasonably smart given her performance in class, that she was good friends with his girlfriend in the first few years of school and that, given her accent, she must be Welsh. From his conversations with her, he had come to the conclusion that Ella was neither quiet and shy nor loud and overbearing. He wasn't sure if she had a good sense of humour or what type of music she liked or whether she was in to Quidditch. They had been in the room for over half an hour now and they had hardly said a word. Sirius decided it might be nice to have some form of conversation.

"So, is this your first detention?" He asked. Hardly a quality conversation topic but it seemed relevant. Ella looked up from the pile of parchments she was sorting.

"No actually. I tend to have a habit of being clumsy at inappropriate times." After saying this she wasn't really sure how to continue. She could ask the same question to him but that would just be stupid as clearly he had been in detention more times than he could count. There was a pause and then both of them went back to their work. Ella almost wished he hadn't said anything. There was silence beforehand but now it was an awkward silence. She never used to care so much about awkward moments but after years of being Ebony's friend, she had picked up her dislike for them. She spent the next ten minutes thinking of something, anything, to talk to Sirius about. She suddenly heard a humming noise coming from where he was clearing a shelf of bric-a-brac. Humming was a sign of utter boredom, and Ella did not want to be the one causing boredom if she could help it. She said the first thing she could think of.

"James and Lily." She said. Very smooth. Sirius looked up from what he was doing.


"Um, James and Lily. You reckon they'll get together this year?" Ella was getting ready to handle another silence but Sirius grinned and answered her.

"I think so. It seems like Lily has finally taken that pole out of her arse, and James has quit acting like a complete wanker." Sirius did an impression of James ruffling his hair. "Heeey Evans, go out with me, you know you want to." In a mixture of relief that he replied and how accurate Sirius' impression of James was, Ella laughed out loud. Sirius made a mental note that Ella at least had a bit of a sense of humour.

"You know he talks about her in his sleep?" He continued. Ella laughed again.

"That's sweet…I think. I would give you some dirt on Lily but she doesn't really make a habit of talking in her sleep."

"That's surprising, she talks so much when she's awake, I just thought it would be natural for her to keep talking when she's asleep." Ella made a shocked face.

"Don't you like Lily?"

"Oh no, don't get me wrong, I can see why James worships the girl but if you had to hear as much about her as I have, you'd hold a grudge too."

"It's hardly her fault though."

"Which is exactly why I have impressions for both of them."

"Fair enough." Ella nodded. "So you have impressions of everyone then?"

"For my friends at least, yeah." He turned back to the shelf he was clearing. "I have to put up with them enough so what good is it if I can't take the piss?" He reached up for an urn which was the last item left on the shelf.

"So what would their impression be of you?" Ella asked but didn't get an answer. Sirius was standing there, holding the urn with both hands. He had a curious look on his face.

"Hey Ella, come look at this." Ella made her way over to where Sirius was standing. She looked at him expectantly.

"There's something, weird, about this urn." He had a sudden thought. "You don't think it has someone's ashes in it do you?" He asked, sounding a little disgusted and holding the urn further from him. Ella looked at it. It was a white ceramic urn with an intricate blue design. Every now and then the pattern seemed to change slightly. She looked closer at the changing blue pattern.

"How good are you at runes?" She asked.

"Yeah not too bad, not the best either. Why?"

"I think these are runes. Look, they change every few seconds so it looks like its sparkling." Sirius took a closer look. The runes suddenly turned yellow and then gradually darkened to an orange.

"Ah, even if we were good at runes, they're way too small to be able to read properly anyway. Wonder what's with the colour change." He asked rhetorically. Ella shrugged. She couldn't shake the feeling that there was something sinister about this urn.

"Sirius, maybe we should just put it back on the shelf. I don't trust it."

"Oh come on Ella, this is Hogwarts, I'm sure it can't be that evil" He made a quizzical face. "But there is something about it. It makes me feel warm." Sirius could feel a warm heat making its way from his hands which spread through his body. At that moment Ella looked back to the runes which were moving faster and turning a darker shade of orange.

"Sirius, I think the heat is from the runes. Look, they're getting darker." She sounded a little panicky. Not a lot, but there was an urgency to her voice. No sooner than she said this, the runes turned a flaming red. Sirius gasped in pain from the sudden burst of heat. The shock of the heat caused him to drop the urn and it began to fall as if in slow motion.

"Fuck! You evil bitch!"

"Hey! I didn't do anything to it!" Ella replied, feeling rather scandalised. Sirius was shaking his hands rapidly to cool them off.

"I didn't mean you I meant-"

He was cut off by a loud crack as the urn hit the concrete floor. Large chunks of ceramic slid across the room. The runes immediately turned black and ceased moving. The contents spilled out over the floor and what appeared to be fine, glittery dust particles formed a cloud around Sirius and Ella. Unable to escape it, they breathed it in, choking and coughing as the fine dust got into their lungs. Unable to find clean air, they became weak and fell to the floor. Still coughing weakly, they began to black out. Lying on the floor, it felt as though the world was spinning around them. They shared the one thought; is this death? The floor felt as though it had dropped away. Colours flew past at extraordinary speeds. As suddenly as the spinning sensation began, it stopped. The lights had gone out in the store room and the concrete floor lay cold and solid beneath their bodies. Every inch of them seemed to ache as they used this moment to finally draw clean air, the sensation rushing to their heads. Not caring what professor McGonagall's detection spell would do to them, Sirius reached in to his pocket and drew his wand. It was pitch black. He heard a yelp.

