Sylar paced back and forth across his room impatiently. The sun had been up for over an hour and usually breakfast would have already been brought to him but this morning it was late. When he heard footsteps coming towards his room, he stopped and stared directly at the door squaring himself to it. Sylar was wearing one of the uniforms he had found in his closet; they were the same red as the one he had awoken in. The door opened, and to his surprise the child Semena stepped into the room.

Sylar's brow wrinkled, something about the girl unnerved him. Semena's odd smile crossed her face as she looked at him, "Good morning Gabri.. I mean Sylar," Semena said sweetly as she crossed the room to stand right in front of him, a little to close for Sylar's liking.

Sylar's body tensed at the mention of his true name, even though it had been but a slip. "You would do well to keep that name off your tongue," he growled down at her.

Semena cocked her head and looked up at him smiling again, "Oh goodness Sylar I'm sure so sorry, I really am, Please oh please say you'll forgive wee little Semena," she mocked as she grasped her hands at her chest in a begging gesture.

Sylar recoiled physically and glared down at her his rage rising, "Listen CHILD, mock me at your own risk, but I have done things that you are not above risk of," he threatened.

Semena's hands went up to her face to stifle the giggles that erupted from her. "Is you gonna hurt me bad man?" she said with a devilish grin when she had been able to get her self under control.

Sylar could not take it anymore, he had been mocked, imprisoned, and humiliated and now this was too much. He stared at her, his hatred and disbelief spilling across his face, "Do you have any idea who I am?" he whispered.

Semena smiled hugely, "Of course silly, you're Gabriel Gray," she laughed.

Sylar lost it; he could contain himself no longer. She was just a child and the door was still standing wide open. Though he doubted that he could find his way out, he planned to try. Sylar lashed out at Semena meaning to drive the back of his hand across her mocking face. Semena smiled as she melted into shadow and Sylar's hand passed harmlessly through her.

Sylar was taken off guard by the fact his hand did not connect with anything causing him to lose his balance and stumble to the floor. As he fell to the floor, he felt a cold sensation pass through him. Sylar quickly spun his body around and stared back up at her.

Semena was a shimmering cloud of wispy black smoke in the vague shape of a child; he scrambled back on all fours as she descended down at him. He scrambled backwards until his back hit the bookcase.

"Yous tried to hurt me Gabriel; that's sure not nice! There are rules against that stuff… yous are sure in trouble now," Semena whispered in her raspy shadow voice as Sylar looked franticly from side to side for a weapon or diversion of some sort.

Panic rose in him as Semena came closer and closer, Sylar was terrified. He now remembered her. She was in the sewer with him; it was her that had reached into him with that cold stealing grip. If he had his abilities it would be one thing, but as of now, he was helpless, and he knew it.

He hated this weakness, couldn't stand it, 'I acted to soon; I have to control myself,' he thought regretfully as the wispy demon child loomed ever nearer.

Semena could smell his fear, and it was intoxicating. It filled her with an almost uncontrollable urge to take him, take him right here and use him up for her own pleasures. A shiver ran through her consciousness at the thought, "No… No… can't eat him up…" she whispered as her shadowy hand crept up slowly towards Sylar's throat.

Sylar looked at her stunned, "What did you say??" he asked nervously as he attempted to shrink away as far as he could until he could go no further as he was now flush against the bookcase. As he felt the cold gentle caress of Semena's shadowed hand on his neck, Sylar began to tremble all over; his terror was now in total control. He hated his fear but there was nothing he could do to stifle it; he was as helpless against it as he was against her.

Sylar's eyes went wide when he heard Semena whisper, "Well…maybe just a taste…"

Sylar hid his face behind his arms, "PLEASE NO!!!" he screamed.

Semena began to envelop Sylar and his screams suddenly stopped as the cold seeped into him pulling at something deep within him. He could do nothing but struggle weakly against her transparent grasp. As he felt himself fading out of consciousness, his last thoughts were filled with an overwhelming sense of shame at how easily he had been defeated and how weak he had become in the soon to be last moments of his life.

Semena panted and gasped as she began to feed on Sylar's life force.

"SEMENA!!!" Lilly screamed from the door as she rushed into the room.

Semena instantly turned back into her human form, stumbling away from Sylar with a bewildered look on her face. "What…What happened?" she asked as she looked blankly around the room.

Sylar sat up weakly, coughing, "The little bitch tried to kill me," he gasped.

Lilly looked down at him a shimmer of light passing across Lilly's eyes as she stared at Sylar, "You will be fine," she said softly as she then knelt down in front of Semena taking her by the shoulders.

Semena regained her senses looking back and forth from Sylar to Lilly as she began to cry, "I'm sorry… I didn't mean it! He's just so mean and….I just came to get him for breakfast…and… and… I'm so sorry!" she sobbed.

Lilly hugged her to her and glared at Sylar as he stared back at her in disbelief.

"What do you mean he was mean darling?" she asked her softly stroking her hair.

"He wouldn't be nice, and he got mad when he asked me who he was…I didn't do nothin but tell him… and he got even madder… and he tried to hit me! I swear it!" Semena stammered back as she wiped the tears from her face.

