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For Just This Moment 2/2

By caramelapples

Laura's pulse sped up and suddenly, the only appropriate response she could form towards such a confession was to kiss him. His confession wasn't much but when it came from a man like Bill Adama, it was a confession that could sweep her off her feet. Bill was taken aback at how quickly she moved and captured his lips with hers, licking his bottom lip and pushing for entrance with her tongue into his mouth. He responded by grabbing her with him arms and pulling her as close to his body as he could while allowing her access to his mouth. Heat coursed through his body and he wondered of the source of heat was his own or from the body of the woman he kissed.

At the amount of clothes they wore, it was decided for Bill that the heat came from his own. He ran his fingers through her hair as their tongues danced together, savouring the sweetness they found in each other. They broke for air but fingers never stopped moving and Bill ran his hands up and down her back, feeling the contours and curves of the body he had so long desired. He gently nibbled at her earlobe and licked the sensitive skin at the base of her neck, relishing the tiny whimpers he heard from the woman who never whimpered. At least never in front of him.

All coherent thoughts slipped from Laura's mind. She struggled to gather her thoughts. "You chose Baltar," she gasped, breathless, grasping at straws to stay angry at Bill. They were playing with fire and Laura knew it. This was dangerous. If they went past this threshold, they could never come back to what they were.

At that moment, Bill halted and looked into her eyes, the piercing blue orbs sending molten lava running through her veins instead of blood. "I didn't choose Baltar, Laura. I didn't choose. It was not for me to choose. It was the right thing."

Laura closed her eyes, not willing to meet his gaze. Somewhere inside her mind, she knew that it was true. "The right thing..." she murmured, her mind still hazy and yet, crystal clear at the same time. "It hurts me, Bill," she whispered into his ear. "The right thing hurts me... You hurt me."

And there it was. The source of her pain, her anger and the very reason she came onboard Galactica. Tears slipped from her eyes and wet her cheeks as she turned away, feeling ashamed that her heart ruled her head when it came to Bill. When did she become so helpless? She felt Bill take hold of her face in both his hands, forcing her to look into his eyes. "I'm sorry for hurting you," he told her and kissed her tears away. "I'm sorry, Laura. I didn't realize that it would hurt you so deeply. I'm sorry." He kissed her cheeks, somehow drying her tears. "I'm sorry," he whispered again, pulling her into his arms as he planted kisses on her forehead. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

His hot breath on her skin sent shivers through her body and tiny goosebumps forming on her skin."I know," she said; her voice sounded small. "I'm sorry too."

Bill moved to take off her jacket, succeeded only slightly, given that he wasn't looking at what he was doing but rather focusing his attention on her neck, tasting and exploring the skin that tasted salty and yet sweet like honey. He stopped halfway and looked at her, silently asking for permission to make her his.

Laura answered wordlessly when she helped him remove her jacket and gasped in surprise at the sensations he caused when his hands found their way under her white blouse to caress the smoothness of her stomach. In one swift motion, Bill had pulled her blouse over her head and the only thing restricting him from the lovely mounts of her breasts was her bra. He grinned like a schoolboy as he had never seen more than her cleavage before and moved to nibble on the soft milky white flesh at the edge of her bra, sending jolts of electricity up and down her spine.

"Gods…" His ear picked up her little pleas and he let his hands roam her body, slipping behind her and pulling the zip down, her skirt falling from her body. Gods, those legs.

He looked up and Laura suddenly felt self-conscious and seemed - to him - almost painfully shy.

"You're beautiful," he breathed, assuring her that she was everything, if not more, than he had ever dreamt about. His breath became heavy as he drank in her beauty. A small giggle escaped her and he smiled. Gods, the woman was adorable.

"Hurry," she told him quietly and Bill obliged, quickly undressing himself with a pace that would sent most military men to shame. Clad only in his boxers, Laura couldn't help but appreciate the view and giggled again, much to his mock chagrin. "What's so funny?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing…" her voice trailed away when she realized that he was making his way to her she involuntarily backed away. "What are you doing?" she asked, her voice raising to a girlish squeal when he tackled her and they both landed on his leather couch, her on her back and him on top of her. She felt his erection against her hip and unconsciously shifted so she could feel more of him. "What are you going to do?!" she giggled as he pined her down with both hands. Her breath hitched when he kissed the valley between her breasts and made his way lower and lower…

He gently released her hands and slowly, tantalizingly, slid his hands down her torso until they were on her hips. He shot a look at her and she caught her hesitance. "Are you sure you want this? We can't turn back if we do this," he told her, giving her a choice to back out even though she was the one who kissed him first.

