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Chapter 1

Marriage of devils.

Hello, my name is Fujio Shizuru. I'm also known as Red Snake, but it's a secret name. I don't know how long I will live, but I have to tell you my story. The story full of lies and blood. Story which will make you hate me. Yes, you heard me right… My life wasn't perfect as everybody thought. I was an idol in people eyes… How I wish to be perfect as everybody thought. But I wasn't. How sad… Don't try to comfort me, because it won't work. Perhaps you are wondering why I want to tell you about my life? My unfaithful life… If to be true I don't know. Peoples say that when you tell someone about your feelings you are getting better. Wait! From when did I start to listen to other people? FUCK! He is right, they all are right… I'm losing my perfection in people eyes…. And all because of you, my dear Natsuki. If you only knew how much I hate you and love you at the same time… You still don't understand what I'm saying? Geez people, you are really stupid. Ok, I will start from the beginning… Sorry, but you won't see my childhood you fucking perverts! Oops! Again these damn words slipped out from my mouth. But I can't help it… My story begins from the day when I found out about my marriage… The marriage which was cursed…

My family was and still is very famous among rich people. We are owning a big Fujino Corporation, which is working in many directions. We own a lot of different restaurants all over Japan and we are owning different kind of factories. But my family isn't so famous, because of all this stupid stuff. No, we aren't. There, under my families name is hiding something more interesting and… I won't tell you. Not, yet…

I don't remember exact date, but I clearly remember that it was dark. The storm was outside, hard rain drops fell on the window and I couldn't see my reflection in it. Well, not clearly… Everything happened in the living room. As I already told, I was standing near the window and appreciate the beautiful weather. Yes, I am fond of rain. I'm storm fan! Every time when storm began, I wanted to run out and dance under the dark sky. Sometimes I really did it. The cold water was running down my hot body, making me freeze. The wind was blowing my hair in the air and I laughed. I laughed dancing under the dark sky, enjoying the cold water which was covering all my body. But now lets return back to the story.

Back then I was going to go out and enjoy the rain, when my parents entered the room. Their faces were serious and I understood. They had some business with me.

"Shizuru, we need to talk" said my father and stood in front of me.

I was pissed off. I wanted to hit him and make my way out, but all I did was just a smile.

"I'm listening, father" I said calmly putting my fake mask on my face. It was he and my mother who touch me how to hide my emotions.

They passed by me and sit down in a big couch.

"Please, sit down" this time it was my mother who spoke. She was smiling politely while showing at the couch in front of them.

If you only knew how much I wanted to take that fucking smile out from her face, but again my perfect mask was on my face.

"Ookini" I said politely and sat down, not loosing my fake smile.

We were sitting silently about five minutes. My temper was growing and before I had lost my mind I spoke with calm voice.

"So, what did you want?"

"Shizuru, we have news for you" answered my mother still smiling.

"And what will it be?" I hate them when they are running around and never saying directly what they want. Though, I'm also like they. I never say directly about my wishes.

"You are going to get married" answered my father with a firm voice.

'What?! Married? Me? Are they joking? Did they forget who I am? It seems that the age is taking over them!'

"Ara, marriage? Whith whom?" I asked politely 'Damn you and your politeness! You have to scream in anger and crush everything in your way!'

"With Kanzakis families son. With Reito"

"How nice of you to find me such a good husband" 'Now you have to pray, my dear father! How could you allow something like this happen with me!'

"Yes, it is. He is a very nice person and I hope that he will help you."

"Help me? I think it will be he, who will need a help" my eyes narrowed in anger, but my voice was calm as always.

"Please stop it!" said my mother, but this time she didn't have that disgusting smile on her face. Her voice trembled and I wanted more…

"And why should I stop? It were you who made me like this" my smile grew wider.

"That's why we want to change it. We want to correct our mistake which we made 20 years ago" answered my father, but this time his voice was firmer.

Yes, I was twenty back then. What means that their mistake was made from the first day of my cursed life.

"It's to late… Nothing will change…" my eyes became cold.

"Shizuru, please stop it" tears ran down my mothers face 'success' "Shizuru, onegai… return to this world…"

"No, it's you who have to face real world, mother. By the way wasn't it you who showed it to me."