"Ouch! You nearly poked my eye out!" The voice was lower and more hoarse than usual, though it unmistakably came from Ella.

"Sorry." Sirius said.

"No it's okay. I'll be alright. Can you light your wand though, it's a bit weird being in the dark." Ella heard Sirius' now husky voice say 'lumos'. Wand light filled the room and Sirius saw Ella rubbing her, now extremely red, eye.

"Sorry bout that." He said. Her eye looked really sore.

'Like I said, don't worry about it."

"No but it looks really red and awful." Ella tried to shoot a glare his way but with her newly injured eye the effect wasn't as she desired. Sirius quirked an eyebrow as he was not really sure what look she was trying to go for.

"I thought you of all people would know never to tell a girl she looks like crap." She said defensively. Sirius made a sympathetic face.

"I really am sorry, I can try make it better." He motioned towards her but she put her hand out.

'No really, I'm fine. I think it might be good if we got out of this room though." Sirius nodded. It was rather difficult for them to stand as they were still so achy. Ella covered her mouth as she let out a raspy cough. She pulled her hand away and could see some of the fine silvery dust laying there. Ignoring this, Ella managed to pull herself up and stood by the door where Sirius was waiting. If she was worried, she certainly didn't show it. There seemed to be an unspoken agreement that they didn't talk about the urn or the fine dust. Sirius couldn't bear the thought that they may have inhaled and choked on the remnants of some old dead magical guy. Ella refused to acknowledge that the event ever took place. If she ignored the memory, it was as if it never happened. They were okay now and that was the main thing.

In their haste to ignore the recent events, neither noticed that the store room had changed. The clutter was gone. The door was no longer white, but made out of heavy cedar. Sirius opened the door with a niggling feeling of déjà vu. Behind the door was a small flight of stairs and a corridor dimly lit with lanterns. Sirius felt himself pale. Not noticing his reaction, Ella said bluntly.

"This isn't the trophy room." She looked to the grey brick walls. "Do you think we're somewhere else in the castle? Maybe it was some sort of magic transport dust." Sirius didn't answer.

"Sirius?" She turned around to find him. He was leaning against the wall, wand hand slightly shaking. He shook his head in a manner that appeared he didn't want to speak for fear of being sick.

"Sirius, what's wrong? Was it the dust? Are you okay?" Ella rushed up to him and felt his forehead. He was cold and clammy. Sirius finally came around and brought Ella's hand down from his face. He composed himself and as he spoke, a slight bit of colour returned to his cheeks.

"I know where we are." He said slowly. Ella nodded for him to continue. Instead of answering, he lead her up the corridor, bracing himself for what would be awaiting him up the short flight of steps. As they got closer, they could hear the low hum of conversation. Sirius reached the top step, Ella a short distance behind him.

"You wait here." He said, eyes fixed on the doorway.

"What? No, I'm going with you." Ella walked up two more steps but Sirius prevented her coming further by holding her shoulders.

"Just trust me okay? Don't come out until I come get you." Ella couldn't work out the strange look in Sirius' eyes. It could have been fear. She nodded, not wanting to question his judgement even though she was bursting to know what had happened. Sirius turned and entered what he knew was a small kitchen. Ella went to the top step to make sure she could listen in. She heard Sirius' voice loud and confident.

"Hello mother. Did you miss me?" Ella gasped. They were at Sirius' house? Ella decided not to wait for Sirius to come get her and entered the kitchen herself. What she saw was not Sirius' evil mother but a sandy haired wizard with his wand pointed directly at Sirius and herself. The wizard's eyes were round in shock. He slowly lowered his wand. Sirius looked at the older wizard with equal shock.

"Moony?" He asked, somewhat bewildered. Moony? Ella thought. Why had she heard that name before? Ella took a closer look at the wizard. She gasped.

"Remus?" She said, not as a question but as a shocked statement. This was not the same Remus Lupin that was in her year at Hogwarts. He was much shabbier and much older than she remembered him.

"What happened to you Moony?" Sirius asked. He couldn't help but think he had to get to a mirror quick smart to make sure he didn't look as downtrodden as his friend Remus. Then he had another thought. He was at his parent's house. It was probably a trick. As quickly as he could, he pointed his wand fiercely in Remus' direction.

"Who are you?" Remus replied quickly.

"Sirius it's me. You're parents aren't here. I promise you it's me." Sirius wasn't fooled.

"PROVE IT!" Sirius saw Remus' eyes dart to Ella. He hadn't even noticed she had entered the room. He made a note to yell at her later. What was she thinking, disobeying him?

"We went to school together, you, me, James. " He paused. "And Peter."

"Big deal, anyone would know that!"

"We were the marauders, we made a map of Hogwarts." Remus glanced at Ella. "We all went to the shrieking shack once a month." Sirius still wanted more.

"Tell me why." He demanded. Remus muttered a quick incantation while waving his wand. Ella saw their mouths move but didn't hear a word they were saying.

"I'm a werewolf, you all became unregistered animagi in our fifth year. You are a dog, James is a stag and Peter is a rat." Sirius finally looked satisfied and lowered his wand.

"What the fuck is going on Remus?" He asked.

"I don't know. You two should sit down though." Remus replied.

"WHAT?" Ella shouted. She still couldn't hear a thing. "CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON?" Remus waved his wand and did the counter spell.

"Take a seat Ella."