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Chapter 13

The Break

Natsuki's POV

"You?!" I stood up.

"Kuga?!" She was surprised to see me as I was surprised to see her. Whoever I had expected to see today, she wasn't one of them. I bet the same thoughts were running through her mind too.

"What are you doing here?"

"That's my line and how did you happen to be Tokiha's best friend?"

"How'd you become a detective? Weren't you still in the Special Investigations Team after I had left?"

"Well..." She rubbed the back of her neck, smiling. "After you left, it wasn't fun any more. Even Takeda wasn't much entertainment."

"Oh, so you worked there because I was working there?"

"Well you know my nature," She grinned even more "I like big scoops."

"I know," I stood. "And I couldn't always understand why you worked with us."

"Well now you know"

"Chie...I didn't expect to see you again, especially today, in this room."

"Same with me." She laughed. "Who would have thought that you're Tokiha's best friend!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" I glared.

"Oh come on, Kuga! Knowing the kind of person you are, and the kind of person Tokiha is, everyone expected that you two would be enemies."

"For your information, we were friends even before I came on the Special Investigation Team."

"All right, all right." She shook her hands trying to stop me. "Why are we even arguing? Shouldn't old friends talk happily to each other?"

"I don't remember us being close friends...but you've got a point."I smiled weakly. "Well, take a seat, I guess."

"Thank you." Chie said and sat in front of me. "So what did you do after you left?"

"I'm surprised that you didn't find out yourself after becoming a detective." I smirked.

"As much as it shows that I put my nose into other people's business, I don't do it so often as you think."

"That's good to hear." I leaned forward. "Otherwise you'd have lots of problems."

"Hai, hai." She laughed. "So what were you doing before and what are you doing now?"

"None of your business!"

"You're as cold as always."She laughed once again but I glared at her "Ok, back to the matter at hand."

"Finally!" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry, we'll come back later to this topic."

"I don't think so. Anyways back to business, what is it that you want to know?"

"I want to know everything, starting from when Tokiha-san and Tate-san were attacked."

"Did she say who attacked her?"

"Nope, we don't exchange that kind of information on the phone."

'Now...should I tell her the truth or lie? Knowing her though, I don't think the name 'Snake' would scare her but what other name should I say? Besides, she could always ask Mai and if Mai knows that I've lied, I would be in trouble….'

"She was attacked by the Red Snake." I answered simply and Chie choked on air.

Hitting her chest, she asked with widened eyes "Snake? Are you sure?"

"A hundred percent sure, after all that's what she called herself."

"Maybe she was lying."

"Maybe..." 'Bulls eye! This is easier than I expected!' "What will you do about it?"

"Hmm." She rubbed her chin. "Well, we can't say for sure that it was the real Red Snake, because usually no one lives after meeting her...anyways let's imagine that it was her, how did she look?"

"I'm sorry, I don't remember. It was long time ago and I didn't see her clearly. Besides I was more interested in staying alive and saving my friends."

"Ok...what weapon was she using? What clothes was she wearing?"

"I told you, I didn't pay attention to the details."

"What? You didn't pay attention to what weapon she used? Kuga who are you trying to fool? You're the only one crazy about weapons that I have ever known! Although if I think about it more, you're crazier about mayonnaise."

"Hey! I'm not so crazy about mayo! Besides I like weapons that shoot, for example, guns!"

"Aha! So she had cold weapon" Chie grinned and I realized my mistake. "See! And you said that you couldn't remember." She started to write in her notebook. 'Damn! How could I get tricked like this?! Chie was always a professional in squeezing out the truth! Damn it!'

"Ok, next is...was there someone else with her?"

"Yes, one more person. The one who took Tate away and some men who were waiting outside. "

"Male or Female?"


"Good." She took more notes down. "And tell me about her? What kind of weapon did she have?"

"I didn't see any." I lied, hoping I wouldn't call Nao a Freddie Kruger by accident.

"And there wasn't any more of them?"

"That's right."

"What do you know about the accident with Munakata-san?"

"Nothing, I found out about it from Mai." Another lie.

"Well it seems that's all for now." She closed her notebook and put her pen away "I'll call Tokiha-san later and I will try to meet her. I hope she has better memory then you do." She winked and stood up.

"Hey!" I roared.

"Gomen, I didn't mean to hurt you." She kept smiling.

"Oh really? It doesn't look that way."

"Heh." She laughed.

"What's so funny?" I stood up as well.

"Nothing." She kept smiling. "So will you tell me what work you're doing now?"

"No." I answered firmly.

"Then I will have to investigate."

"Chie." I warned.

"Just kidding." She held her hands in front of her.

"What are you going to do with such a small amount of information?" I asked curiously.

