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It was still dark out when the girl hurried away from the main house of the Hyuuga complex. Wrapping her arms around her as she quickened her steps down the main drive she kept her eyes focused on the gate. Rubbing her arms briskly from the cold she refused to look back at the house fearing to catch the gaze in the upstairs window that followed her every movement. Instead she concentrated on the gate she was nearing, it was her pathway to freedom for the rest of the day. She could have decided to train within the Hyuuga compound's training areas but she just wanted to get out, get away...from him. Refusing to let the tears of frustration and anguish at how her own family treated her and the most recent transgression on HIS part fall from her eyes she instead let herself out the gate and walked to the training grounds near the academy her step quickening into a run as soon as she was sure to be out his sight and range of his Byakugan.

She ran over last nights dinner in her head.
"Hinata I know that you won't be surprised to hear this but I feel that as my daughter you should hear it from me so that there is no confusion on this matter"
"Yes father what is it?" Hinata demured already half guessing what his announcement was

"I have decided to make Hanabi my heir" No surprise there Hinata just looked down into her lap serenely."And that means you will be branded and made to live in the brach house" That too was also expected but Hinata couldn't help the cringe that came to her face, she also spied the mean smirk on Hanabi out of the corner of her eye. Neji remained stoic as ever.

"Yes...father." was all that Hinata could think to say.

"Now...If you were to marry out of the clan then you may escape the curse seal and live with your husband's clan. The Byakugan is a highly recessive gene . I doubt we will have to worry about it being passed on to your children. If you do not have any marriage prospects by your eighteenth birthday then you will, as a branch member become Neji's first concubine. You will not be allowed to bear him children until after Hanabi has birthed his heir first. That won't be for a few years yet since she won"t be marrying him until she is fifteen, you won't hold your first child until four years from now at the earliest if that is how things work out." Hiashi looked at his daughter intently.

Hinata let all this information sink into her mind dazedly. She needed to find away out of being Neji's bed partner! He had been growing more and more aggressive and unstable towards her. True he was kinder but in way that was terrifying to her. She had forgiven him for trying to kill her during the chunnin exams but that didn't make her wish to have the relationship he seemed to want to force upon her since then. Schooling her emotions perfectly she gave her father a slight smile and nodded. She made some sort of believable excuse to leave the table and headed up to her room woodenly. Leaving her father, Neji and Hanabi (who looked satisfied to the extreme at her sister's new predicament)behind.

It was only later when she heard the soft knock on her locked door, that she froze upon her bed and pretended to be asleep, did she learn Neji's feelings about what had transpired downstairs.

"Hinata-sama..." came his soft voice barely audible but clear in the dead silence of the sleeping house

."Hinata-sama I know you're awake and I can't help but tell you how happy I am to know that we will be together. Theres no point in fighting it now. I can wait the next year and a half for you to be mine...I can. Sleep well Hinata-sama." There was a soft noise it sounded like he had actually stroked the barrier between them as if he were touching her soft skin and not her wooden door. She shuddered and heard his soft chuckle before his footsteps faded away from her. The tears in her eyes glittered their way down her cheeks as she stared at the moon through her window.

Coming to the desired training sight she stood in front of a padded tree that she normally used for taijutsu training and started punching it mechanically trying to formulate a solution to her problem. She needed to get married or be bethrothed by her eighteenth birthday... that was just under two years from now. O'kay so who? Who could she marry?

Kiba would marry her she was sure of it but he could not stand up to Neji...Neji would obliterate Kiba in the face of his own power. Not that Kiba was weak, but Neji was so strong! So that left Kiba out.

Shino was another possibility but she knew almost a immediately that would never work.Shino might be powerful enough to beat Neji but Shino was her very best and dearest friend, Shino was the one who picked her up and dusted her off. Shino was the one who wiped her tears away when Naruto left to train with Jiraiya. Shino loved her implicitly...but Hinata didn't love him that same way. She could not, would not ever use Shino that way. Shino needed to be with someone who could love him back the way he deserved and Hinata knew in her heart that she couldn't return those feelings to him. And that in itself broke her up inside. But who else was there?

Chouji was out...Ino would kill her and she had no intention of ever hurting her best GIRL-friend in that way.

Shikamaru was smart and Hinata knew that he would be able to hold his own against Neji by pure strategy. But Shikamaru was lazy and Hinata knew that taking her cousin on was WAY too troublesome for the genius. Who did that leave?

'Naruto-kun'? No!! She had very few doubts about who was stronger. Naruto had strength in spades. Naruto had also broken Hinata's heart when he had decided to date the pink haired medic-nin Sakura. Hinata knew she had missed her chance with the blonde goof-ball ninja. So she chose to TRY to be happy for her crush and happy-go-lucky friend. She sort of expected this outcome in her heart of hearts. She was too shy and couldn't tell Naruto of her feelings, nor could she deny to herself the depths of his feelings for Sakura.

She didn't expect Sakura to develop feelings of insecurity towards her and demand Naruto sever his ties to Hinata as a friend ...as proof of his love. Hinata had been blind-sided when Naruto explained to her his situation and his decision (hard as it was for him) to do as Sakura expected. After all she was his girlfriend and the one he loved all these years. Apologizing profusely he walked away from Hinata ...and their friendship.

Too bad for him that 3 months later Sakura decided that she just could not deal with Naruto and all his childish ways and antics. So she left him for someone who would treat her like the royal princess she thought she was...Lee.

Team 7's relationship had soured after this and Naruto didn't even disguise his feelings of bitterness towards Sakura. Hinata had forgiven him to an extent but in observation of Naruto and Sakura's relationship she found that her crush was no more substantial than a childish whimsy and Hinata couldn't give in to it any more because she was no longer a child. Seeing Naruto let Sakura abuse and harangue him had lessened Hinata's opinion of him even lower than before, when he wrote her off. He was still admirable but less manly to her. Maybe what had happened affected her feelings but it was what it was...not for her... whatever it was.

One last name slithered it's way around her mind. Sasuke Uchiha...He was back...he was no longer considered a traitor to Konoha (thanks to his killing Orochimaru and much support from Naruto to the fifth Hokage)...He was strong...yes he was more than strong enough to protect her from Neji...he was from a clan that was acceptable and respected by the Hyuugas (even if they feared Sasuke himself and covered that fear up with disdain) there was no real reason to object a match between the two houses. In fact they would have been bethrothed to one another if Itachi hadn't decided to wipe out his whole family except for Sasuke. But how could she get Sasuke to agree to a marriage? In less than two years? She stopped punching the tree, noticing dully how her knuckles were now bruised and bloody. She knew it would take a lot of planning now that she had someone specific in mind to "save" her from Neji and the cursed seal branding.