It was my father. He slapped me and he will pay for it, but not now…

"Don't dare to talk to your mother like this!" he shouted standing in front of me.

I rubbed my cheek and my smile became wild. I stood up and my father backed. I saw horror in his eyes. How sweet… I watched him for some time and then moved towards the door. But before exiting I threw.

"My parents died 20 years ago…" and I left hearing how my father was screaming in anger and promising me that I will marry that Reito no matter what. Ok, I'll marry him. But later don't say that I didn't warn you.

'Damn you Reito.' This were my first thoughts when I woke up in the morning. Today was the day, when I should meet him. Do you want to know why I hate him? I hate him, because he is fucking shit! His perfection is making me sick! Yes, I know that I'm also perfect in people eye, but… My parents wanted me to marry him, because they thought that he could save me from darkness. But this mission is impossible. I'll never escape the darkness in which my own parents involved me. But as I already told, I'll marry him. I will do it not because my parents want it, I'll do it because I want to prove them that nothing and no one will change me. And the second thing is, that I want to torture him. I want to make him suffer… While I was creating devil plans in my head, a maid entered the room.

"Forgive me Fujino-san, but Kanzaki Reito is already waiting for you."

"I see…" I answered not facing her.

"Miss Fujino please excuse me, but why don't you want to marry Kanzaki-san? He seems to be a very nice person…"

"Do I look like a good person?"

"E… I… u…" Yes, she knows me. Everyone in this house knows my true self.

"Tell me, Reika… Don't you think that a head would look nice on this wall, ne?" I asked looking at opposite wall.

"A-a head…" whispered she and hearing her nervous voice made me smile.

"Yes, a head. You know, the same which hunters used to put on the walls after a good hunt.

"A-and which animals h-head would you l-like to h-have?"

"Ara, did I say that I want animals head?" I turned my head allowing her to see a half of my face. Looking at her pale skin and shocked eyes, I smiled.

"P-p-please… excuse m-me…" she left the room as soon as she said it.

How I love to scare people, to make them sweat in terror… 'Ok, stop dreaming. I still need to meet that jerk.' I quickly prepared myself and went downstairs to the guest room. And there he was, sitting on the one of couches. I clenched my fists and took some air. I relaxed my self and opening my fists went to his side. Hearing my footsteps, he turned his head and golden eyes stared at me, analyzing every inch of my body. Everything that I wanted was to take his eyes out and smash them with my strong hands. But instead I smiled. 'Again… When the hell I will stop smiling and will make my dreams come true?'

"Hello, as I understand you are Reito Kanzaki, my future husband.

"Then you must be my future wife" answered Kanzaki and standing in front of me he took my hand and kissed it gently. I think it would be better if he bite it.

"How nice of you" I answered and sat down in front of him.

He smiled me back and also sat down.

"I heard that my future wife is beautiful, but it seems that it was a lie… You are magnificent! The most adorable and sexy woman which I have ever met!"

"Sexy?" I raised one of my eyebrows.

"Oh, please forgive me for that" answered he bowing his head in apologies "I don't want to be rude, but I really meant it."

"Thank you, it is really rare to hear something like this." I was somehow shocked to hear that kind of words coming out from his mouth, but then I remembered. Kanzaki Reito was very famous among girls and now I know why. He knows how to impress woman, but I won't fall for it.

"Haha, I think you are right" he laughed "But today we have to discuss something else, am I right Fujino san?"

"Mou Reito. We are going to get married, but you still call me by my second name. Not good."

"You are right as always, Shizuru."

"As you see" I smiled.

We looked into each other eyes for some time, but I couldn't bare it anymore.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Ah, yes… I wanted to talk about our marriage."

"All preparations I leave to you."

"But maybe there is something that you would like to see?"

"Yes, there is one thing…"

"And what will it be?"

"I would like to leave my family name." How much I didn't hate my family, but I won't take his.

It was the wedding day. The day which people cursed after some time. To the wedding came all my and Reitos relatives, also came a lot of different businessman and Reitos best friend Nagi. Nagi was and still is a little man with white hair and skin. Sometimes he reminds me a vampire. About our wedding knew whole Japan! Our parents invited journalists. Everywhere where I went I saw their ugly faces and cameras. How I wished to throw them away from my wedding, if to be correct from my funeral. I hated that day, but thoughts about Reitos suffering in the future made my mind brighter.