"Could you give me more information?" She was even more curious than me now.

"No, sorry." I answered firmly.

"Well, then I'll have to do some investigation"

"Tell me if you find something."

"Don't I have to give Tokiha the information?"

"You do, but I will find out from her anyways." I grinned.

"Oh, you little devil!" Chie smiled back. "Anyways, I really need to leave I'll keep in touch with you. And don't forget, you suggested the contact. "Her smile widened."Also..." She moved towards me. "If you will remember anything else, please call me." And gave me her card."See you." Chie walked out the room.

"Yeah..." I said back.

I was the only occupant in the room. Sitting back into the sofa, I called for a servant to bring me a cup of coffee and a mayo sandwich. Ah, mayo sandwich. With all this mess I don't remember when I last ate my favorite food. At least now I can finally relax a little. Who knows what Yamada has prepared for me at my new place, at least I hope it has some game console systems, or else I'll die from boredom.

After enjoying my sandwich and coffee, I stood up and left the room as well. Walking through the corridors I finally got out and moved towards the gates. Yamada and his truck had to be somewhere not far from here. It didn't take me long to find him, because he stood behind the corner. Opening the front door, I sat next to him. Without another word he turned on the engine and the car started to move. A few minutes passed before he started talking.

"So how did it go?"

"To my big surprise, the detective was someone I knew from my old job."

"Is that a good thing or bad thing?"

"Knowing her, I think it's a bad thing but she didn't ask for a lot of information, only a little. I don't know what she'll find with it."I thought for some moment "Yamada, I have another request for you."

"What is it?"

"I want you to find some information about Harada Chie"

"It'll be done." We stopped under a red light "Have you called Tokiha already?"


"Then do it now. You won't have the chance to call her when we get to your new place."

"What? Where are you taking me? To some cave?" I looked at him horrified.

"No." He laughed and started to drive again when the light turned green. "But it is all for your safety. Of course if it becomes necessary...I will allow you to call."

"You know you act like my boss, or even better, some yakuza, who wants to keep me captive."

"You know that's not true."

"I know, that's why I'm still here."

"And don't think you'll be able to get away from me with those injuries of yours."

"Wanna bet?"

"You better call her."

"And what if Mai or the detective try to reach me?"

"Don't worry, I will check the calls and if it is them, I'll let them speak to you."

"You know, I've never really had a father before, but you take care of me just like one…" I went off.

"Kuga." He said gently "I know it isn't any my business and I never checked your past, but what happened to your parents? I'm pretty sure you never went to visit them."

"There is no one to visit..." I answered firmly, with a voice that said clearly that 'I don't want to continue this topic'.

"Call her." He said, as if the topic about my family was never mentioned.. That's one of the best things I like about him. He doesn't ask a lot of questions and if he does, he always knows when to stop. Without answering him, I reached my phone and dialed Mai's number. After some rings, Mai finally answered her phone.


"Mai, it's me"

"Natsuki! How did the meeting go with the detective?" She asked excited, curious and worried at the same time.

"It was fine. I gave her some information about the incident. She said she might call you as well so be prepared."

"I'm always ready." She laughed.

"I always knew that." I smiled "Anyways, I need to go now, I'll call you soon."

"Go to your boyfriend?"

"M-A-I!" I warned turning all red and sadly it didn't go unnoticed by Yamada, whose lips went up, forming a smile.

"Just kidding." She laughed some more.




"Oh come on Natsuki, it was just a joke."

"You know that I don't like those kind of jokes." I warned.

"But you really should find someone. You can't spend your whole life just going from place to place and doing nothing in the end."

"Bye Mai, I'll call you later."

"Natsuki!" I hung up, a small smile appeared on my face.

"That Mai..."

"She is worried about you." Said Yamada, keeping look at road in front.

"I know..."

"Good." With that, we continued on out path, but of course after some time Mai called to apologies, although she knew perfectly well that I wasn't angry. That's just the way she is.

Natsuki's POV ends.

Shizuru's POV

Two days have passed since Natsuki's escape. Reito returned as unhappy as ever with the change of events, and Suzushiro didn't help at all. . She appeared to be cleverer than we expected or maybe it was her investigator? Who cares! They were sly enough to check if I had gone to work that day, and I had to go to the company to make sure they all said the same thing when asked when interrogated.

At this moment, I was sitting in the living room with Nagi and Tomoe, listening to Reito shout. Nao was absent, because she was having knee operation.. It's disappointing that she couldn't enjoy this moment as much as I did. Reito was really mad and red from anger. He walked back and forth, and periodically glaring at us. I was already getting bored, and sadly I had to stay.

"Tell me how...how is it possible that she has escaped?"

"I have no idea." I answered.