Laura inhaled deeply and looked down at him, her eyes displaying nothing but affection and something else for him. He was hit by the intensity of it and took a moment to stable himself. Had it been there every time she gazed at him?

"Even if we do turn back now, would we be able to completely forget this?" she asked softly, desire swallowing all rational thought.

She had given him an answer and it was up to him. He gazed at her and gave her hips a gentle squeeze.

"No. No we wouldn't," he answered and raked his eyes over her body. "And I wouldn't want to."

She smiled softly at him and closed her eyes. "Then we won't forget."

Her eyes flew open when she realized that he was pulling her cotton panties down from it's original position. She wriggled and lifted her hip to help him get rid of the obstructing material. Heat was pooling at her core and she ached for relief, for his touch. He ran his hands over both her thighs and slowly trailed kisses over her until he reached her apex. Laura didn't realize that she had stopped breathing until she drew a sharp breath when his thumbs opened her gently, his fingers fluttering around her core but not quite touching her where she wanted it most.


Bill leaned closer and flicked his tongue over her stiff bud, spreading her wetness with the tip of his tongue. Charges of passion and electricity flowed through her body and Laura raked her nails against the leather of his couch. "Dear Gods…"

He stole a glance back up at her and was mesmerized by the pure bliss and pleasure he saw on her face. She swallowed a moan as he probed her and stroked with his tongue and fingers which slowly coaxed her higher and higher until she was at the edge of the cliff before completely halting his ministrations. "Don't stop!" she gasped. Her eyes flew open as she let out a grunt of protest. He had moved back to kissing her mouth, exploring and drinking in the sweetness that was Laura.

Laura felt the ache at her groin throb as she had been restrained from achieving release and not so subtly moved her hand down to seek out her pending orgasm but Bill was faster than her and swiftly pulled her hand back up above her head. Holding down her left arm with one hand, he brought her other arm with his free hand and pulled it up beside her held down arm. She took rapid breaths and looked straight into his eyes.

"Not yet," Bill murmured before delving into the hollow of her neck, teasing her until she whimpered. He held a firm grip on her wrists and restricted her movements. He sucked on a stiff nipple through the fabric of her bra and nibbled on the spills of her breasts over the edge of her bra. "Get this off!" he rasped in her ear, frustrated that he couldn't feel her skin on his.

"I can't if you're holding onto my hands," she told him smugly and Bill sheepishly let her hands free. She sat up and with one hand, she reached behind her back and unhooked the clasps of her bra. His eyes glazed over at the sight of her naked body and all uncertainties that she might have harboured earlier disappeared. "You have to take of your boxers too," Laura said, keeping her gaze averted and blushing deeply.

He chuckled and did as she asked. "Certainly, Madam President."

Laura let out a yelp when he lifted her up from the couch and clung onto him tightly until he settled her down onto his rack and then joining her. He went back to relishing his newly unwrapped gifts but Laura wanted him somewhere else. Somewhere lower.

He hovered above her but was careful to not crush her with his weight. He sensed her impatience as she rocked her hips slightly against his, silently asking for more. Reaching down between her thighs with one hand, Bill cupped her dampness and eased two fingers inside her while he slowly stroked her clit with his thumb. She gasped, and wrapped her arms around his neck as she rocked against him, her demands coming out in blurs and Bill listened intently to her intoxicating moans.

A surprised gasp escaped her when her orgasm crashed into her like a plunge into a pool of warmth, spreading to the tips of her fingers. Her muscles clenched onto his fingers and she wrapped her arms tighter around him to keep herself from floating away, breathing against his shoulder and shuddering with the slight spasms that shook her body.

She struggled to catch her breath as he soothed her from her height by slowly stroking her, calming her sensitive core.

"You okay?" his voice a low rasp, his erection begging for attention.

She managed a nod and then purred into his ear; "I want you inside. Now."

"You sure?" He didn't want to hurt her but at the same time, he didn't know if he had the ability to remain gentle.

"Very." Her answer was confident and he found no reason to doubt what she could do.

He leaned forward for another kiss before adjusting himself and settling between her thighs. She reached down for him and firmly gripped his hard length, guiding him to her wet opening. The aching anticipation increased tenfold. The need and desire that had manifested itself since… Well, neither of them knew when it had appeared. But it didn't matter now.

"Laura…" He groaned when she ran her fingers up and down his erection, taking in the texture of it's velvety skin. She brought the tip of his penis to her opening and guided him inside, tantalizingly slow and sensuous. She was tight and Bill pushed a little harder. She gasped when he buried himself inside of her. When she had taken as much of him as she could at this angle, she wrapped her legs around him and clung tightly onto his back.

