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Chapter 1: So It Began

"ITACHII!" he screamed as he came, feeling himself fill up with his brother's seed. The man above him thrust into to him one more time, before collapsing on top of him. They lay like that for a few minutes before the older man pulled out and rolled to the side.

Itachi reached out to run his fingers through Sasuke's deep blue-black hair; he loved how the boy looked after sex. There were a few things that Itachi was glad about, one was that he'd sound proofed both their rooms without their parent's knowledge a few years ago…otherwise Sasuke's loud screams would have been heard all over the neighbourhood. He smiled a bit as the younger boy purred and rolled towards him, snuggling up to his chest. Two, Itachi was glad that he kept paper towels handy to clean them up and didn't have to trek to the bathroom all the time. He could instead stroke his feline brother a whole lot more and enjoy an after sex snuggle.

The calming silence was broken by Sasuke. "Itachi…?"

The older Uchiha looked down at the seventeen year old whose face was covered by those long dark bangs. "Hmm?" Sasuke shifted a bit and then looked up. His dark eyes were serious and his forehead creased in the beginning of a frown.

"That guy is coming over tomorrow…you know the former mayor's son?"

Itachi didn't get why they were talking about a former mayor's son right after really good sex, but decided to please his brother…in a more innocent way this time. "Yeah…the point being…?"

"Well, you think we can continue after he comes? I mean, I'll be expected to hang with him; we'll be going to the same school after all. Well, we need to keep this under wraps, your boyfriend won't be too happy when he hears about this…" Sasuke turned onto his back.

The relationship he shared with his brother was weird. This had started when he was fourteen…back then it had been about being in love with Itachi. But then they'd 'broken up' when he was fifteen and had started dating other people. But that hadn't worked out because they still wanted each other and now that was what it was…lust. He loved Itachi and his brother loved him back, but they weren't in love and this was just brothers-with-benefits kind of sex.

Once Sasuke's boyfriend Gaara had caught them…Sasuke had been in love with Gaara, but he still couldn't stay away from Itachi. Sex had become their form of expression…but Gaara didn't see it that way. Hell no one would understand. He and Itachi needed someone who would, someone they could love, be in love and have sex with…maybe even all three of them together? That wouldn't be possible ever. And somehow so far the only men who'd agreed to a threesome were sluts, not people they could fall in love with…for that you'd need someone unique and who were they kidding? You couldn't find that kind of unique in a million years.

"Uzumaki will have his own room. We'll just have to behave like we do with father and mother. He won't realise unless he catches us and we're far too careful for him to do so." Itachi pulled Sasuke towards him, his lips against the younger boy's forehead and his hand massaging Sasuke's back soothingly. "And Sasuke…Deidara and I broke up. Now go to sleep."

Why couldn't his father pay him any attention? It was always about the bloody city! He couldn't even walk around without everyone greeting him…to them he would always be his father's son. Now he was being sent away again, because his father had to leave somewhere on a business trip. Having a father who was one of the best business men as well as the former mayor of a city was not fun.

He'd been sent to a boarding school for the past fourteen years and had hardly seen his father's face this summer. It wasn't that his father was a bad man, he was an exceptionally good one, but he sucked at being a dad. His mother had died when he was two and his father was all he had. But in reality, he had no one. When it came down to it, he liked it better that way. When he had no one, no one could hurt him.

"Naruto! Hurry up!"

The boy straightened his shirt and walked down to the foyer where his father was waiting. Minato smiled up at him. "Hey…you'll like the people you'll be staying with. They're one of the best families in Konoha and they also have a very good business going. Maybe you'll be able to make friends with their sons?"

Naruto pasted a smile on his face. "Yeah maybe I will dad…." He followed his father out to their limousine. They drove for about fifteen minutes before reaching the house. The Uchiha mansion was very beautiful…if Naruto had been a normal boy he would have loved having to stay here. Not that Naruto's house was less grand…it was way huger. But the Uchiha mansion had a very nice charm to it.

They were escorted to the living room where the Uchihas (Mikoto and her sons.) were sitting. The moment Naruto entered, the lady stood up and smiled at him.

