W...Where am I? A girl would think to herself, tossing and turning as she slept in a darkened room, apparently bare. It feels different here...the girl would suddenly sit up, sweating nervously. Oh yeah...I remember now...the Population Police found out who I really am, Liusa D. Hedran Liusa would shake her head, trying to shake her thoughts off of last night.Gotta stop thinking like that...wouldn't want the Population Police finding out about my new ID and knowing who I really was Liusa would shiver then, probably from the cold in the dark room or the coldness from this feeling of loneliness washing over her. They forgot about me...no...no..., not forgot... She would shiver then, closing her eyes tight as if this was a dream but then would open her eyes again and sigh They abandoned me... She would then think, ignoring her earlier thoughts of the Population Police finding out about her.

Then...the door opened out of nowhere and a light flicked on. She didn't know if it was out of instinct or fear but...she hid, like she had hidden for the few short 8 years of her life. She would quickly duck under the bed, thanking her small body since it was a tight space to fit in under there. "So, are the plans going according to the plans?" she would hear a man, apparently the owner of shiny black shoes. don't make a sound... Liusa had to remind herself every now and then as the men droned on and on about how farmers weren't meeting their quotas nowadays or how there was more oppresion in people. Oh no... she would freeze instantly as she saw a pair of brown boots marching around the room, as if searching everywhere, then it came to rest near the bed...and a head would peer down through the crack between the bed and the ground.

Liusa would quickly duck behind a large briefcase, luckily managing to slip out of sight as a bearded man's face appeared. "Nothing under here" he would shout to the other 2 men, then they would all exit the room. Liusa would let out a withdrawn sigh and crawl out from under the bed, gazing around the room now. She noticed it was quite as bare as she first thought it was and shrugged, then her tiny eyes would widen a bit as she looked over to the window shades and she would look around, as if afraid someone might hit her for even looking at the window. Should I? she'd think to herself and shrug, heading over to the window shades and tugging one edge of it over a little tiny bit, then peek out of the window.

I'm out in the middle of nowhere? She would ask herself mentally, tilting her head to the side some and withdrawing it from the window. She would then hesitantly approach the door before opening it a crack, peering out into the hallway. "Phew, no one there..." She would still sneak out of the room, taking only a moment to move a strand of her dirty black hair out of her vivid blue eyes. Hurry, before someone sees Liusa would look at the gap between one edge of the wall and another, which lead to another hallway. She would quickly leap across, mentally remembering to thank her mother for acrobatic lessons even though people might of gotten suspicious."now, to get out of here" she would murmer in a soft voice to herself, checking a small pocket on her now dirty green dress to make sure her fake ID was there, which it was.

"Phew, wouldn't want to go and lose that Li-I mean...Kiumi" Liusa would shudder after saying her fake name and head to a door, which when opened lead right into the outside. outside...cover was all she thought as she skillfully hid behind a tree. Now that she was outside, she could see the scenery better. There appeared to be a road nearby, with mountains on one side and trees on another. For cover was the only thought that raced through her mind as she ran to the farthest tree and hid behind her, peeking out at the cabin. "where are the Population Police??" Mumbling this, she would frown, looking around as if fearfuly a Population Police official would pop out of nowhere and say 'Hey, you are a third child! you're dead!' then she imagined the official bringing out a gun, aiming it at her...pulling on it gently Stop thinking like that... she thought to herself, rushing off then towards some unknown destination.

After several hours of running , she would let out a cry of pain from running so much. She would collapse right behind a Baron house, the last place she wanted to be at the moment, besides Population Police Headquarters. "Hey, dad!" She'd hear someone call out, probably in a heavy, bulky voice, however she could just be imagining it, as she was fading out now. The last thing she was before passing out was the face of a man...and it was a man in the papers only a few days earlier...a Population Police official. "No!" She'd scream out suddenly as she sat up, glancing around.

"Oh...you're awake" The official she saw before passing out would say. After several moments of blinking and looking around, she realized she was laying on a couch with a pillow and a blanket on her, then she would realize the official was sitting on a satin chair. "I suppose..." she would say, staring at him trying to keep the fear out of her eyes, however, this failed miserably since he seemed to be staring right through her with his gaze, however, he didn't ask her anything about being a third child. "Tell me, why were you running around out in the middle of nowhere?" He would ask her, frowning some. "I was...running because I was confused" she would word her sentence carefully, making sure not to tell too much or too little.

"If you want, you can stay here to rest...then you may leave when you wish to, however, at my wife's suggestions, I think you should stay here on the couch for now" the official would say. "O-Ok" she would stutter out, looking around the room. She only just realized a computer in a corner and...was that a TV on the wall? "I will be in the next room should you need me" the "Official" as Liusa liked to call him would say. "Oh yes, I will be needing your name, you know, for Population Police purposes" He'd say, giving a sort of sign. What was that? was he trying to tell me something?...no, it has to be a trap! she would manage to stutter out "My name is Kiumi Magati" the official would give a curt nod and stand up out of his chair and exit the room, entering a room which oddly seemed like a kitchen to her, then..she would drift into sleep.

"Hey, what are you doing in my house??" Liusa would hear a voice practically screaming into her ear, oddly, it seemed female, had she seen any females since she'd gotten here? Maybe it was that official's wife, she never did see the wif when she was here, so maybe the wife was only home at night. "I asked, what are you doing here?? don't make me set off the alarms" she would hear the feminine voice say again. "huh?" The tiny 8 year old would blink, struggling to sit u p as she regained her senses. "Ugh...who are you?" Liusa would ask, turning her gaze to a girl in a hoodie and jeans. "That is what I should be asking you! now tell me who you are before I have to activate the security system and call the Population Police for "breaking and entering", which, of course my father would handle with them" The girl would then frown after saying this. "No, don't call the Population Police!" Liusa would say, trying her best not too sound pleading but however her voice still came out as high.

"heh, why are you so worried, it's not like you're a third child" the girl'd say, narrowing her eyes. "Or are you?..." she'd then ask. "...that depends, what's your last name?" Liusa would ask then, narrowing her eyes back. "My last name is Talbot" the girl would say proudly. "Talbot...Talbot, wait, aren't those the family who owns this house?" she'd ask, to which the girl would give a "duh" too. Liusa could distinctely remember seeing Talbot imprinted onto the house somewhere. "and...don't they already have 2 children?..." she would then ask, remembering the heavy voice before she passed out and a shadow like figure when she shifted between being awake and asleep. "Yes..." the girl say then, grinning since she knew Liusa was getting close. "Then that means..." Liusa then would start to say, but was cut off. "I am Jennifer Rose Talbot, third child" Jen, as the girl was called, would say proudly. "I'm...a third child too" Liusa would mutter, staring at the ground now, she didn't know what made her say it but how Jen said it...it made it seem like she was telling the truth. "and my name is...Liusa D. Hedran" she would mutter the last 3 words into Jen's ear, just for safety.