The Abduction

As the hurrendous noise of the Invasion grew louder and more scarier, 12 year old Holly and her two younger sisters, Abi 10 and Lucy 6 huddled in the corner of the basement hoping that nothing would happen to them.

"I wish Mummy and Daddy was here" weeped Lucy. Holly put a reassuring arm around her younger sister. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you" she reassured. Unfortunatly, their parents had been captured by the Aliens a few days ago so now Holly, being the oldest had to protect not only herself, but her sisters too. Some time later, the noise had died down. Holly sat on a chair near the window and looked at the empty and destroyed streets that was once her home. She remembered playing on that street when she was a little kid but now it was gone. Lucy had fallen asleep on the Motheaten sofa that was kept in their basement.Holly walked up to her and tucked the little girl's long brown hair behind her ear.

"I'm Hungry Holly" said a soft voice. Abi was stood behind Holly, clutching a soft toy in her arms. "Wait here, I'll go see if we've still got any food left in the kitchen and don't make a noise" warned Holly before descending up the creaky staircase and into the kithen. She took out a torch from her jeans pocket and slowly walked towards the fridge. She was just inches away from opening the fridge door when all of a sudden she heard a loud crash and the sound of two little girls screaming.

Quick as a flash, Holly dropped the torch on the floor and raced to the Basements. To her horror, she saw a huge hole in the wall and Abi and Lucy were nowhere to be seen. Holly looked on the floor and saw Abi's soft toy lying in front of her feet.Suddenly, a bright light filled the area. Holly shielded her eyes and saw a Tripod luming over the house and a tentecle came lurking through the big hole, straight towards Holly. She yelled and jumped out of it's reach but it was no use, the tentecle was following her every move. She had no choice but to escape up the stairs. She drew a deep breath and headed up the stairs and through the back door. It was horrifying to see the destroyed land but she didn't have time to mourne, she had to get away from the tripod that was pursuing her and find Abi and Lucy.

She began darting down the street when she bumped into something metal and cold. She looked to see that she had run straight into another Tripod. Holly went to run again but she was too late. The Tripod already had hold of her and was now lifting her from the ground.

"PUT ME DOWN" she screamed. Stupid idea, as if the Tripod would understand a word she said. Holly had a slight height phobia and when realising that she was at least hundred feet of the floor, she passed out just as the Tripod lowered her into one of the baskets underneath.