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Chapter 5:



Itachi thought he was going to die when he finally came...if he came. Sasuke was being especially sexy today; apparently the boy had gotten his hands on some books and wanted to try out a few of the things there. He had put a nice tight ring around the base of Itachi's cock, making sure that Itachi would not be able to complete, before getting down on his knees and sucking him off. Sasuke was very good at sucking Itachi off, he knew the exact strokes and movements necessary to get Itachi to come. He took the huge cock just a little into his mouth and slipped a hand around the base to help stroke every bit of it. Then he moved up and down, up and down, bobbing, sliding a little more into his mouth with each bob.

Itachi was nearly drooling, since he knew what came next. Next Sasuke would pause a little, tilt his head to the right a little and take a deep breath, sliding the rest of Itachi's cock deep into his throat. Itachi bit his lip from crying out as his cock hit the back of Sasuke's throat, vibrating as the boy hummed. Sasuke could play Itachi's cock like a violin, the humming causing intense thrumming sensations along the throbbing flesh.

Itachi ran his hand over his brother's dark locks, his pants coming in tiny hitched breaths, these small versions of the usual sounds of sex, directing Sasuke in his moves. The boy struggled a little trying to find the right angle, before he finally felt comfortable bobbing up and down while managing to keep Itachi deep in his throat and not choking.

(Lemony end.)

Itachi felt a wave of love when he looked down at his brother. God, he loved Sasuke so much, sometimes it felt like he could spontaneously combust with the amount of love expanding through him. His hands dropped to Sasuke's naked back, rubbing and encouraging. Itachi let his head fall back, panting low even though it was just them at home. He sighed; he really needed to get these rooms sound proofed soon, so he and Sasuke could do this with no inhibitions or fears. BANG.

The front door had just shut. Itachi and Sasuke scrambled apart as they strained to hear which way the person would move. Steps on the staircase jolted Itachi into action, his mind moving ultrafast to come up with an excuse. He shoved Sasuke and Sasuke's clothes into a cupboard in his walk-in closet. Then he opened the balcony door while pulling on some pants. If things went the way he had planned, then whoever it was would fall for this and Sasuke would be safe.

He'd just buttoned up his pants and yanked on a shirt when there was a knock and someone tried the door. Itachi cursed. He'd forgotten to unlock it. Oh well, it might help the plan. He unlocked the door and hesitantly opened it. His father stood on the other side, Itachi's heart sank. If it had been his mother the consequences would have been less threatening.

Sasuke watched from the crack in the closet, tension seeping from every pore. Fugaku came in, taking in Itachi's dishevelled state; then his eyes moved to the open balcony door, the messy bed, the line of hickey's down Itachi's chest. Then for a moment he asked a perfectly normal question. "Where is everyone?"

Itachi hoped the lie would work and that Sasuke would get the point. "Mother went out to the Konoha Equestrian Club and Sasuke went to a friend's house. They should both be back soon."

Fugaku nodded before he deliberately looked around. "And what about the person who left from there?" he gestured to the balcony.

Itachi let how scared he was show finally, hoping it would make it seem like Fugaku had intimidated him. "A classmate...she left."

Fugaku turned and began walking out of the room. "See me in my study once you've cleaned up."

Itachi nodded and shut the door once Fugaku left. He then made his way to the closet and put a finger to his lips. "He may still be listening." He hissed in a barely audible whisper. "Get out of here and then pretend you just came home."

Itachi quickly cleaned up as much as he could without really going for a shower. Then he left, shooting Sasuke a warning look. He made his way to the study and knocked once before opening the door. When he stepped in Fugaku's back was turned to him. He gathered up his courage. While his father didn't hit him or anything, his father was a master at psychology and manipulating people into what he wanted. Itachi took a deep breath. "Father..."

"You will not see her again, unless she is the daughter of one of my business partners. If she is, then you will marry her."

"She's not."

"Then it's settled." Fugaku turned around. "I know what it's like to be twenty Itachi, but I can't afford to have you get some girl pregnant and ruin our image. You are my heir, great things are expected of you and you will meet those expectations. Otherwise I might have to start looking for someone capable in Madara's family...Shisui seems to be promising."

Itachi tried to control the anger and the glare that was threatening to show on his face. If he showed even a slight sign of weakness in front of Fugaku, then things would get worse. He made his voice calm. "So you're saying I'm not allowed to date?"

