Sofia opened her eyes.

Her legs felt shaky and she could not quite find her breath yet. A delicious tingle went through her whole body with every whiff of cool air touching her over sensitized skin.

The soft rustle of the bedsheets followed by the weight of Olivia's naked body settling on top of her own brought Sofia back into the reality of the situation.

Her head still spinning, she carefully turned her gaze towards the brown eyes that were watching her closely.

She smiled. There was nothing to say for her, no words to express how she felt inside - not that she felt the need to talk, period - hence she kept quiet, except for a content sigh, let out through upcurled lips.

Olivia had a satisfied and somewhat proud grin on her face as she placed a tender kiss on her lover's forehead and wiped at the tiny beads of sweat that had formed there.

"Wouldn't have taken you for a screamer," she commented smugly, causing Sofia to laugh exhaustedly.

"Surprise?" she smiled, then closed her eyes again, reveling in the sensation of gentle fingers slowly caressing her bare sides and arms.

Olivia smiled. Surprise indeed, she thought.