We got married in one of the most famous church. During the ceremony I tried all my best to smile and look happy. Soon priest ended his long speech and now we had to kiss. What a bad memory! Though it isn't the worst one. The worst thing was during our first marriage night… He was so gentle that it pissed me off to no end. I don't like sex in this way. I prefer violence! So as I told I don't want to remember that night. I still fill sick after every time when it is mentioned.

It was already two months after wedding and I still didn't torture him. Why? Because he was never at home! He always had some work to do and it was rare to see him more than one hour a day. I don't complain, in fact I'm very satisfied. The less I see his face the more it is good for me. Sometimes I thought that he is gay! Every time when I saw him he was always with that little brat Nagi. They always had some business and smiles were seen on their faces. During these two months I was sure in my theory till that day…

As you understood, I was living in one of Kanzakis mansion. It was a very big and beautiful house. If to be true, I liked it more then mine in Kyoto. The house had a lot of rooms and I was allowed to enter every room expect one. The door to the room was made from red tree and it was positioned at the ground floor in the end of dark hall. The only one in this house who could enter the door was my husband Reito and his friend Nagi. Maybe it was their secret meeting place? If yes, then I could find some proofs and get divorce. So one day I decided to enter it.

It was dark in the night, when I came to the kitchen and took small knife. Maybe I didn't tell it, but I'm a professional in opening the doors. That night Reito wasn't at home and I could freely walk around the house. The only one who made troubles were guards. But I'm a professional, am I not? I quietly passed them and moved towards my destination. Unlucky for me the guard stood in front of the door. But it wasn't a problem. I quickly came upstairs not far from him and smashed one of the vases there. Quick footsteps were heard. I smiled and jumped over the rails. With one quick movement I caught the edge and hided in the shadow. Guards quickly came on the noise. I quietly jumped and slowly moved towards the hall. Finally there was only me and the door. I took the knife out of my pocket and put it in keyhole. After some seconds the door opened. Closing it behind me I entered the room.

It was dark, but burning torches were seen on the walls. The walls were wet and made from stones. It looked like a castle. Then I saw downstairs. I squeezed the knife in my hand and moved forward. After some time I was deep down and a big wooden door stood before me. I was ready to open it when I heard voices.

"Please, I beg you…"

"Tell me where he is and then I will stop" it was my husbands voice.

"I-I don't know…"


Then I heard screams. Not thinking to much I entered the room and found myself in a dark room which remind me torture room. But after what I saw next there wasn't any doubts. There not far from the entrance stood my husband and from both of his sides stood two women. The red-haired (pink-haired?) and green-haired. Not far from them stood Nagi smiling devily at me. Around them stood some guard and in front of golden-eyed man sat a young man with his hand on the table. The man was tied up and a knife was stuck in his palm. 'So that's why he was screaming, how interesting'.

"Shizuru…" said shocked Reito.

The guard pulled out their guns and were ready to fire.

"Hello dear" I answered sweetly "What are you doing?"

"I-I'm working"

"Oh, and what kind of work do you do? Are you torturer?"

"No, I'm leader here"

"So it wasn't you who put this nice knife into his hand?" I asked moving my gaze at man. His eyes begged me to save him.

"Well, yes it was me…"

"Ara, it seems that you don't have an idea about how to torture people." My smile became mad and my sparkling eyes looked directly into the mans. His skin became paler than it was.

"Maybe you could show us, Shizuru-san" said Nagi, who still smiled.

"If you insist…" I made a step forward, but then froze "Reito, dear… Could you tell your guards to put their weapons down."

"Sure" answered he and waved with his hand. The guns were put down.

"Thank you" I answered politely and moved forward. Everyone were staring at me.

With one hand I took the knife which was stuck in mans hand and slowly took it out. The scream of pain was heard again. 'Ah, what a pleasant sound'

"Now look and learn" I said before slowly cutting half of mans finger. The whole room was filled with screams. "You have to do it slowly…" I said looking in Reitos direction.

He and everybody in the room were shocked, only one person was calm and smile still danced on his pale face… Nagi. It seemed that he knew my true nature, my past…

I hope that now you understand why people call me Red Snake, why you will hate me and why I want to die…

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