"I'm saying you can date any man or woman, whichever you prefer as long as they are my client's or partner's children. Anything that helps the company." He looked at Itachi's incredulous face and mistook why the incredulousness was there. "Yes you may date boys too; I believe the society has opened up to this now."

Itachi shook his head. "Father, I have someone I love...I don't want to give that up for the company...and I don't understand why you would look elsewhere if I failed, you still have Sasuke..."

"Sasuke was a mistake. I did not intend to have two children right from the start. Sasuke can make his own way in this world, as long as he keeps our image intact. But you, Itachi...if you cross me in this matter, then I will disown you. When I do that, I'll disown Sasuke and your mother as well..."

Itachi took a small step back in shock. "You wouldn't..."

Fugaku smiled amiably. "I would. If you think I have any feelings or attachment to either of them, then you're wrong. I love you, Itachi, but if you cross me or hurt the company, that won't be an issue. I'll just disown all of you. So think carefully about how much your love is worth."

At first it felt like someone had dropped cold water on him; the feeling slowly gave way to a sharp pain that seemed to explode within him. Could he really continue to love Sasuke now? His love would bring his whole family pain, even if it was never revealed. Itachi knew that this had to happen at sometime, but he'd never thought his happiness could last just a year.

His father turned to look at him, his expression as cold as ever. "Glad we've sorted that out. You can go now; I've a lot of things to think about."

Itachi nodded and walked out; eyes not really focussing on which direction he was going in. Sasuke intercepted him on his way back. The boy's dark eyes so like his own were filled with fear and concern.


As the dark, deep voice washed over him Itachi made a decision. Two weeks. Just two more weeks and then he'd stop it all. He smiled at Sasuke and tousled his hair. "It's fine otouto..."

He could see Sasuke didn't believe him, so he upped the act a little. "Look, let's go out for a drive okay? Get some food and just chill? It really was fine. He just wanted to know if I was dating someone he knew..."

He couldn't believe the weeks had passed so quickly. Now the only sound in the room where they'd had so many pleasant memories was Sasuke's tortured breathing. Itachi could literally hear the boy hold back his tears; that alone tore him to bits inside.

"What do you mean?"

Itachi braced himself to face the one person he loved the most in world. "I don't love you anymore..." he saw Sasuke's fists clench reflexively. "I do, but...I'm not in love with you anymore." He paused for a bit. "For a while I've been close to someone else...someone at college. He wants to date me. I think it would be better for us both if I did. You need to find someone you love Sasuke...I'm sorry but I can't be in this relationship anymore."

There were a few minutes of hurt silence stretching between them like a gulf, before Sasuke turned to quickly run out, slamming the door behind him. Itachi dropped onto his bed like a rock, wondering how he was going to cope with this mind erasing pain that threatened to overwhelm him.

A month passed. Then two. But Sasuke still would not talk to him, though he did act fine in front of his parents. Itachi wondered why he still couldn't function correctly. He'd mindlessly slept with about five random people, tried dating one or two of his father's client's children, but he'd found it was all meaningless. He grew tired of them quickly, they grew tired of his broodiness and everything fell apart.

He walked to his room and shut the door behind him. His room was utterly dark, only lit by the light of his computer. Itachi sat down in front of it, opening up a game of chess. These days he just played five chess games against the computer, all lone, locked up in his dark room. Then he'd win all the games and go to bed, before forcing himself up for another day of college.

A knock on his door startled him. He wondered if it was his mother once again back to find out what was wrong with him. He sighed and didn't bother to turn around. She could say whatever she had to say to his back. It was always the same thing anyway.

The door opened and Itachi waited for the first barrage to start. Instead he only heard the door close again and the click of a lock. Perplexed and suddenly scared that it was his father, Itachi whirled the huge comfortable office chair around to see...Sasuke.

The boy looked beautiful in the dim blue light shed by the laptop. He also looked frustrated. Itachi gaped at him for a minute. "Sasuke..." the name slipped out in a pained whisper. Itachi's tight grip on his emotions seemed to be a tad loose after all.

Sasuke walked up to him and suddenly slid onto his lap, legs sliding into the sides of chair. He had effectively trapped Itachi in the chair, making sure his older brother would listen. "Itachi..." Itachi had tensed completely under him. Sasuke bit his lip a little uncertainly, before his lips suddenly met Itachi's. For a few minutes both brother's got carried away, their lips moving softly on each other's, before Itachi came to his senses and shoved Sasuke off his lap.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Sasuke stood up and brushed himself off. "I'm just seeing if you still want me...physically at least."