"Really? Then how do you explain the two bodies found in the torture room? They both were bitten by your snake!"

"I usually let Kiyohime walk around the house."

"Then starting from now, I forbid you to let her walk around."

"Ara, but she needs her freedom as well."

"Then go with her or I will find someone who will do it instead!"

"Hai, hai."

"Now what about the guards? Where were they? Why weren't they in their usual place?"

"I don't know."I lied."All of them are dead. I took care of it."

"Baka! You should ask me before killing them!" He shouted, waving his hands high in the air and making it all look very amusing.

"Kanin na, but I couldn't help it. I was so angry."

"Damn it!" He hit the table with his fist. "We need to find her, immediately!"

"I have already checked her apartment but it was already empty." Answered Tomoe, who was standing near Nagi. Nagi was sitting in a big, red chair with a golden frame around it.

"Then we need to search other places.. She can't be allowed to tell anyone about what has happened here or what she has seen here, especially to Suzushiro. "

"Won't she have to prove it first?" I asked curiously.

"Do you think Suzushiro needs evidence?" He stopped in front of me.

"No but I don't think that Natsuki would tell her.. If she wanted to, she would have done it a long time." I stated, sipping my tea which had arrived some moment ago.

"Fujino-san has a point." Nagi agreed.


"Still, she needs to be found." He glared at me. "And this time anyone can kill her, understand?"

"Then I'll have to find her first." I grinned in reply, understanding that it was useless to argue.

Suddenly the door opened and a servant entered it, bowing before speaking.

"Suzushiro-san and Gallagher-san have arrived and are waiting for you in the hall."

"Bring them here."Reito ordered, brushing his hair and correcting his shirt and jacket.

"Yes sir." The door had closed, and we were alone again..

"We will finish our discussion later." Reito said as he sat next to me before doors opened and a loud Suzushiro-san burst into the room with her helper behind.

"Finally we miss again!"

"It 's meet, Haruka-san." Suzushiro was corrected as always.

"That's what I said!"

"Hai, hai"

"Anyways back to business." She faced us "Ah! Kanzaki! You're finally back!"

"As I promised, I came back in two days." He answered politely, all traces of his anger immediately disappearing.

"Now can you tell me what your guard was doing near the gas station on June 15th, which was two days ago?"

"I have no idea; it seems they had gone to the gas station without my knowledge. I'll have to be stricter with my guards. "

"Then what about motor duck?"

"Motor...duck?" He asked confused.

"Its motorbike, Haruka-san" Answered the investigator, correcting her glasses.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"What motorbike are you talking about?"

Before Suzushiro could answer, Sara stepped forward and continued.

"Near the entrance of the gates we found different wheel tracks. And one of them belongs to motorbike as stated out by our expert or to be more correct" she opened her file "the tracks belong to a Ducati999. Does anyone own that kind of a motorbike?"

"No, we don't have motorbikes, besides how do you know what kind of a bike it is? Maybe the owner used the tires of a Ducati999 but wasn't riding it."

"This information was checked and..."

"How do you explain the tire marks there?!" Interrupted Suzushiro-san.

"I don't know, maybe someone was riding by with the same motorbike."


"Haruka-san." The investigator's voice was firm and held warning in it.

"H-hai?" Suzushiro-san turned around, her face pale, showing fear.

"Please, let me do the questioning, all right?" She asked in sweet voice but I could feel the meaning behind it. I'm sure that if Haruka-san won't listen to her, she would have problems later. I smiled, already liking this girl.


"Thank you." She turned back to Reito. "Well as Haruka-san said, it is impossible because the tire lines start in your yard. To be more correct near the gate's which means that rider had to be on your territory before going somewhere and it seems he or she was chasing someone or... being chased by your people."

"What are you trying to say by all this?"

"Nothing at the moment, but I have some ideas. My first idea is that someone got in accidently, although how he/she got the bike is a mystery or..." The last part was said in firm voice and her eyes looked straight into Reito's "Someone was kept captive in here and tried to escape."

"Who do you think I am?" Reito demanded while he stood.'Here he goes again' "Do I look like some kind of a yakuza to you?"

"Everything depends from what angle it is looked at." She simply answered but it was enough to make Suzushiro-san look at her wide eyed.

"You..." His voice shook from anger "I will sue you for insulting me!"

"I didn't insult you, I merely suggested."

"Suggesting that I'm some kind of killer?!"

"Please calm down."

"Calm down? Nagi!" He turned to his friend who was smiling during the entire conversation.

Slowly Nagi rose from his seat. "Excuse me ladies, but my master wishes for you to leave."

"Sure" The investigator answered, smiling happily like nothing had happened which caused Suzushiro's mouth to widen even more. "But we will come back to investigate on things."

