My Wish for A Love So Sweet

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Chapter 10 – Sakura's Masquerade Ball Part 1

It is nighttime.

Moonlight flooded the room in a silvery glow.

The room is like a wonderful combination of Modern Style and Rococo Style. The sofa, the fireplace, the bed and some other furniture have the elegant curves and pastel colors of the Rococo Style. Markings that show modernity can be seen in the appliances and gadgets all over the room.

Over the huge, double door, marble-paned window is a man with dark hair talking to someone on his cell phone.

"Everything is in order, sir." The voice is low and full of formality.

"Good. Commence operation upon my order," the dark-haired man said. He hung up the phone.

The dark-haired guy looked outside the huge window. In his hands are the cell phone and a picture of a certain pretty brunette. An evil smirk slowly appeared on his tantalizing lips. His eyes full of mischievousness.

"Be ready, Mikan Sakura."

It is morning. Friday morning.

Mikan is running. Again. She is, as always, late for her class again.

A month ago, she received the infamous Black Tag. Usually, those who receive this Black Tag quit school within, at most, a week. Mikan is experiencing the same treatment for a month now. She got used to it. She would be dragged to the canteen every break time. The F4 would watch her become a "human trash can". Lunches, snacks, drinks, practically anything will be thrown at her, hence the "endearing" nickname. Then, she would take a bath at the gym shower room and change to her spare clothes. She always brings spare clothes because she already anticipated the outcome from the bullying.

Oh. But today is different. She will not receive any of those bullying today. HAHA. Tomorrow is the annual Sakura Family's Masquerade Ball. It is always celebrated at the first Saturday of October.

Rich people love socializing with each other. Everyone who is everyone will be joining there. That is almost the whole population of Alice Academy plus their family. This results to students being dismissed at noon, which is the break time for most students.

'Tch, Rich people and their parties.' Mikan thought. But deep inside, Mikan want to join the party. All her life, she attended these balls. Well, of course, it is hosted by her family. Oh, how she missed them.


Mikan rounded a corridor and bumped to someone. She fell down.

"Hoy. Sakura. Watch where you're going." Natsume smirked.

"Shut up, Jerk." Mikan immediately stood up. She glared at the smirking, ahemhandsomeahem guy.

"Oh, you don't have to be stingy, Ms. Trash Can, just because you can't go to the Sakura's Masquerade Ball." Sumire, who witnessed the scene, chimed in.

"I don't care about that stupid ball. Besides, I already have plans for this weekend," said Mikan smugly.

"Like what? Rolling in the mud? It suits for a pig like you." Sumire laughed.

The bell rang and everyone went to their classes. Mikan stood there seething.

'One of these days, I'll get her.'

Saturday Morning

Mikan is tying up her shoelaces at the door. She is ready to go to the nearby daycare center to take care of the kids there as a volunteer. She wore a simple white t-shirt, denim pants and some sneakers. She also brought a beige messenger bag for some of her things like umbrella, wallet and such. It is easier to play with children in such comfortable clothes.

The sun is shining brightly on her face. Oh. She's going to have lots of fun with children today. She likes children. They are so cute and innocent. She giggles at the thought.

A black car stopped in front of her as she was just turning on a street. Two big muscled man came out and cornered her.

"W-What do you want from me?" Fear is evident on Mikan's voice.

The big guys did not answer as they closed in on her. One holds Mikan by the waist. The other put a handkerchief on her nose. Instantly, Mikan blanked out.


Mikan slowly opened her eyes. The light from the lone light bulb stung her eyes. It shone so brightly. As her eyes adjusted, she saw that the room is small and that she is lying on a soft white bed covered only by a short towel. Her hands and feet tied to the posts of the bed.

Many thoughts ran through Mikan's head. Why is she being kidnapped? Why is she only wearing a towel? Oh no, Was she raped?

Then, the door opened. In came three people. Two of them are twin sisters. The other one is more sinister looking.

"Good morning, Mikan-sama." The sinister looking one said.

"W-Who are you?"

"I am Akiko." The sinister looking one pointed to herself. Such a cute name for such a cold person.

