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So, how exactly does Renee feel about Edward, and his relationship with Bella? How does she figure out about their romantic affinity? Renee's point of view.

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I was on an airplane without quite remembering how I had gotten there or where I was going. I had spent most of the trip examining the feathery white clouds and wide expanse of clear, blue sky outside the window, trying to make some sense of the last couple of hours. A phone call, a voice I didn't recognize, a mad rush to the airport… The flashes of memory were jumbled, confused, and try as I might, I couldn't make them into coherent thoughts.

I glanced at the seat next to me, then the aisle seat, and then at the row across from me. Where was Phil? Was it him I was rushing to see? He had signed with that new team… did he get hurt?

I quickly bent to retrieve my purse from under the seat in front of me, which wasn't exactly easy considering the guy next to me could be line backer for the Cowboys, thus took up a lot of room, as well as the cramped quarters of an airplane in general. I fished around inside my purse for my boarding pass stub. I squinted at it, remembering for the fiftieth time to get reading glasses. 5:00 pm, flight 4527, Phoenix. Phoenix? Phil was with the Suns in Florida. If it wasn't him, who could I be heading back to Phoenix for?

And then I remembered.

I had just gotten in from grocery shopping, and caught the phone on the third ring.

"Is this Renée Dwyer?" The voice was female, young, and musical to the ears. I remember it sounded like a chorus of crystal bells.

"Yes?" I answered, fully expecting the next sentence to contain some sales pitch.

"My name is Alice Cullen. I'm a friend of your daughter's."

"Bella?" I asked, surprised and yet glad Bella had made some friends in Forks. She spent too much time alone, in my opinion.

"Yes. I'm afraid to inform you there's been an accident. You might want to come right away."

"An accident?" I echoed weakly. I felt the grocery bags slip from my grasp. I ignored the dull thump as the watermelon hit the linoleum, and clutched the phone closer to my ear. "What kind of accident?"

"Don't be alarmed. She's alright. We're in the hospital, and the doctors say she's in a severe but stable condition. She's sedated now, but when she wakes up she'll be asking for you."

I knew my eyes were as wide as saucers, my mouth hanging open numbly. It was a couple seconds before I could speak again.

"Mrs. Dwyer?" Alice Cullen asked, worry evident in her silky voice.

"How soon can I get to Forks?" I wondered aloud.

"We're in Phoenix," she responded.

It was Bella. Bella had been in an accident. My little girl had been in an accident and was sedated somewhere in the Phoenix Memorial Hospital. I had no idea the cause or nature of her injury; I had hung up too quickly, anxious to call US Air and book a flight in time. I had thrown a few things in my overnight bag, grabbing my purse and scribbling a note to Phil on my way out.

I arrived at the airport in a daze, moving bewilderedly through security. I didn't even notice the take off — usually my favorite part of the plane trip — and if I hadn't looked out the window and seen the sprawling countryside below, I would have thought we were still on the runway.

Night was falling by the time the plane touched down again. I didn't even feel the swell of happiness at coming home. I was far too worried about my daughter, lying in a bed somewhere with strangers around her. Luckily the line backer next to me remembered my carry-on bag, or else I would have left it in the overhead compartment.

I caught a taxi outside the baggage claim, and headed straight for the hospital.

I was well acquainted with the emergency room, having taken Bella there many times before. By the time she was in fourth grade, she knew every one of the staff on a first name basis.

"I'm here to see my daughter, Isabella Swan." I said breathlessly to the receptionist at the counter. She looked up from her computer, and with sloth-like movements drew a manila folder out of a drawer.

"She's under anesthesia right now. It would be best if you waited out here."

My already frayed nerves were dangerously close to the breaking point. This woman was about to be on the receiving end of my frustration. "You. Don't. Understand. I just traveled a thousand miles to get here. I have no idea what's going on, what happened to my daughter, and whether or not she will recover. You are the only thing standing between me and that information. So once again, I am here to see "

"Bella Swan?" A voice behind me finished my sentence.

I saw the receptionist's wide-eyed look shift from me to someone over my left shoulder. She blushed, and returned to her paperwork.

I slowly turned, and came face to face with the source of the voice.

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