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The morning chill in the air slowly gave way to the gradual rise of the sun over Konoha. The twittering birds roused the young Uchiha leader, blinking at the sight of his young wife sleeping in the big bed they shared, he admired the way the sun danced over her long tresses spread out over the pillows her head lay upon. Feeling something tugging on his finger he smiled down at the little bundle that had grasped it tightly. He remembered the day they were blessed with their twin children.

Sasuke had just returned home from his mission to be informed by a hysterical Ino that Hinata was at that very moment giving birth to their children. He had felt the world drop out beneath him momentarily letting the blonde girl drag him to the hospital before his senses came back and he found himself running so fast that he was dragging her along behind him too preoccupied to even release her hand.

When they reached the room Hinata was in she was already screaming and pushing out their first child. Tsunade called out words of encouragement from between her legs while Shizune stood behind her ready to take the child for the standard examination and clean up when Tsunade handed over the infant. Sasuke raised a concerned eyebrow at his former sensei who was having the bones in his hand crushed by Hinata's grip. Kakashi looked extremely relieved to see his former student and sent him a begging look to take his place. Kakashi's unwavering cool flew out the window when Lady Uchiha, who he was watching over at the request of Sasuke while he was away on his mission, calmly informed him that her water just broke. She had been feeling poorly and thought perhaps her back and stomach cramps were the result of false labor since she was still a few weeks away from her due date. Kakashi had been at her side ever since at first massaging the small of her back at the hospital at the hokage's instruction, to the deathgrip that Hinata had on his hand that threatened to end his shinobi career. Nobody had ever seen him so freaked out even though he kept his gentle tone even while speaking to Hinata during the whole...ordeal.

Sasuke dropped Ino's hand and rushed over to Hinata's side. She looked up at him with relief and then smacked him hard with her free hand. Shocked Sasuke was stupified and looked to Shizune who smiled gently and told him it was normal. Kakashi extricated his not quite broken hand and went to sit on the chair furthest from the action afraid to catch any actual sight of themiracle of life happening before him. Sasuke picked up Hinata's hand and listened to her rail at him some more for not getting there sooner. Ino stood next to Shizune and beamed down at the squalling infant that Tsunade handed to her assisstant.

"Oh!!! It's a boy Sasuke!!!" Ino clapped joyously and Sasuke smiled. Hinata was telling him that she loved him and how sorry she was for hitting him when in mid sentence she screamed again. Tsunade quickly informed the young man with the panicked look in his eyes that it was just the second baby trying to join it's sibling. Moments later a second slightly smaller bundle was handed to a second nurse to check over. While Tsunade started the healing procedure to Hinata's birthing regions.

"A girl!!! Oh Sasuke-kun you have a boy and a girl!" Ino squealed happily nearly jumping up and own from the excitement. Sasuke smiled at her with gratitude before looking down at Hinata who was shaking on the bed uncontrollably. She had a smile on her weary face.

"Are you alright?" Sasuke asked his wife.Hinata nodded and pulled his hand that she held to her lips and kissed it to overwhelmed for words. She let go of him so that Shizune could place their son in his arms and her expression melted at the look of pure tenderness onher husband's face.

Sasuke smiled at the memory. Ofcourse, since Kakashi was with her the whole time Hinata reserved the right to name their firstborn after him much to Sasuke's dismay. Knowing he had no choice in the matter he agreed with her rather than face her wrath. He'd seen too much of it during the rollercoaster ride her emotions took the whole pregnancy. He demanded to be the one who named their second born. But since he only had thought of names for boys he found himself at a loss until he caught sight of his bestfriend entering the room coming from dropping their mission report off at the hokage tower.

"Nariko...her name is Nariko." Sasuke said with finality. Naruto was both flattered and chagrined that the girl was named after him.

The twins were both dark haired like their parent's and their eyes were a deep purplish grey. Kashi was quiet and observant often just content to look around at his surroundings and enjoy everything silently. Riko was much more vocal than her brother and often wanted to be carried around by her parents, especially her father...showing signs of being a true Daddy's Girl.

Sasuke removed his hand from his son's grip and softly stroked his downy face with his finger feeling so much emotion and love towards his children. He looked up at his wife's sleeping face and felt happiness well up inside him like never before. This was so much more than he ever dreamed of having when he was Orochmaru's domain longing for her. He reached over and stroked his daughter's face as well before placing his hand on Hinata's hip and closed his eyes once again. Moments like these were going to be cherished by him and he wasn't going to rise for the day until he could do it with his family...together.

Neji dropped the woman he had just fucked roughly up against the wall in his office to her feet and tucked himself away into his robes. He walked over to a basin filled with water in the corner and washed his hands and face. He knew before he turned around that she would be gone. It was always that way with him and them. He barely even registered their faces before or even during all the fornication. Because they all wore one face in his mind. He rarely enjoyed sex with women outside of the clan preferring to see Hyuuga eyes while sating his desires. In fact the only woman who wasn't a Hyuuga that he was still involved with was Tenten. And only because she still sought him out and let him do the most depraved sexual acts to her. Mostly while wearing Hinata's henge.