Itachi took a few deep breaths as guilt, anger, lust but most of all pain thudded through his frame. "Okay, you got your answer, now get out!"

Sasuke stood his ground, looking calculatingly up at Itachi. "Look, I understand. I went about this wrong. Of course you and I could be like any two human beings. We can fall in and out of love. The thing is Itachi, I don't care if you don't love me...I can't stay away from you. This whole mess is taking a toll on everyone! So...so let me be with you..."

Itachi opened his mouth angrily, about to shoot down the boys plan when Sasuke held up a hand. "Itachi...let's be brothers with benefits okay? I'll get over you somehow...we'll date other people...whatever..." now desperation entered his voice. "But please...let me be with you, at least physically if not anything else...please. I'll really try to get over you! Please..."

Itachi knew he should have shoved the boy out of the room and wallowed in his everlasting misery. But as Sasuke launched himself at him, Itachi just clung on to the hope that everything would turn out okay...that they'd stop loving each other...that they'd move on...he'd move on...

But he hadn't.

The Itachi that lay on the bed now, two years later, was still as madly in love with Sasuke as he had been before. Uchiha's were great at controlling their emotions. Itachi was no less. Ever since that day Sasuke had come to him with the 'brothers with benefits' proposal, Itachi had reigned in that crazy love he felt for his brother, keeping everything muted to an acceptable level.

Gaara came along and his little brother fell in love. It had hurt all the time to see Sasuke talk about the new red head he'd met. Itachi was ashamed. He'd taken greater pains to be exceptionally unforgettable to his little brother even though Sasuke had wondered whether they should end things with each other. The end he'd had in mind had been to wipe Gaara out of Sasuke's mind and get Sasuke to break up by himself...things hadn't gone as planned. He'd ended up making Sasuke more dependent on him, which is why Gaara had caught them fooling around in the living room once when they're parents were away. Sasuke had been hurt.

Itachi sighed and turned to look at his beautiful dark angel all splayed out next to him. His heart squeezed inside of him, love and guilt eating away at him from inside. Sasuke made him weak. He should have had the courage to break it all off.

Naruto. Itachi didn't know what drew him to Naruto. Naruto made him feel comforted, happy and glad to be alive. When Itachi was with Naruto, he felt he was allowed to be happy that it was okay not to feel guilty. Itachi really loved Naruto. That time in the cafe with Naruto, Itachi thought he'd burst with happiness when Naruto said he felt like he was a part of the family. Itachi went out of his way to spend time with Naruto. There he needed no acts...he could be himself, laugh, cry, get mad or just show his whole range of emotions the way he couldn't with Sasuke.

Naruto. Sasuke. Naruto. Sasuke.

Itachi huffed and got out of bed. He was starting to think he was falling for Naruto too. But weirdly enough, his feelings for Sasuke were still the same. He was getting more eaten up by the guilt of falling for Naruto, but also by the guilt of being in love with Sasuke. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Sasuke blinked sleepily at the sudden roar of frustration from Itachi. "Itachi?"

His brother looked at him smiling tiredly. "Go back to sleep, Sasuke. I'm just thinking about work..." Sasuke. He would always choose Sasuke, so he'd better stop thinking about the blond.

Naruto sighed. After they'd gotten home last night, Sasuke had just gone straight to his brother's room and Naruto hadn't seen hide or hair of the raven boy. He smacked himself and shook his head a little. Sasuke belonged to Itachi. Full stop. So what the heck had he been doing kissing the bastard like his life depended on it?

Naruto tried to will away all the guilt inside him. He felt like he'd betrayed Itachi and made Sasuke cheat on him. Gah! All this after Sasuke had so nicely asked him to hang with the two of them during the festival. He looked at himself in the mirror. All blond, tan, blue eyed and defined. Damn it he was HOT! So why couldn't those two men out there like him?

"You suck." He told himself in the mirror. "They're both being really nice. Itachi is one of the best and coolest guys you've ever met and you go do this." He threw himself onto the couch at one end of his room. "But Itachi is hot. Itachi's hot and really nice. Sasuke's cold and a bit of a bastard...goddamnit I can't have either of them and I bloody want them both!"

It felt like the sexual frustration demons inside him were going to hang, draw and quarter him. He grimaced at the picture in his mind. Okay, so first things first. He would have to go do something uber-active, so he could get tired enough to not be horny. Then he would have to see if there was anyone he would like to date. A girl preferably. Someone as far from dark and pale as possible. With big boobs. He nodded to himself.

