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Two months went by, and they still didn't tell a soul. However, one day at work changed the situation. Amanda, their boss, declared quite out of the blue at the end of the day, that 'it would be good if she could catch them snogging senseless, because then she could tell her husband something a bit more exciting about work for once'. Fleur laughed nervously and Hermione nearly fell off her chair. According to Amanda their love was obvious. Her acceptance was a relief for the girls. However, they still acted like two girls working with each other and nothing more. The ministry was not the best place to expose their relationship.

Unfortunately, not everything went that smoothly. Some people were eyeing them in a disgusting way, and many boys wanted to 'know' them better. But their love was strong and got stronger with time.

Hermione's parents were not that pleased at the beginning, but accepted their daughter's choice when they saw the smile spreading on her face every time she looked at her girlfriend. She was their only child and they loved her dearly, no matter what.

It was easier with Fleur's parents. Somewhat, her dad had to face the same kind of rejection the day he wanted to marry a half-Veela. Indeed, the French witch's mother was kind of accused to use her thrall to make him marry her. So Fleur's parents were both happy that their daughter manage to find love as they knew it wasn't an easy task, especially for a part-Veela.

The Weasley family was stunned by the piece of news. Actually, they didn't really know how to react and their meetings were quite awkward for some time. But when Fleur and Hermione announced that they wanted to move in together, they realised how serious they were and celebrated with them.

So all in all, even if it was not always easy, the people they loved accepted their relationship and that was all that mattered. They were at the beginning of their lives, they loved their jobs, and they were living with the love of their lives. What else could you ask for?

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