She was sitting under the dim lamp in the dingy motel room sewing a button onto one of his shirts when he came back from hunting yet another preternatural creature. Every single motel room they stayed in seemed to not like to shine too bright of a light onto the occupants surroundings. The owners were probably afraid that their customers would see the stains covering the old carpet, or the rust streaks in the sink and shower, or really take notice that the mirror in the bathroom was cracked, or see the insects that ran about the dirty room and that their customers would demand a refund. Dean never quite understood that. People who stayed in these kinds of places were only concerned with cheap, and some, like him and his family, were more concerned with the fact that the owners of these kinds of places didn't ask questions. He often pleaded with Hannah to buy a lamp for when she did these kinds of tasks, he didn't want her eyes to be any more strained than they already were. Her glasses reminded him of coke bottles as it was. She never said anything and she never bought another lamp. He was sure it was because she didn't think it was necessary.

A lot had changed since Sammy left. He didn't have his hunting partner, sparring partner, his friend and companion. Their dad had always stayed in the room next door and since Sammy had left, Hannah now stayed in the room with him rather than their father like she usually did. He often wondered if she did that to try to comfort him in their brother's absence. She looked up at him when he shut the door and her face registered concern. He probably looked like he had been pummeled by a ten foot grizzly bear, and honestly that's how he felt, but he knew that most to all of the wounds were superficial and nothing to worry about.

She stood and crossed the small room as he put the keys to his beloved car on the small table and took off his black coat. When she reached him she looked into his eyes and then surveyed the rest of him.

"I'm fine Hannah. Really I am." She said nothing but the look in her eyes said volumes.

"I know, I'm getting pummeled more often. But Sammy isn't there to tell me when something is coming up behind me." She raised her eyebrow.

"Come on Hannah, give me a break. It's only been a couple of weeks since Sammy left. I'm just not used to it." She sighed.

"I know I know! You don't have to yell." He turned away from her and wiped the blood out of his eyes. "You're right…maybe I don't want to get used to it. Maybe I want him to be there, and I figure if I let myself get hurt enough he'll just know and come back." His shoulders slumped and he turned back around. He ran his hand down his face and sighed.

"I hate it when you are right." He took another deep breath. "I'm gonna go take a shower." When the bathroom door shut and the water turned back on Hannah sat back down and continued to fix the button on Dean's favorite shirt. Just as the water was shutting off she heard her phone ring and she answered it.

"Hello?" she said in her soft whisper of a voice.

"Hannah? It's Sam." She smiled.

"Hi." She said and Sam could tell that she was happy to hear from him.

"Is Dean okay?"

"He's in the shower."

"He got hurt pretty bad tonight didn't he? God I miss him."

"How are your grades?"

"Straight As."

"Like it?"

"I absolutely love it here. I have friends and there is this girl that I want to ask out……" He continued in her silence to share what was going on in his life. What he didn't know was that it was no longer her that was on the other end listening to him prattle on and on about his new wonderful life, it was Dean. She had handed the phone to his brother and Dean sat there, eyes closed a mix of emotions playing across his heart. He was torn between being pleased that is brother was so happy and sad that his brother didn't miss him enough to want to come home. Dean had trained himself for years not to allow himself to cry and today was a test of that training. There was no way he could let Sammy hear him cry.

Sam would never know that it wasn't his sister, for it was rare that Hannah ever spoke. Dean watched his silent sister tie the thread off and appraise her work. He mouthed 'thank you' and she nodded.