'She didn't even say goodbye.'

Your heart thunders like it's trying to escape.

Your feet pound on the floor. Your footsteps echo in your ears.

You wonder why it's so quiet… so empty.

You feel your chest tighten.

It's hard to breathe.

The hall seems so long.

Like you'll never reach the end.

But you don't want it to end.

Just like you didn't want to wake up.

You wanted her to keep holding you in her arms.

You wanted to hear her whisper your name in your ear.

You wanted to feel her lips brush across your skin.

You wanted so desperately for things to stay the way they were.

But then… you did wake up.

You expected to see her face right next to yours.

But she was gone. And you didn't know where.

You got up; you knew something was wrong.

Your mind races.

Maybe something happened to her.

Otherwise she would've let you know…

She would've told you… warned you… right?

Finally, you reach the door.

You grasp it firmly, and try to stop your hands from shaking.

You have to find out. But you don't want to find out.

You pull and it slides open smoothly.

For a moment; nothing registers except for the inky darkness.

The room is empty.

Her throne is empty.

You walk in slowly.

Your vision blurs.

There's no sign. No note.

She left you.

She left you.

Your eyes narrow and tears trickle down your face.

You clench your jaw shut. You want to scream.

How could she have left you?

Didn't you mean anything to her?

Weren't you worth something?

Then you spot something in the corner of the room.

You walk slowly and try to stop yourself from shaking.

You reach out and touch the soft black fabric.

It's still warm. You try to blink away the tears.

They land on your hand.

You fall on your knees and bury your face into her shirt.

Her scent lingers and you breathe it in deeply.

Your tears soak the fabric as you choke back the sobs that threaten to break you.

Your hands curl into fists. Your nails dig into your skin painfully.

But that was okay.

Pain was good. Pain never betrayed you.

Pain kept you safe.

Pain kept things real.

You whisper her name and swear to yourself that you would catch her one day with your bare hands and make her pay.

'It's a promise,' she said.

But she left you…

And she didn't even say goodbye.