"I understand, now please follow me." Nagi led the way towards the door.

"Goodbye Kanzaki-san, Fujino-san." She bowed and grabbed Suzushiro by the hand while leaving the room. When we made sure that they were far away, Reito exploded.

"Who does she think she is?!"

"An Investigator" I stated dryly.

"That bitch! She is even more dangerous than Suzushiro!" He slammed his fist against the table. "We need to get rid of her."

"Let me take care of it" suggested Tomoe.

"No, not you, not Nao, "Reito faced me."And not you either."

"Why not?!" Protested Tomoe.

"Someone might recognize you."

"But she isn't always around the police!"

"It's a risk we can't take.. We already have enough problems, we can't do anything until every thing calms down."He sat back next to me.

"And what about Kuga?!"

"We will find someone else, someone who has no connection to us and won't get us into any trouble." He smiled in that way which meant he has something big planned.

"Ara and who will it be?" I asked curious now. After all this person will be after my Natsuki which means I will have to take care of this unknown killer.

"I don't know yet, but I will definitely find someone." He stood up "Now excuse me, I have to go to work." Reito went towards the door but turned around before exiting. "We will continue our discussion later" He slammed the door behind him.


"He's really angry." Tomoe noted as she came close to me.

"You think so?" I looked at her.

"It's evident from the way he acted." She motioned to the door.

"If he was angry, I think someone would have gotten killed." I stood up.

"Ah! Shizuru-san, where are you going?"

'Shizuru-san? Not Fujino-san? Now this is getting interesting' "Ara, to my bedroom, of course." I looked at her with a devilish smile "Want to join me?"

"W-what?!" She stuttered, her cheeks turning red.

'Really interesting' "Ara, I was going to get dressed for work." My smile turned into grin. "What were you thinking?"

"N-nothing!" She stood still, turning even redder.

"Then why are you stuttering and blushing?"

"It's hot in here! And...I...um..."

I laughed "Have a nice day, Tomoe." She was red as tomato now. Still smiling, I left the room as well.

Shizuru's POV ends

Normal POV

Three figures walked through the corridors, towards the exit. After some time they finally found themselves outside. Saying goodbye to the young man, the two officers sat in their car, drove away from the mansion that always made them shiver when they entered it.. They drove in silence and Haruka finally spoke, her shock disappearing..

"What were you doing?"

"Checking," Sara answered while driving.

"Checking what? You never let me act like that!"

"I was checking his reaction." She ignored the last part of Haruka's statement.


"He's hiding something."

"I told you!" She shouted jumping form her sit, but the belt held her firmly in place.

There was another why the belt on Haruka's side was tight. Usually Haruka tended to hit her head or even bent the roof of the car with her hard- like-a- rock head.

"Well now I'm sure of it. We need to watch him closely."

"And that bubuzuke woman as well!"

"Hai, hai" She smiled seeing her comrade so happy.

"Now they won't get away from me." She grinned.



"They won't get away from us, right?" She looked at Haruka still smiling.

"That's what I said!" Haruka answered with her hands crossed, making Sara to smile more.

Reito was sitting in his limousine, looking out the window, although he saw nothing. His head was busy with different thoughts and all of them had nothing good planned for his enemies..

"Nagi..." He said to his friend who sat beside him in the car after sending the officers away."Yes?" He asked looking through the window as well.

"We need to get rid of that investigator."

"I know..."

"And we need to find Kuga-san."

"I know..."

"And watch Shizuru carefully."

"I know..."

"You are an idiot."

"That's not a nice thing to say." Nagi looked at him, smiling.

"Then say something more than "I know"!" Reito's voice was firmer and Nagi's was as empty as it was before.

" If you ask Tomoe to watch after Fujino, she'll more than glad to do the deed." Nagi put his hands behind his neck, leaning in to the seat.

"And what about Kuga-san and this investigator?"

"I'm sure you don't want to get into any more trouble right now. That means we're have to find someone."

"Do you think I didn't know that?" Reito was getting impatient.

"Leave it to me." Nagi looked back at him not changing his position. "I will find someone, who will impress you or it's better to say she will find someone." Nagi grinned even more.

"She?" His eyes widened. "You don't mean..."

"I do."

"But she won't agree to help us!"

"Reito, leave everything to me."

"Nagi., what have you planned?"


"I hope you are not going to promise Shizuru to her..." He warned.

"And why not? After all she will help us, and we can get rid of her any time we want."

"Nagi...she isn't someone we would want to mess with. I already have enough of problems."

Nagi laughed a little "All right. I won't ask her but I will find someone on my own, how does that sound?" He leaned forward.


"Then it's a deal." They both had smiles across their face..

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