Rescueing Courtney

Holly screamed and screamed as she watched Courtney dissapear inside the tripod.

"GIVE HER BACK, GOD DAMN YOU, SHE'S JUST A KID" she screamed as she banged her fists agaisnt the metal walls of the tripod. One of the hostages dragged her away and tried to calm her.

"There's nothing more we can do, we'll just have to wait" he reassured. "But Courtney's my friend and she's got Asthma. If they do anything to her, it could result in her having an attack " Holly sobbed "I can't just leave her, I've lost my sisters. I can't leave Courtney alone" and she did something that made people think she was crazy, she climbed into the tripod.

"Are you stupid girl, you'll be killed" one of the hostages warned. "I don't care" Holly screamed "I need to get Courtney away from those monsters" and she had gone inside the tripod. She stood up and found herself stood in a long, metal corridor.

"Hang on Courtney, I'm coming" she whispered before going in search of her friend. The corridor seemed to last forever until Holly came to the examination room.

"Maybe she's in here" she muttered as she walked towards the doors which automaticly opened. The room was like an operating theatre in hospitals but it was full of Alien instruments and on the table in the middle, was Courtney.

"Courtney" Holly gasped as she rushed over to the little girl. She was strapped to the table and had her eyes closed.

"Courtney, wake up, please" pleaded Holly, shaking her a little. Courtney's eyes slolwy flickered opened and she turned her head to find Holly stood there.

"Holly, why are you here?" she asked. "Never mind that now, let's get out of here" Holly replied as she unstrapped Courntey from the table and helped her down. Imedietly, Courtney flung her arms around Holly.

"I thought you were never going to come" she sobbed. "Ssssh, it's ok" replied Holly, patting Courtney on the back. "Come on, let's get out of here" and the two girls walked out of the examination room and down the corridor.

"How are we going to escape, we're about hundred feet above the ground and I don't think we can slide down the tripod legs when it's moving" Courtney explained. Suddenly, Holly had an idea.

"Courntey, you're a genius" she said. Courntey hadn't had the faintest idea what she was talking about.

"I think you've lost it" she replied. "No, I haven't. Listen, when the tripod stops, we can slide down the legs and we can carry on finding my sisters" Holly explained. "Oh, right" came Courntey's response.

"But we'll need to hide first, come on in that cupboard thing". The two girls scurried in a small room and silently shut the door behind them. The room was full of all kinds of weird Alien things.

"Hope no Aliens come in here" Courtney whispered. "Me too, just keep quiet and we might not get discovered" Holly whispered. Suddenly, they heard two Aliens coming up the corridor. Thye remained silient as the Aliens stopped outside.

"I have some news" informed the first Alien. "What is it?" asked the second Alien. "The young female human has gone from the examination room". Courtney gasped slightly, she knew they was talking about her.

"But, it's impossible, she was secure, I fastened her on the table tightly" replied the second Alien with a hint of anger in it's voice.

"Maybe one of humans in the basket somehow got into the tripod and helped her" said the first Alien.

"Find her, bring her back to me" the second Alien ordered. "Yes" responded the first Alien and slithered away. Courtney was panicking and Holly was trying her best to calm her down.

"Ssssssssshhhh, it's ok, it's gonna be ok" she reassured but Courntey was crying. "No it won't, they're going to find me, I don't want them to find me" she sobbed.

"Stop this you hear, they are not going to find you, I'm going to get you out of here" Holly reassured. Suddenly, the Tripod came to a halt.

"Come on, let's go" said Holly as she helped Courntey to her feet. The little girl quickly clung to Holly and they made their way down the corridor when they were suddenly greeted by an Alien.

"Going somewhere?" it asked telepathelicly and in one of it's tenticals was an injection needle, ready to strike. Holly gasped and Courtney fainted to the floor.