He stood up and pulled on some nice bright orange basketball shorts and grabbed the ball from the floor. For some unknown reason the basketball court was a mile away from the house though still on the mansion grounds. He'd been there with Itachi before. He decided it was just what he needed; a place that was secluded where he could get away from all this for a while.

He looked around for a t-shirt and then picked a light green one from a pile on the floor. Yanking it on, he headed down the stairs and out to the back of the house from where a path to the court began. At the path he suddenly stopped. Dismay and delight warred within him like a pair of gladiators who were evenly matched. Neither one of them winning. Dark black eyes stared back at him quizzically.

Itachi was dressed for a game too, and had been about to head down the path. Naruto sighed. No one could ever cut him some slack. He grinned at the older Uchiha a bit sheepishly. "Yo, Itachi!"

The young man grinned back. "Out for a game? Are you a mind reader or are we just connected in some weird way and have the same thoughts?"

Naruto shook off the 'mind in the gutter' images that the word connected sent to his head and nodded. "Think you can beat me?"

Itachi rose to the challenge. His handsome face set in confidence. "Think the sky'll turn green anytime soon?"

Naruto suddenly took off towards the court. "Ittaaaaachhhhhhhhiii you're so old!"

"Damn brat!" Itachi took off after the blond, adrenaline and exhilaration pounding through him.

They were both panting when they reached the basketball court. But being the manly men that they were, they quickly decided on five sets of five-point games. It was their favourite way to play one on one, it gave both of them an equal advantage. They tossed the ball into the air. Itachi jumped and caught the ball, dribbling it expertly and heading towards the basket. Cursing a little Naruto tackled him.

While Itachi was really good at getting the ball and tackling, Naruto's control of the ball when it was in his hands was amazing. He could shoot from half court and still the ball would zing into the basket. So what Itachi had to focus on was using his height and tackling skills, to never let Naruto get the ball in the first place.

Itachi won the first game. But Naruto won the second and third games quite easily. Itachi frowned, his competitive side a little miffed that Naruto had already won two games. This fourth game was extremely important to him. If Naruto won here, then Itachi would have lost and lost badly at that. Itachi shucked off his t-shirt, it was too hot to wear anything beyond the minimum requirement. He looked over to see the blond doing the same. Itachi swallowed a little. Damn, the blond was hot. Itachi especially loved watched how Naruto's muscles flexed or rippled when the boy expertly dribbled that ball. He could have kicked himself. No wonder Naruto was winning, if all the Uchiha could concentrate on was how hot his opponent was.

Naruto on the other hand sighed in relief. The only reason he thought he was one upping the Uchiha was because he was playing to get them both off his mind. Sometimes the adrenaline conjured up by sexual frustration could really help. He turned to see if the older Uchiha was ready when his breath caught in his throat. Itachi had taken off his damned shirt too! Naruto swallowed hard. Now how was he supposed to concentrate? Utilizing sexual frustration is fun when you weren't rubbing your naked skin against one of the said objects of frustration. Sighing he headed back onto the court. Keep it together Naruto...

The game began. This time it was faster paced than the other three, since both men were desperate to win and ignore their attraction for each other. Itachi tackled Naruto, but the boy managed to get passed him. He aimed and shot at the basket. But Itachi jumped and intercepted it, before taking off towards the other basket. Naruto chased after him, but made it too late as Itachi took a perfect three pointer shot. Naruto cursed and caught the ball as it bounced towards him. He dribbled the ball, planning his next move. He would head towards the basket and then shoot from just under it. Right under Itachi's nose as revenge for the earlier basket.

Naruto's move worked out as planned, he managed make it past Itachi's tackle and he'd gotten to the spot he wanted to shoot from. He aimed and shot, but he hadn't counted on Itachi lunging for the ball as it left his hands. The result: they crashed into each other and fell down in a hot tangle of man limbs.

Naruto let out a whoosh of breath as he hit the ground hard, the older Uchiha crushing even more breath out of him. It took a few minutes, but he opened his eyes to see Itachi bent over him, his face very very close to his own. Naruto's eyes traced the older Uchiha's face minutely, making sure to fix every detail clearly in his mind. The pale skin, one shade darker than Sasuke's, those black eyes that could brim with warmth when Itachi was happy; but which were deeper and darker now for some reason, those two lines that went from Itachi's eyes to his cheeks, those perfectly shaped light lips and all that dark mass of hair escaping from Itachi's pony tail. Naruto's eyes finally roamed back up the face to lock onto those dark eyes; he felt his whole body flush with heat as he looked into those eyes. Little Naruto down there was reacting almost instantly to this sex god bending over him.

