Better start with the disclaimer before I get into any trouble: Not mine and to be honest after season 6 and 7 I don't even want to own it and those who do should hide in a hole.

What is going to happen here ?

I'm going to try and write a chapter story. Not my first but the first I publish. I collected some general ideas and conversations already I just have to sit down and put them into chapters.

This story is going to play during season 7. Somewhere after 7x10 and yes the dead beat will be in this story - sorry guys but I promise there are not going to be any cutes-y, love-y dove-y, let me put my head on your dead weasel scenes in here. There is already some tension between them which will increase when something happens to Luke.

Rory is not going to be as quiet about the LC thing as on the show. She will probably be ooc but well I need her to be more open in my story.

What am I going to do with April here? - Well I guess I'll just leave her in Area 51. Since I'm not a big fan I will leave her out or just have her mentioned from time to time. I'm not sure about that yet. She is definitely not in Stars Hollow at the moment.

OK I think that was it. Nope that was not it. I want to thank Vaso for putting up with me and my rants. For encouraging me to put my ideas down and even reading them afterwards lol

That was really it now and I hope you enjoy the story.

If you find mistakes, keep 'em.


Chapter One

It was one of those days. Those days where everything just goes wrong somehow. You get out of bed in the morning and you already know you want to crawl back in, throw the covers over your head and block out the rest of the world. Luke Danes however had a business to run and couldn't afford a whole day spent in bed. Besides he was not the type of guy who can just lie around all day long doing nothing. That was something a person he once knew by heart would do without a blink of the eye, but he didn't want to go there. Not today of all days. A day that already started with burnt oatmeal, bad orange juice and a cold shower because the boiler decided to die this morning.

Maybe it was just bad luck or a big coincidence and the rest of the day would get better. When the meat guy didn't show up, a whole batch of pies got burnt and by lunch time Luke was out of coffee, he knew the day wouldn't get any better – just worse, and he wished he was one of those guys who could spend the day in bed doing nothing. Why was he out of coffee anyway? His number one coffee consumer didn't come to the diner since 9 months and there was not one single person in this crazy town or he would bet, even in the whole world that drank as much coffee as she did. So where did his coffee go?

A loud crash from the storage room however distracted Luke from getting an answer to that question. He inhaled slowly, counted to ten in his head and exhaled loudly before he made his way out of the kitchen.

"Caesar what happened? I gave you one job today and you still manage to screw it up?"

"I'm sorry boss", Caesar's scared voice came out of the storage room, "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to drop the jar of pickles but I nearly fell over the sack of potatoes that was lying on the ground and I lost my balance. It was an accident and I'm going to clean it up. Don't worry about it. Just take it off of my next paycheck."

In the meantime Luke had made his way over to the storage room to take a look at the damage.

"It's ok Caesar and I'm not going to take the jar of pickles off your paycheck. Just go home." Luke grumbled.

"But let me at least clean this up." Caesar tried to get back on Luke's good side.

"No", Luke said a bit too harsh. He took a deep breath and continued more calmly.

"Just go home ok. I'll take care of it. I'm going to close now anyway. It's a slow night and it was a long and bad day already. Have a good night."

Caesar lingered a bit longer in the door of the storage room before he made his way into the diner. Luke just took a quick look at the mess Caesar made and headed back out himself. He decided to close up the place and clean the kitchen and diner first before he took care of the pickles.

"OK people eat up. Closing time is in 10 minutes." He informed his few customers. There were only a couple of tourists and of course Kirk left in the diner.

"But Luke it's only 6. How can you close this early? What am I going to do? You know I can't go home to mother around this time of day." Kirk whined.

"If you haven't noticed Kirk I'm out of food since the delivery guy didn't show up and people around town already know I won't serve them dinner tonight. So after the few tourists leave it will be only me and you and that's something neither you nor I would recommend."

"But Luke we can spend some quality alone time with each other. Hang out like two old buddies and share our stories and what happened in our lives today." Kirk enthusiastically said while moving around on his stool following Luke's every move.

"Kirk you didn't even leave my diner for 10 minutes today. So whatever happened in your life today also happened in mine."

"Sadly enough." He mumbled more to himself than saying it out loud to Kirk.

"There are no stories to share Kirk. So eat up and leave."

Kirk knew better than to start an argument with Luke when he was as grumpy as today. Even Kirk knew it only ends badly for him so he finished his pie, paid and left without another word. The few tourists finished their meals and coffee soon after and left as well.

Finally Luke was able to close the place for the day and got right to the cleaning. After he was finished with the kitchen he moved on to the diner and cleaned the tables and then the floor. He collected all the ketchup and mustard bottles onto a plate and headed into the storage room to put them aside.

By the time he set foot back into the storeroom he had already forgotten about the pickles and the mess Caesar created. With his hands full and knowing where to go without looking he didn't see the wet spot on the floor. He stepped right onto a slippery pickle and lost his foothold. Luke tried to keep his balance but didn't succeed. He sent the plate with the bottles flying through the room while he tried to latch onto something.

His hand went to the shelf right next to him and while that gave him some hold for a few seconds the impact on it was too strong and it started to come down. Luke tried to get out of the situation and moved to the left. Unfortunately his foot bumped into the sack of potatoes that had already given Caesar a hard time today. Luke yelped out in pain when his ankle got strained and he fell flat on his stomach. Right when he thought the worst part was over the shelf came crushing down on Luke's back.

The impact was so hard it pressed out all the air in Luke's lungs. He wasn't even able to let out the scream of pain that went through his body. His mouth was wide open but no sound escaped. He squeezed his eyes shut, hands clenched tied into fists while he let his head sink slowly down to the floor.

After a couple of minutes Luke relaxed slightly and let out a loud grunt.

"Great. This just makes my day." He said through gritted teeth and tried to move in order to get out from under the shelf. Luke's bad luck didn't seem to be over yet since he was only able to move his arms and head. His lower body was completely trapped under the shelf and motionless.

OK, think Danes. What can you do to get out of this situation? You are flat on the ground, can't move out from under the shelf and since you are on your stomach you can't even push the shelf off of you.

Yell for help? There is no one around who could hear you. The diner is closed already.

Call someone? Cell phone. Where do I have that stupid thing? Right I put in my pants pockets since I was expecting April's call later tonight.

Luke looked over to his right to see if he could reach down into his pocket. Some cans were lying around him which he had to move aside first. After some struggling he was able to reach down into the pants pocket and grab the cell phone. He successfully got it out and hoped it didn't get crushed when he hit the floor.

The phone was still intact and Luke let out the breath he was holding.

Who to call now?

Lorelai was the first that came to mind but he dismissed it with a sigh. What if HE picks up the phone? The situation Luke was in was bad enough already. He didn't need to add a conversation with him where he has to explain what happened. After their last encounter in the town square Luke was pretty sure Chris wouldn't react too well to his call and the last thing he wanted to do was to get Lorelai into trouble.

OK 911 it is. Luke sighed again and dialed the number.

Luke talked to the operator for about 5 minutes and explained his situation and where they would find him. The operator offered to stay on the phone with Luke till help arrives but he declined it. He was not in the mood for some chitchat with a stranger. His situation was not serious – so he thought.



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