The thought of his cousin made him close his eyes and let the familiar pained emotion that was associated with her wash over him. He hated and loved the feeling. He hated it for the obvious reasons ...but he loved it because it was something she left in him deeply embedded into his psyche.

When the moment was over he left the room to go to Hanabi's quarters. It was almost time for him to escort her down to breakfast. He knew she had an infatuation with him and tried to be courteous to her being that she was his future wife. He admired the fact that she was a exceptional ninja and that she chose to continue her career up until their marriage. If there was anything he respected it was strength and Hanabi was both strong and capable. He wondered if he could ever love her. Her knew if he did it would never be the same as the love he still held for her sister.

But he would do what was expected of him and regarded his upcoming marriage in few years as just one more duty as clan leader. An important duty since begetting an heir was a main priority for him once they joined. He wanted to have his heirs as soon as decently possible...just as Uchiha did.

When he received the news that Hinata had given birth to 'That Bastard's' children he felt in some way that Uchiha got one over on him once again. Hinata was a mother before the standard nine months (or longer) since their marriage date.

Rock hard resolve to put the subject out of his mind straightened his posture and he raised his hand to knock upon Hanabi's bedchamber doors.

Naruto disentangled bare limbs from around him and gingerly climbed over the nude bodies of the three women that were pressed against him on the crowded bed. Taking a moment to look at them he realized he should be more satisfied that there were three hot babes in his bed. Instead he felt strangely empty and wondered if indeed he now wanted more. Not more women to have explosive random casual encouters with. But one woman to have a more emotional connection with.

Seeing how happy Sasuke was with Hinata had lit an envious fire in him. Hinata was a perfect wife to his friend. She glowed with such a bright happiness that made her one of the most beautiful women in Konoha. Briefly he contemplated if he had just had a little more interest in her when she was in love with him ..Naruto...could he have been just as happy? The feeling lasted for an hour in contemplation. In the end Naruto realized should have, could have, would have didn't change anything and that he was a real asshole to think about his bestfriend's wife that way.

He supposed it was only natural for him to feel this way since all of his other friends seemed to be involved in much more meaningful relationships than he had. Kiba had half abandoned him to his player bachelor lifestyle having met someone who could be special..

Heck, even Ino and Chouji took their already serious relationship to new levels. They weren't engaged yet but were invested together in a business partnership to open up a restaurant specializing in gourmet meals that showcased edible flowers in it's main ingredients. Chouji ofcourse was the executive chef and Ino would be in charge of the restaurant's over all look. Her attention to details and natural flair for interior design was sure to make it a trendy eatery. Naruto had no doubt in his mind that the couple would be graeatly successful in this new business venture that would probably tie them together much more intimately than marriage.

Yes...everyone but Kakashi seemed to be growing up and pairing off with people to spend their lives with. Having something real with...thigns he hadn't thought of since he was still with Sakura. The thought of his ex made him close his eyes in relief for dodging that poison kunai.

It didn't change the longing he felt when he played with Kashi and Riko. He hoped he found someone just as wonderful as Sasuke had to share his own life and have his own family with in this lifetime. Sighing he made his way into his little bathroom and turned the shower on.

Kiba woke up to a personally historic hangover. He knew the sake that Gai had confiscated from Lee the night before was a bad idea to accept on a mission day. Wearily making his way to the kitchen...he nodded towards his sister and mother and made himself some toast.

They were talking about the wedding between Sakura and Lee coming up later this month. The very reason Lee had even considered drinking was the stress over the wedding planning that Sakura was forcing him to be involved with and then berating him for his opinions on every little detail she asked him for those very opinions on.

He listened to his mother and sister gossip about how Sakura didn't want to get married looking like she'd swallowed a beach ball. That's why they waited until Sakura had the baby and dieted all her baby weight off.She also wanted to save up more money for their wedding determined to outdo Sasuke and Hinata's wedding. Which was real unlikely his mother said bluntly to Hana's statement.

They also made good natured remarks over how Sakura's son Kenji was born with a light fuzz of pink hair (sure to ensure many years of torture in school) and thick unruly black brows. Many nurses attending his birth,of which Hana was one, made mental prayers for the child to grow into his unique dominant features.

Kiba really felt sorry for the usually positive ninja and didn't envy his position at all. He was tactfully ignoring the obvious hints his mother was making about Kiba himself finding a nice girl to settle down with. He was sort of in a new...relationship(?) with Tenten. He really liked her, she was lots of fun to be around and wanted her to give up seeing other men. She agreed to his conditions with the exception of one man that she would never reveal his identity to Kiba. Feeling that if he pushed the issue he would be cut off from her completely. He didn't want that so he took what he could get from her and didn't pressure her with his desire of wanting more from her...for now.

Quietly excusing himself he retreated to his room to ready himself for his and Akamaru's mission.

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