"You must be Naruto…how nice to meet you! I knew your mother very well…" she ruffled his hair a bit. "It's going to be so nice to have you here. Meet my sons…. Itachi, my eldest and Sasuke…."

Naruto gave them a short polite smile. "Nice to meet you all." His voice was low and didn't exactly show much enthusiasm, but Minato being who he was failed to notice this.

He grinned. "I'm sure Naruto will enjoy his stay here. I'm so sorry for having to do this, but I have to go urgently. After all it's only a month…and I didn't want to take him away from a school system he knows so well!" he turned to the Uchiha brothers. "Naruto will be in Sasuke-kun's school! Please take care of him for me."

Sasuke nodded. "Don't worry about it, Uzumaki-san."

Minato turned to his son and patted him on the shoulder. "See you then, Naruto. E-mail me. I'll call you okay? Good bye!"

Naruto nodded. "See you dad."

Minato exchanged a few words with the adult and then left. Naruto stood in the centre of the room, trying to deal with the loneliness he felt. He straightened up and attempted to smile once more.

"Sasuke will take you to your room now." Mikoto ushered Naruto to the stairs.

Naruto silently followed the boy upstairs. He wondered if he would ever actually make friends with these boys…they seemed so stand off-ish. He suddenly found himself bang into something and fall on to his butt. He opened his eyes and looked up at the dark haired boy who was gazing at him indifferently. He stood up and rubbed his ass gingerly.


Naruto blinked and looked at the boy who had turned away. Did he just call him dobe? Naruto frowned. "Watch what you call me, teme!"

Sasuke opened the door of one of the rooms. "Hn. In here, this is your room dobe." He almost shoved Naruto inside. For some inexplicable reason he felt this surge of irritation that this boy had come into his life.

Naruto just dropped his bags and looked around. Then he saw the uniform laid out on his bed… "Hey, Sasuke…what's this school of ours like?" he waited but getting no answer he turned around to see he was alone. Sasuke had disappeared.

Be friends? What had he been thinking? He could never find a real friend anywhere. At his old school, there had been many people after him, but he'd never actually found time to waste on them. They were after his money anyway. He walked to his bed and collapsed on it. He decided he might as well get some sleep…after all it wasn't like they wanted him downstairs anyway.

He woke up in time for dinner, which wasn't all that big an affair…apparently when Uchiha Fugaku wasn't home; they didn't eat together at the table. Then he made his way back to the room. There hadn't been much interaction though the older brother…Itachi his name was, had asked him a few questions about himself, which had earned him a few glares from Sasuke. Mikoto had tried her best to make him feel comfortable but had given up as soon as she realised that she wasn't making any headway.

He adjusted his uniform; black trousers, black striped tie and maroon shirt. He wished he could go to school by himself, but Mikoto had insisted that he ride with Sasuke today, since it was his first day. He mussed his hair and took one last glance at himself. When he went downstairs he found Sasuke waiting for him by the door. The moment the dark haired boy saw him, he walked out the door, forcing the blond to hurry after him.

Naruto cursed as he got lost trying to find the garage. The raven had ditched him again. He frowned and wondered if he could ask anyone. He turned and bumped into Itachi. The older Uchiha was immaculately dressed in a khaki suit. Naruto wondered if Itachi was going to behave like his brother as well.

"Ano…could you please tell me where to find your brother? We'll get late at this rate…" Naruto crossed his fingers behind his back, hoping that Itachi would help.

Itachi sighed. He should have known Sasuke would behave like a child. "Follow me, Naruto-kun. I'm heading to the garage as well. Forgive my brother for behaving like this, he isn't very social." Itachi led the boy to the garage, before nodding to him.

Naruto found Sasuke sitting in a sleek black Cadillac and glowering at him. The dark haired boy gestured with his head to the passenger seat and Naruto clambered in. Sasuke got out seeing the look Itachi was giving him. The elder took him aside.

"What's wrong Sasuke? He's a guest…."