Itachi had hit the ground pretty hard on his forearms, but the rest of him had been cushioned by the blond stud muffin below him. There was absolutely nothing feminine about Naruto. The boy was all hard muscle, sculpted jaw and aquiline nose. But it was that subtle masculinity meshed with Naruto's ability to show emotion that yanked Itachi's interest around like a dog on a leash. Now, flush against one of the men he'd been dreaming about, the lust that had refused to surface after his dream, suddenly spread through him like wild fire.

Itachi looked into those blue eyes, reading the answering lust in them. Their chests were half pressed against each other and Itachi could feel the spike in Naruto's temperature. Something primal awoke within him, something only Sasuke had been able to make him feel. Here they were in the middle of the mansion grounds, with no one to see them, on top of each other...they could do anything.

Itachi bent down his eyes still locked onto the vivid blue ones. He captured Naruto's lips softly at first, in a small testing kiss. It was just a tentative meeting of their lips, chaste, sweet, soft...but the rush of lust that followed, hidden in their bodies was incredible.

Naruto almost gasped at the urge to just kiss the Uchiha senseless. It was different from what he'd felt for Sasuke, that was like lightning, whereas the heat here was like lava. Naruto fought to control his urges; he needed to see what Itachi would do next.

Itachi pulled back to look at the blond, they were both a little flushed and panting. He angled his head and bent down again this time meshing their lips together quite harshly. It started out with their lips meeting in a rough sensuous way, Naruto's lips closing on Itachi's bottom lip, sucking lightly. They broke away seconds before moving back into another rough, quick meshing of their mouths.


Naruto could never keep his hands still. His hands moved up Itachi's smooth pale back, counting almost each bump in his spine as their kisses increased in intensity. Another rush of lust hit them.

Now Naruto suddenly feeling the need for dominance kissed back just as hard, his tongue hesitantly but firmly tracing the seam of Itachi's mouth. When the older raven obliged, Naruto slid his tongue in, mapping Itachi's mouth. The boy also kept trying to roll them over.

Itachi smirked in his lust hazed mind. The little brat was trying to dominate him. Itachi slipped his hands into the sunshine hair and held the boy's head in a firm grip. He forcefully subdued Naruto's tongue, before going back to their earlier kisses, only this time with him in control. Their tongues danced as their lips moved against each other's desperately. They should have stopped there. They really should have, but Naruto got so caught up in it; he bucked.

Itachi's control vanished. He growled low and ground down hard against the younger male. In seconds, the two were bucking against each other, thrusting hard, while their lips remained meshed trying to suck the souls out of each other.

Naruto hands left their perusal of the pale back and ran through Itachi's hair, yanking out the tie that held his hair back, only to get to a frenzied massaging of Itachi's head.

Itachi's hands ran down Naruto's chest, flicking nipples randomly, creating small fires everywhere he touched. Their slick and bare upper bodies slid against each other.

Their gym shorts had begun to ride down, their half exposed cocks still grinding against each other in a violent bid for release. They could both feel their groins tightening as more of their exposed flesh met and rubbed. Naruto stopped kissing Itachi, his head back, eyes scrunched up and panting hard. Itachi's hands stopped their roaming and grabbed onto Naruto's forearms for better purchase as he began grinding more purposefully.

Their cocks rubbed against each other, throbbing and pulsing, their shorts having slid down to their thighs almost. Finally Itachi couldn't take it anymore; he grabbed both cocks in his hand and started to stroke them at a really fast pace.

Naruto thought his brains might melt in his head. His body was going through an overload of sensation with all the frustration he'd experienced before. He sucked in a breath and was the first to break the silence. "I...Itachi..."

The older Uchiha bent over him, his head right next to Naruto's year, as he pumped them both towards completion. "Nnnh...Cum...for me...Naruto..."

Naruto felt it the coiling in his stomach reach its crescendo at Itachi's voice. With a short cry of the Uchiha's name, Naruto came hard into Itachi's hand. The older Uchiha followed right away and they collapsed against each other panting hard, their cum generously coating their chests and stomachs.

[Lime-Lemon End]

It took them awhile to come down from their highs. Itachi was the first to pull away, he reached for his t-shirt and his bottle of water which was lying on the bench close by and wiped them clean. He didn't really know what to think. He and Sasuke had always been okay about dating other people, but this felt really wrong in a right sort of way. He couldn't help his quick scan of the area around them to see if anyone was around. He kicked himself. This was out in the open; they could have been caught by a gardener, servant or maybe even Sasuke.