Savouring the fullness of him inside of her, she pulled herself up and kissed him, another slow kiss where their tongues stroked and danced around each other. It had been so long… Oh Gods.

He started to thrust into her and she rolled her head back, eyes closed. The pleasure on her face was so strong that it was agony. The jolts of pleasure and very faint pain was muddling her brain and she couldn't form any coherent words even if she tried. Laura couldn't even tell what sounds she was making except for that she was much louder than she had ever been before.

"Harder!" she demanded harshly and at the same time was music to his ears. She scolded, asked, begged and coaxed as Bill and the sensations he was causing became the only things in the universe she could feel.

The orgasm she had reached only moments ago became insignificant. The climax that tore through her body now caused her to scream and she saw fireworks in the darkness behind her closed eyes. She body went limp and she fell back against the mattress of his rack as he buried his face in her neck, biting back a loud shout that signalled his own release into her. "I love you, Bill…"she whispered, not caring if he'd heard her or not. Perhaps it was best if he didn't. If they didn't bring love into their already complicated relationship...

But love was already in their complicated relationship.

A small part of her mind was relieved that she been through menopause as they had not used protection and she giggled with the absurdity of her thoughts in the context of the moment. He breathed into her next and she ran hands in a soothing manner on his back and took deep calming breaths. The aftershock of her orgasm caused small contractions of her muscles around him and they made no move to disentangle themselves from each other.

When he moved to roll off her, she held him back to her with her arms. "Don't."

"I'm heavy, Laura."

She reluctantly released him and he moved off her body, not before kissing her forehead. She draped an arm and a leg over him and they both laid in the confined space of his rack. She was still catching her breath, her chest still heaving and she made abstract shapes on his chest and occasionally tracing the line of his faint scar.

"That was-" Laura started and fell silent, not knowing what word can be used to describe what they just had.


Laura chuckled. "Yes, it was good." She looked up at him, noticing that he practically had the words just been frakked on his forehead and then snuggled closer to him. "Unexpected."

"Mind-blowing," he said and Laura felt the rumble of his chest.

She giggled.

"Laura Roslin, you are a very adorable woman." He placed a kiss on the top of her hair.

Pushing herself up on her elbow, she frowned. "I am not," she tried to glare but failed miserably as the pleased smile on her face betrayed her.

"You are-" He reached up and tapped the tip of her nose with his finger. "-frakkin' adorable," he rumbled.

"President Roslin is not adorable. She cannot afford to be adorable," Laura told him and wriggled her nose, trying to get rid of the tickle that Bill's finger caused.

Bill gripped the top of her arm and pulled her back down to him. She let him and settled back onto his rack. "I said Laura Roslin. Not President Roslin."

"Yeah, okay. Whatever." Laura sighed contently before her mind once again became clouded with thoughts. "What are we going to do?"

"Enjoy this," came his ready reply.

"What are we going to do about our relationship? I mean, do we keep on doing this? Will there be a next time? There are so many problems now. Kara. Baltar. I don't think I will be able to stand to be in the same room as your son for the next few days and I hope I won't have too"

Bill noticed that she couldn't say Lee's name. Frankly, he couldn't either. Not after what he did to her. "I know," he offered softly.

"So many things to deal with. Can we handle this? " she raised her questions lazily. And then she tensed slightly, remembering that she had to see Cottle tomorrow for a Diloxin treatment. Was it right to put him through all that?

Bill sensed it and rubbed her arm. "What is it?"

She was silent for a moment. "My cancer."

Bill felt an irrational annoyance at the pit of his stomach towards Laura for bringing her cancer up and ruining the moment. It was selfish and he knew it. "Don't spoil this, Laura," he muttered more sharply than he had intended.

"Sorry," she mumbled but didn't make any attempt to look at him.

"No, I'm sorry. I just want us to remember this as a happy thing. We're happy now, aren't we? For just this moment, I know that I am the happiest man alive. I'm not talking tomorrow, or even the next hour. I'm saying now."

"I'm happy now. For just this moment, I'm happy now," she told him and kissed his chest. "Now."

"I love you too, Laura."

She felt her heart skip a beat and finally remembered to breath not realizing that she had been holding her breath. She smiled against his chest. "You heard me, just now?"


"I'm-" the words were caught in her throat. She didn't know what to say.


There was a soft giggle from her and when she didn't say more, he knew she had fallen asleep and moved to pull the blanket up to cover the both of them. For just this moment, the world disappeared and all that was left was Bill and Laura with the love they shared.

The End

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