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.chapter two.

Barushe: The Three Musketeers of Weirdness

It came as a great deal of shock last night when Vanessa, Morgan Page's longtime friend, waltz into the house carrying Morgan, whose hair was a rat's nest while her eyes were a void of nothingness. I nearly screamed right then and there.

I've been a maid for the Page family for ten years, ever since Morgan was five—a child with parents who were barely ever home: too busy producing the money that bought them this mansion. I suppose, I could be one of the few to understand this blonde girl—she was ambitious and held high-expectations of herself. Of course, she had her moments of battiness and/or selfishness, but how could anyone blame her? When you're handed everything as a child, it screws you up later in life.

I was basically serving as a substitute for her mother, with Morgan always coming to me for advice, not her own mother, who was frequently off at yoga class or at her firm. Lots of times it was boy issues, but a few times… Morgan seemed truly saddened when Vanessa seemed to be ditching her for Catty Turner, "The hyper active whore on crack," as Morgan had spat out.

Morgan was possessive of Vanessa, seeing her as the only true friend in her life.

Vanessa was currently up in Morgan's room, truly concerned for her friend. Honestly, I kept playing with the idea that Morgan was a vampire. Call me crazy, but seriously?! Her skin was extremely pale, dark shadows under her eyes, while she refused any sort of sunlight into her room. Just then, Vanessa came barreling down the stairs. When she hit the bottom step, I launched myself into a grateful speech.

"I'm so grateful you came to see her," I sighed with relief, "Her other friends—"

"Other friends?" Alarm rang through the blonde's voice. "Who?"

I knew then that those three weren't to be trusted—they were as bad looking as Morgan did at the moment, with a dangerous aura added to them: Tymmie, Cassandra, and Karyl. All three possessed blank, dark eyes, black clothes, various piercing, and seething voices. Needless to say, they weren't exactly the type of teenagers you would want your son or daughter to date.

"Tymmie and Cassandra," I answered, their names foul on my tongue, "I think the other's name is Karyl." Such terrible teenagers they were. I actually felt terrified when they were left alone with Vanessa. "I don't like them." Just then, the doorbell rang, frightening me. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I could feel a cold sweat forming on the nape of my neck. But it quickly faded—it couldn't be them.

Vanessa seemed just as stressed. "Is that them?"

"I don't know. Maybe?"

"Barushe," Vanessa began, firm, "I don't think Morgan should see them."

I waited.

"I'm going to take Morgan with me."

I frowned at the blonde. And I thought I was overreacting? "She can't leave."

"She shouldn't see them," she repeated, desperate and pleading, "I'll take her down the back stairs and over to a friend's house."

I didn't answer, still contemplating her begging.

"Can you tell them she's sleeping? Please. Give me enough time to get Morgan away." That was it: something was horrible about those three kids. Nervously, I nodded. With a grim look, Vanessa ran back up the stairs, her blonde hair whipping around her face. Biting my lip, I hurriedly grabbed the doorknob, unlocked it, and jerked it open, and sure enough, they were standing their, smirking.

"May we see Morgan?" Tymmie asked politely, his voice, however, sending shivers throughout my body.

"Yes it's very urgent," Karyl added.

"Because we are her friends," Cassandra drawled, a lazy smile on her face, "And we are so terribly concerned about her current state."

Tymmie nodded. "So… we would like to see if she's alright."

"No she's sleeping."

Tymmie's smirk further stretched. "We'll wake her up then."

"Like sleeping beauty," Karyl added with a snicker.

"No," I said, more firmly.

Cassandra cocked her head. "But she needs to see us. For 'emotional support'."

"She's sleeping," I repeated, a tremor present in my voice. My hand tingled as I resisted the urge to shut and lock the door, along with every other in the house. But as if sensing my plan, Tymmie stepped onto the doorframe, preventing the door from closing of needed. His smile was still intact, but there was impatience swirling in his bleak eyes.

"We want to see her."

I crossed my arms, shaking. "I'm sorry, but…" Blinking, I looked up, not seeming to recall what was happening. Vanessa taking Morgan… These three… I looked up and into the grinning faces of the three teenagers, before saying, dazed, "I guess you can see her…"

Cassandra nodded once. "Thank you very much."

What the hell just happened?


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