"I know he's a fucking guest! I don't want him here….maybe if he feels miserable enough, he'll leave us alone and his dad will take him away!" Sasuke knew he was being unreasonable, but he was scared that maybe Itachi could fall for this blond…

"You're behaving like a child. He's been left here by his father and he's in our care. You're supposed to be helping him fit in." Itachi wished his brother could just see the reason in it. Alienating the future owner of Uzumaki corp. was ridiculous. Everything his father did, he knew was for the business…even having the former mayor's son stay here was part of the business plan. We take care of your son and you'll partner with us and fund us.

Sasuke glared at Itachi. "Why do you care? Just leave me alone, Itachi….I'm getting late for school."

Sasuke stormed back into the car, leaving Itachi looking at him grimly. He barely said a word to Naruto during the drive. He parked in his space and then turned to the blond.

"Come on, we'll meet the principal." He ushered Naruto into a nice breezy office and waited outside the door.

Naruto entered and saw a kindly old man sitting in a comfortable chair behind a big desk. "You must be Uzumaki Naruto. Nice to have you here. I'm Principal Sarutobi. Do you have any questions? If not I'll proceed to tell you a few guidelines we follow."

After half an hour, the old man smiled at him. "Here you go, Naruto-kun. Your schedules are here, I trust Sasuke-kun will guide through the school. You may leave."

Naruto nodded and stepped out to find Sasuke waiting for him, a scowl on his face. He opened his mouth to ask the dark haired boy something when the other snatched his time table and interrupted him. "Come on dobe…let me give you a quick tour and then I'll take you to class. I think we have the same schedule."

The tour was boring. Naruto knew he could find his own way around in a while. It was annoying when Sasuke had that bored look on his face like he'd rather get to class instead of hang out with Naruto. And then there were the whispers. "Look its Naruto…" "He's the mayor's son…" "Oh he's so good looking…" "He's hanging out with Sasuke-kun….they're both so hot!"

Naruto wished it would stop. The fact that he was the former mayor's son or that he was the richest kid at school kept popping up and Naruto wished he could just sink into the floor.

"Dobe, this is your locker. Mine's opposite. Memorize the code and let's get to class. You're lucky we had the first hour free today." Sasuke voice had this edge to it. Naruto had no idea why the boy disliked him so much.

He sighed and opened his locker to dump the books he'd picked up on the way. Why couldn't he have gone back to his old school? He'd at least made one friend there and he missed him…

"All ready famous huh? Quite the popular boy, aren't you?"

Naruto straightened at that voice. He turned around to meet pale eyes and a smile broke out on his face. "Neji! What are you doing here?" he could have glomped the boy he was so glad.

Neji smiled. "I asked uncle if I could transfer. They needed a teaching assistant here. And I figured I could put university off for a year and wait for you. He agreed to let me come since I could keep an eye on Hinata here. I figured you'd be your gloomy self if I wasn't around to lighten up your day!"

Naruto grinned. "Thanks Neji…" he felt really grateful. Even if Neji was a teaching assistant here, they could still hang around and meet for lunch…" so…what are you teaching?"

"I'll be teaching you Math." He grinned. "And I'm going to be taking your class right after homeroom today. So don't be late. I trust Uchiha will make sure you're on time?"

Sasuke wished he could tell bloody Hyuuga to get lost. They'd met a lot at parties and they could never see eye to eye on anything. Plus Hyuuga had almost caught him and Itachi once, which was irritating. Sasuke hated being cut short while having sex. And now it turned out Naruto was his friend. One more reason to detest the blond. Plus Hyuuga would be teaching him now…

Sasuke just nodded. "We're late for class, Hyuuga. You can talk to him later."

"That's Hyuuga-san or sensei to you, Uchiha. Keep an eye on Naruto for me." Neji swung around and walked away.

Naruto frowned at Sasuke, but decided not to say anything. "Can we head to class now?"

Sasuke smirked and pinned Itachi on to the bed. He bent down to let his lips run over his brother's. He liked teasing Itachi…they always liked to see who could hold out longer. Then he slowly bent forward and kissed Itachi full on the lips, tongue nudging the older Uchiha's lips open to slip inside. Itachi kissed him back, before turning them over and lying on top of Sasuke. He let his fingers tangle in Sasuke's raven locks.