Naruto felt incredibly guilty. There went his resolution of avoiding the Uchiha boys sexually. But Naruto being Naruto, couldn't hold in the frustration, he cried out loudly and hit the ground hard. "Shit!" He jumped up before Itachi could say anything and took off down the path.

Itachi called after him, but the blond didn't stop. Itachi sat down on one of the benches and hung his head. He stayed that way for the next ten minutes, his mind running through what he could have done differently, always ending up at not kissing the blond for some reason. He ran a frustrated hand through his locks before picking up the discarded hair tie. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Fuck!"

He turned to leave and his eyes widened in shock.

Sasuke woke up to an empty bed. Itachi's spot was still warm, so Sasuke knew that he must have left recently. He sighed and stood up. Locating his clothes proved to be a little bit of a hassle; he'd gotten extremely aggressive with Itachi last night. It was his attempt to prove to himself that the moment of madness he'd had with Naruto the evening before meant nothing. It had worked. Whatever this crazy lust he had towards the blond was, Itachi could always wash it all away.

Sasuke smirked bitterly to himself. Even after being dumped by his own brother, he hadn't really lost his feelings for said brother. He really had loved Gaara, but Sasuke had long since realised that it was possible to love different people at the same time. After a ton of speculation, he'd come to the conclusion that not everyone got over or got their first loves. They lived with it and moved on, found someone else they could love and hopefully that would slowly ease the feelings for the old love.

The flaw in his plan: he was still sleeping with Itachi. Sasuke sighed. Now there was the Naruto complication. Yes Sasuke admitted he could love more than one person, but he desperately did not want Naruto to be the second person he fell for. Already he felt like he'd cheated on Itachi, all because of the level of emotion and lust he felt for his blond house guest.

Sasuke peeked out the door. When he was satisfied that no one was around, he snuck into his own room. After a quick shower, he decided he wanted to go find Itachi. He spent a while looking around the house, but Itachi didn't seem to be anywhere. His car was still in the garage, so Sasuke decided to check the basketball court. He started off down the long path to the court at a leisurely pace. He loved the plum trees his mother had insisted on having which lined this particular path. He wondered how he was going to tell Itachi about what had happened between him and Naruto. Not that Itachi would care, he felt bitterness rise up in him again.

Sasuke clenched his hands and shoved the bad feeling back in. Their relationship had been wrong right from the beginning. He had been stupid thinking it would last forever. Itachi was allowed to have feelings for other people. Itachi was right to have dumped him. Sasuke himself had feelings for other people didn't he? Like Gaara? He immediately shoved away Naruto's image which flickered in his head. At least Itachi was tolerating him physically; Sasuke was glad to still have even that little bit of his brother. He came out of his musings to hear strange sounds.

Instinctively Sasuke ducked behind a large tree trunk and slowly leaned out from behind it. His stomach dropped painfully, leaving him very short of breath.

Itachi and Naruto...were on the floor of the court. Their mouths meshed together, grinding into each other!

Sasuke didn't realise how his hands gripped the tree hard, he just silently watched as the two on the court finished. He ducked back when Itachi looked around. Then he saw Naruto freak out as always and take off back towards the house. He watched as Itachi suddenly looked stricken; before he sat down, head in his hands. It was only then that Sasuke let himself slide down to the ground.

He struggled with the feelings of betrayal that churned in his stomach, sending up balls of anger that floated above everything. Here he was wondering how to tell his brother that he'd kissed Naruto while Itachi was doing far more than kissing. It slapped Sasuke in the face that he did have feelings for the blond. He almost laughed. Both the people he thought he had feelings for were getting together. The whole time he'd been fighting his feelings for Naruto, Itachi had been capitalizing on getting with the blond.

Then Sasuke came to a decision. He'd join in. He wasn't going to let either of them leave him.

He saw Itachi shift and decided he'd go meet his beloved brother. No, no need for Itachi to know that Sasuke had seen anything. He loved the shocked guilty expression on his brother's face and gave his brother an innocent smile.

"I thought you'd be here." He let his eyes roam the court. "Where's Naruto? Did you guys finish your game?"

The relief in Itachi's eyes was evident. "Nah, he just took off. He had other things to do apparently."

"Oh, ok. So do you want to head back for breakfast? I'm starving."

The two brothers made their way back to the house. One wallowing in guilt, while the other plotted to keep his love.

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