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Life has been peacefull for the Magirangers. Or at least as peacefull as it can be. Though there's an evil out there, ready to strike at any time, it hasn't let itself be heard lately. For this reason, on his day off, we find Kai at the Ozu residence, watching TV, and flipping the channels.

This behaviour of his was something that started to bother his siblings.

"What exactly are you doing?" Hikaru asked him.

Annoyed, Kai replied: "Trying to find something good to watch."

"Now come on, Kai!" Makito started, "For once you're home all day, and you plan on watching TV the whole day?"

"We hardly even see you, ever since you started working on Infershia!" Houka reasoned.

"And I've hardly kept up on what's happening on TV!" Kai said.

"So you'd rather spend the whole day in front of the screen, rather than with your siblings?" Urara couldn't believe she was hearing this.

"Well, unless you know any..." Kai started, but saw something on TV that kept him from finishing his sentence, "What the...?"

"Are you even listening to us?" Urara started, as did everyone else in the room.

Eventually, Tsubasa was the one to keep everyone down: "Everybody! Look!"

He pointed at the TV-screen, where everybody looked. None of them could believe what they saw either. The screen showed the six of them, except that it was shown in such a way that it suggests that the people behind the masks are really westerners.

"What's going on!" Hikaru wondered.

"You guys don't know?" Houka started, "I read that they were working on a TV show based on the rumoured magicians, somewhere in New-Zealand!"

"You knew and you didn't tell us?" Kai sounded angry.

"I only knew they were working on it!" Houka defended herself, "I didn't think it would be out this soon!"

Makito, who was virtually the only one that understood what the opening credits said, stated: "Power Rangers Mystic Force? What kind of a name is that?"

"But how could they know how to work on our suits?" Tsubasa wondered.

"Do you think that er... that Sutokeru told them anything?" Kai suggested.

"I don't think so." Urara replied, "He didn't even knew we existed before he met us."

"Or rather still existed!" Hikaru corrected her.

"Why won't we watch and see?" Houka suggested.

Since what they were watching was dubbed in Japanese, Makito stated: "Is that Ito Yuki that's doing the green guy's voice?"

"Who's Ito Yuki?" Hikaru asked.

"A very bad actor!" Makito answered, "And definately no better as a voice actor."

Kai sushed Makito, hoping that he'd be able to catch enough of the show.

The episode they watched had, however few, many resemblences to some of their own adventures. There were many things that were different however. None of the Magirangers even expected that these people would allow their fictional counterparts to be even bigger idiots than Kai, upon which Kai responded badly. The only good thing about this show however, or at least in Kai's opinion, was the fact that the red guy was riding a dragon of his own. Not only that, it also changed into some kind of a suit for the red guy to wear.

After the show was over, the Magirangers's opinions were more or less unanymous.

"They did a terrible job at creating those characters!" Makito remarked.

"If they'd make them look exactly like us, we wouldn't have done a good job at hiding our identity as magicians either." Urara reasoned.

"Yeah, but still... why did I have to be that..." Makito couldn't find any good word to discribe the green guy from the series.

Everyone went on like this for a while. Only Kai seemed to be quiet. Or rather, he was quiet about giving such bad critisisme.

"Did you guys see how cool I looked with that dragon suit?" he started.

"It wasn't you at all!" Tsubasa corrected him, "It was some character on TV!"

"I know, but it looked like it was me!" Kai couldn't be convinced otherwise, "If only I had such a dragon of my own... that would be so..."

"Hold on!" Makito started, "What do you mean, 'a dragon of your own'? We can tranform into a dragon ourselves! Isn't that enough for you?"

"I know you can!" Kai explained, "But that's not the same! I would only have a dragon if you guys change into one!"

"Even so, I don't think there are any dragons that could do that." Hikaru said.

"You don't think?" Kai questionned, "But you're not sure?!"

Hikaru thought about this, then replied: "No. I guess not."

"Maybe you should ask Mandoraboy, or Kaa-san!" Houka suggested, "They might know something."

Kai didn't need to think this through: "That's exactly what I'm gonna do! Thanks, Houka-nee-chan!"

He kissed her quickly, and went to look for his mother.

"Houka!?" Makito started, "Do you relise what you've just done?"

"Yes!" Houka cheered, "If he wants to start looking for a dragon, he'll have to do that along with us, right?"

"So he'll spend more quality time with us!" Tsubasa concluded, "Clever thinking!"

Note: I don't share the characters' opinion on "Power Rangers Mystic Force". I have never watched that show, so I have a little problem judging over it. Also, Ito Yuki, whom Makito badmouths in this chapter, is in fact the actor that portraited Makito.