Sasuke began unbuttoning his brother's shirt, he did slowly and deliberately touching every bit of skin that was revealed to him. He moaned into Itachi's mouth. They broke apart and panted slightly, they could feel their cocks starting to harden. Itachi rolled against Sasuke eliciting a gasp from the boy.

"Itachi…" Sasuke panted, grabbing his brother's ass to keep grinding against him. They were both shirtless and Itachi was working on their pants, when they heard their mother calling.

"Shit!" Sasuke hated this. He pushed Itachi off and shut his eyes trying to think of something sick like Gai-sensei…it worked. Then he pulled his shirt on hurriedly and left the room, not bothering to wait for Itachi. In the two and a half weeks that Naruto had been here, he'd found that he and Itachi got less time to spend with each other. His mother was always calling them for something or the other concerning the blond, like Naruto's "lonely" or his "homework" or for Itachi to "tutor" him.

Sasuke had begun to hate that boy with everything he had. Though he knew the blond wasn't really at fault. Naruto usually excused himself the moment Sasuke made an entrance or tried to stay out with Hyuuga until dinner time. A lot of times his mother would force the three boys to spend time together. She'd get them a movie or send them out together.

What was more, Sasuke hated the fact that Itachi always behaved nicely to the blond. He walked into the dining room to see Hyuuga sitting there deep in conversation with Naruto. Hyuuga's cousin a girl in his class, Hinata was there too.

"Look Sasuke, I asked Naruto to call the Hyuuga's over for dinner. Please ask Itachi to hurry up, dinner will get cold." Mikoto smiled at her youngest. She looked up as Itachi entered too. "Just on time."

They all sat at the table in an awkward silence. Only Mikoto and Hinata made any effort to have a conversation. Neji and Naruto kept to themselves, speaking to Itachi one or two times. Sasuke just silently brooded, annoyed at having two more people there, when all he wanted to do was be with Itachi.

Itachi looked at his mother's strained face and sighed. He wished he could make things easier for her. It was bad enough she had to handle their almost non-existent father as well as one absolutely broody child like Sasuke without having this strain of Naruto and Sasuke's apparent hostility to each other. Naruto really wasn't a bad guy; he spent time with their mother and tried to make her feel less lonely. He even went with her to the grocery store and all. Itachi appreciated that…he had been expecting a spoilt rich kid, not some lonely brat with beautiful sad eyes.

The Hyuuga's left after a while and Naruto went with them on pretext of collecting something. Itachi knew Naruto just wanted to get away…after all people usually wanted to leave the Uchiha household, which could be very dull if you stayed there.

He made his way up to his room and an hour or so later, after their mother had gone to bed, he decided to sneak out to meet Sasuke. They met in the hallway and their lips met. Sasuke wrapped his arms around Itachi and let the older boy pick him up so he could wrap his legs around him too.

Itachi backed him into the wall and continued to kiss him. He slipped his tongue into Sasuke's mouth and drew a moan from the younger boy. "Sasuke…" his voice whispered into the dark haired boy's ear, before he began to attack his neck.

Sasuke clung to Itachi, just wanting to drown in these feelings for his brother. Ever since he'd heard about sex he'd wanted to do it with his brother…Itachi, whom he adored completely. He ground into Itachi, wanting to awaken him down there. He wound his fingers into Itachi's hair and pressed into him wanting to merge them both. He was rewarded with a short grunt from Itachi.

Itachi attacked Sasuke's zipper. Undoing his pants he knelt in front of the boy. Teasing he licked at the slit, bringing Sasuke to full hardness. The boy had stuffed his fist into his mouth to keep from making any sound. Sasuke writhed and tried to get more of himself into his mouth. Itachi smirked and held on hip down with his hand. Then he proceeded to lick the underside of Sasuke's swollen cock.

Sasuke bit his lip harder. Itachi was so good at his. He shut his eyes and tried to control his breathing as his brother finally took the head into his mouth. Itachi began to move on him, he felt his cock slip in and out of that awesome mouth. Suddenly Itachi took all off him into his mouth and Sasuke's eyes shot open in pleasure…only to connect with shocked blue ones.

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