Lilly's gaze intensified on Sylar until he was forced to look down. "I'm sorry Lilly! I really am. I didn't mean to… I really didn't!" Semena said as she continued to cry her little body trembling.

Lilly held her tightly, "Shhh…Don't worry; it was a mistake. It was not your fault; you are in no trouble. There, there," she soothed.

Lilly stood up as Maja ran into the room. "My Lady what is it?" he asked excitedly as he looked over the scene in confusion.

Lilly looked at him firmly, "Take Semena to her room and stay with her until I arrive. Comfort her would you please Maja," she stated softly but with a hint of anger.

Maja bowed and extended his arm as Lilly gently passed Semena to him, "Come along little one, all is well," he said soothingly as she hugged him and they left the room.

"All is well?" Maja asked Lilly. Lilly nodded to him, and he closed the door behind him.

As soon as the door closed, Lilly stormed across the room to where Sylar laid crumpled on the floor. He was exhausted and felt slightly sick, but the look on Lilly's face made him stand suddenly to try and back away from her.

He crossed the room to his bed stumbling against it, "Wait! Listen, that is not how it happened," Sylar stammered as Lilly reached out and grabbed his wrist and began dragging him back towards the desk.

Sylar struggled against her as hard as he could but her strength was amazing and his struggles were in vain.

Lilly pulled the chair out from under the desk turning it around as she sat down.

Sylar looked down at her confused until she reached up and grabbed his wrist again to suddenly snatch him down across her lap. Understanding dawned on Sylar as he realized what she intended, and he immediately began to resist.

There was no way he could handle this now, "Stop it, don't you dare!!!" he screamed as she pushed him down even harder. She grabbed his other flailing wrist to pin both behind his back with her left hand pushing his upper body down with the same arm.

"How quickly you have seemed to forget the nature of your predicament Gabriel," Lilly said forlornly.

Sylar thrashed angrily against Lilly's iron grip trying desperately to escape. The memory of the last time flooding back to him, the pain and humiliation, the utter helplessness, it filled him with panic. "Stop calling me that," he pleaded, again hating the sniveling in his voice.

"Or what? Will you try to strike me? Or do you only attack children?" she asked roughly as she deftly swept her right leg up and over the backs of Sylar's legs crossing her ankles and cinching them down tightly. The powerful muscles in her legs held him immobile while she simultaneously pushed him down roughly by his wrists to pull him taught across her lap.

"Don't do this… I didn't mean to lose my temper… I just…," Sylar stammered as he struggled trying to somehow break free as his fear rose from in his stomach like bile.

"NO!!!" Sylar let out a blood curdling scream as Lilly smoothly pulled down his bottoms to expose his vulnerable rear.

"Oh be quiet," Lilly commanded.

Sylar gasped as she rested her open hand on his ass, "There. Now that I have your attention, there are rules in this house, and you have willingly broken one of the most serious. Now you must deal with the punishment you have brought down onto yourself. You have no one to blame for this but yourself Gabriel," she stated seriously.

Sylar strained against her, his body trembling from the strain as he thought franticly to himself, 'What the hell is going on? This is insane! This can't be happening to me, not again!'

Lilly tightened her grip and lifted one knee to further angle Sylar's ass even higher. By the time she was done he couldn't move in the slightest to defend himself from what he knew was coming. As she lifted her hand from his backside, he sucked in his breath in anticipation.


Lilly's open hand descended repeatedly as Sylar fought in vain.


"You will learn sooner or later!" she scolded as she continued his chastisement.


"Oh Gabriel, you really should have thought through your actions. Perhaps then maybe this would not be happening to you again." Lilly said angrily.


As her relentless hand continued and the pain grew, tears began to roll down Sylar's face. Sylar knew it was mainly the sickening humiliation of this punishment alongside her condescending scolding that had forced these silent tears that he could no longer control.


Sylar thrashed franticly as her barrage of swats coated the same areas they'd previously visited several times, "Oh God! Stop! Please!" he pleaded.


Lilly suddenly stood pushing Sylar to the floor as she towered over him and he tried to pull up his pants. Lilly quickly reached down grabbing him by his arm and the back of his shirt to lift him to his feet as she dragged him across the room. She threw him down roughly onto his bed, "Now I want you to sit and think about what just transpired here for a little while. I will have your breakfast brought to you. I had hoped you would be able to dine with the rest of us, but until you can learn how to conduct yourself, you can just stay in your room," Lilly said angrily as she shook her finger at him.

Sylar looked up at her, his tear streaked face full of disbelief, "What the hell is wrong with you!!!" he screamed up at her.

Lilly shook her head as she turned and walked to the door. As she opened the door, she turned to look at him, "There is nothing wrong with me Gabriel; you are the one in need of help. And believe me, you will receive it!" she said sternly.

"I TOLD YOU! MY NAME IS SYLAR!!!!" he screamed as she shut the door.

Sylar sat there on his bed, in the now pure silence, shivering as fresh tears flowed down his face. The only thing he could think was that he must regain his abilities. Without them, he was nothing. And now he knew that he had always been right. He had been special, and they had taken that from him, and he hated them for it.