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Chapter 10 - Epilogue

Spencer was sitting in his office and went through is mail. His next patient was sick and couldn't make it so it was the perfect time to catch up on his paperwork. There was a whole pile of mail on his desk that he hadn't gone through yet. Putting the envelopes he knew would be holding bills aside, his eyes fell on an envelope on which his name was written in curly letters but that wasn't what caught his attention. That was the hello kitty sign on the left top of the envelope. Curious he opened the envelope and found a long letter inside. Even more curious he started reading.

Stars Hollow, May 3 2009

Dear Spencer,

It has been over a year since you last saw us. A year in which a lot great things have happened, also thanks to you. In case you don't remember me, my name was Lorelai Gilmore and Luke and I saw you a few weeks in a row in order to get our marriage license. That I say my name was Lorelai Gilmore means I am now married to Luke and my last name is now Danes.

This day is special for me, because it's Luke and my first wedding anniversary. A very special day for both of us and a day I once thought would never come.

After we received the letter from you, we went to Taylor and he couldn't protest to give us the license anymore. The months after that we planned our wedding and it finally took place two years minus one month later than originally planned.

Rory was my maid of honor, and both April and my best friend Sookie were bridesmaids. Luke asked Buddy, a family friend to be his best man. The day itself passed really quickly. We held the wedding at the inn where the end of the aisle was at the front porch. The place Luke and I kissed for the first time all those years ago. I don't remember much of the ceremony itself. All I know is that reverend Skinner said 'I now pronounce you husband and wife' and 'You may now kiss the bride.' I can still feel Luke's lips lingering on mine and the cheers from the crowd during that kiss. I don't remember saying 'I do' but I must have said it, otherwise we wouldn't be married right now. Luckily we have the whole thing on video so we can watch it as often as we want. Right now I think I've already seen our wedding video more times than I saw Willy Wonka, and I don't think I ever mentioned how many times I saw that movie. Believe me, a lot is still an understatement!

The party afterwards was amazing. Sookie made wonderful food and Lane's band was playing. And as an exception Hep Alien wasn't playing rock music but music they know Luke and I like most. Our first dance as husband and wife was to the song 'I will always love you.' A song that will always be special to me and Luke, especially since I got to explain in your session that definitely meant what I sang on stage that night.

As maid of honor Rory held a wonderful speech and Buddy did a great job as the best man as well. It was nice to hear him recalling memories of Luke as a child. April also said a few words but what meant most to me that night was the speech my mother prepared. She said she was glad Luke and I finally made it down the aisle and that she'd known for years that we were meant for each other. She said she was stupid to think that was wrong for us and that she regrets breaking us up the first time. Words I will never forget for the rest of my life.

A few weeks after the wedding Luke and moved into our new house. A beautiful house on the border of Stars Hollow. It's not as easy to walk into town from there, but we really enjoy living there. I have to admit I miss my old neighbor Babette sometimes, but we see each other at the weekly town meetings and at all the town events anyway. Besides, they can be found at Luke's diner several days a week and it's also nice and quiet.

We have enough bedrooms for everyone. Luke put up bookshelves in Rory's room so she has a place to keep all her books. She's still traveling through the country for her job, even though the election is over now. She kind of misses having a place for herself. A place she can get home to, but on the other hand she's young and ambitious and sees a lot of the world. And that's the one thing she always dreamt of as a child. A dream that came trough for her.

April and I painted her room together. That was great for bonding and we learned we have quite a few things in common. Whenever she comes over for the weekend we spend a lot of time together. Preferably all of us, but sometimes Luke has to work and I take April shopping, or we go see a movie together. It's really all I always dreamt of.

And right now Luke is busy painting the nursery. As I am 7 months pregnant at the time, he won't let me anywhere near the room and that's probably a good thing. It's different being pregnant at this age. As a 16 year old girl I didn't see any danger and my body was more up to it. The first few months of the pregnancy were hard with a lot of morning sickness but after a while it got better and the cravings started. Now the baby is getting bigger and heavier it's getting harder again. Especially now it's already starting to get hot outside. It's only May! But I'm very determined to carry this baby to full term and according to my OBGYN everything is going very well.

Since you don't know any of our friend, or our family I'll tell you a secret. The baby is a boy. Luke and I have known for a few months now. We found out when the results of the amniocentesis came back and that's also when we heard the baby is completely healthy. I tried to convince Luke of naming the baby Angus, after you, but I couldn't get him to concede. I thought it would be a nice way to say 'thank you' because I'm not sure if we would have ever made it to this day if it wasn't for you.

Everything between Luke and me is going very well. We still spend at least half an hour a day just talking to each other. I know this will become a bit harder after the baby is born, but we also know how important it is for us to keep communicating. Now whenever something is bothering us, we just tell the other and after that the problem is solved quickly. It's not like we never fight, but it would be unnatural if we wouldn't.

We definitely learned a lot from the 8 weeks we came to you. Something we will never forget and will always cherish. At first we weren't too fond of the idea of seeing a therapist, but it turned out very well for us and it definitely was good for our relationship.

We are not as independent anymore as we were before and we enjoy every day we get to spend together. I really hope we will have years of happy marriage in front of us, and we will never forget all that you did for us.

I'm writing this letter today to thank you once again. Luke will be coming home soon and then we'll go out for dinner to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I think I've said everything I wanted to say so I guess it's time to get ready for the big date tonight. Luke always gets annoyed if I make him wait too long.

Yours sincerely,

Lorelai Danes

With a smile Spencer put the letter back in his envelope and walked to his archive cabinet. He went through his folders and easily found the one he was looking for. He carefully opened it and found the notes of the eight sessions Lorelai had been talking about in her letter inside. He put the letter in the folder and then put the folder back in the cabinet.

This way whenever he was having a bad day and things weren't going the way he planned he could get the letter out of this folder and read it again as a reminder of the good job he was doing. This letter was a proof that he, Angus Spencer, did make a difference in people's lives.

The end.