"This is Mayumi and Megumi." She pointed to the twins. Mayumi is the one whose bangs are to the right. Megumi's bangs are to the left.

"We are here to make you beautiful." Akiko continued.

"But why? What for?" asked Mikan.

"We cannot tell you that yet, Mikan-sama. We are under orders of a certain master." Akiko answered.

"Who?" Mikan is getting curious.

"You will find out later on." Akiko said. She turned to the twins. "Wax all of her body hair."

"Yes, Ma'am." The twins answered.

And soon enough screams of agony and pain can be heard throughout the small room and even possibly, the whole household.

It took 30 minutes for the twins to finish their waxing task. They removed Mikan's bondages and move her to another room. This room has a dresser in one wall of the room. The dresser has a mirror. Cosmetics, bobby pins, hair dryer, nail polish, perfume and all those girly stuff are on the dresser. There is also a sofa on another wall. It clearly resembles a salon.

They washed Mikan's hair and arranged it beautifully on her head. Her hair is tied up on an elegant messy bun with some brown, recently-curled hair graced her shoulder. This completely accentuated Mikan's soft and milky-white shoulders.

Next is her makeup. Mayumi applied light make up on Mikan's skin. She highlighted Mikan's brown eyes with different hues of green. Soft light pink blush on for her cheeks. And light pink lipstick for her lips.

While Mayumi is working on Mikan's make up, Megumi applied nail polish on Mikan's nails. Green with silver French tips. Very unique.

After the Mayumi and Megumi finished on her hair and makeup, Akiko checked to see if it is done very finely.

"Very good. Very nice," said Akiko as she inspected every detail of Mikan's hair and makeup.

"Wear this." Akiko ordered as she pushed Mikan to a makeshift dressing room, that Mikan didn't noticed earlier. She handed Mikan a dress and pairs of shoes.

Mikan wore the dress as ordered by Akiko. She is so scared of her. It reminded her of Jinno. They sort of suit each other. Mikan snickered at the thought.

Mikan is about to step out when she heard another voice outside. Two males.

"How is the makeover? Did you do everything as I ordered?" A somewhat familiar voice.

"Yes, master. We did. You're going to love how she looked." Akiko said.

Mikan peeked through the curtains of the dressing room. She can't see the males.. She saw that Akiko is blushing very hard, which is kind of a shocker. Mayumi and Megumi are gushing over the guy who sat at the sofa.

"What took her so long? Sigh." The other voice said.

Mikan gulped before going out of the dressing room.

Aside from Akiko, Mayumi and Megumi, two guys are in the room. A dark-haired one and a light-haired one.

"Looking good, little sis." Tsuabasa whistled.

"You're so slow, onee-san." Youichi whined. (A/N: Did you think it was Natsume and Ruka who were outside?)

"YOU TWO! WHAT'S THE MEANING OF ALL THIS? ARE YOU TRYING TO BLOW MY COVER? HUH?" Mikan screams at the top of her lungs.

"Sorry, sis. Mother's orders. It is really hard to plan though. You looked really good in that dress." Tsubasa said as he hugged Mikan. (A/N: Tsubasa is the dark-haired guy mentioned at the beginning of the story.)

"You don't have to kidnap me." Mikan huffed. She still looked beautiful. Anger makes her cheeks redder.

She wore a black and green cocktail dress. The upper part of her dress is shaped along the curves of her breasts with spiral designs. The lower part is a free flowing chiffon dress that goes along her mid thigh showing of her long legs. She wore gladiator type of heels that goes up to two inches below the knee. It changes color depending on the light. Black. Green. Black. Green.

"If we don't, you'll never go with us." Tsubasa pouted. Akiko, Mayumi and Megumi swooned at the sight.

"We should get going. Mom is going to kill us if we are too late for the ball." Youichi said as he stand up from the sofa. He handed Mikan a half-face mask that only covers the upper half of her face. Like her dress and shoes, the mask is also colored black and green.

Mikan just sighed. She is already all-prepped up, so why not go to the ball? Nothing will happen, right?

Or so she thinks.

End of Chapter 10

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