TITLE: The Power Of A Kiss


PAIRING: Jack/Freya

TIMELINE: after Frozen

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is the shipper version of this part and follows "There he goes again." The prequel is a short story and recommended to be read first so you know what it's about. If I get a sufficient number of reviews I'll write a non-shipper version and a sequel.

SUMMARY: a Tok'ra love tale about love (naturally), devotion, happiness... NOT.


"Colonel O'Neill!"

Jack was abruptly broken out of his argument with Kanaan over something very important by the familiar voice of a certain female Tok'ra.

He spun on his heels to see her approaching him at a fast pace.

"How can I help you, Freya? Or is it Anise?"

Okay, so the constant nagging from his not-so-little-nor-cute hitch-hiker had finally gotten him to be nicer to the two... uh... women?

He was immensely glad that Kanaan was more male-like than female-like, but especially that Kanaan's mate... er.. wife... was a snake that took female-only hosts.

Sure, he was no adoring fan of the lovely scientist that had gotten him into so much trouble, but if his snake had to have a mate and his body had to be kissing that mate, he was glad that the other host was a woman, especially an attractive woman, and not a man. He would still rather be stuck in this predicament with Freya than with the other possibility. He just didn't swing that way and he'd flatten anyone who'd dare suggest the opposite.

Of course, he'd rather have been in this predicament with Sam, but he knew that he would never have a chance with her, no matter how much he loved her. She'd made it perfectly clear that day in the iso room that she didn't want a relationship with him, valued her career more than she cared for him and didn't want to risk, much less sacrifice, it for the likes of him.

She was probably waiting for some younger guy, one without all the issues and the baggage that Jack had and one a relationship with wouldn't require she sacrifice even a little of her precious career. Someone that would give her the normal life at the moment she'd decide she wants it and would be more like a puppy than a grown up strong man that she couldn't mold to her own wishes and desires.

Cause after all, isn't that what most, if not every, woman wants to do to the man she hooks up with? 'Train' him, change him, to make him fit her ideas of what he should be like?

So, he was just an old fool wasting his precious last years of that window of opportunity to find a woman to spend the rest of his life with, and possibly even have a family again, by pining for a younger woman that didn't want him.

For cryin' out loud, the only reason she'd asked him to take the snake was because of the intel it had for the Tok'ra and not because she couldn't bear to lose him, Jack. She hadn't even cried at the fact that he'd been about to die soon.

Okay, so he was bitter, very bitter, but 5 years of a mounting sexual frustration and unrequited love will do that to a guy.

"May I have a moment of your time, Jack?"

The use of his personal name had his eyebrows climbing to the skies and made it clear to him that the matter was indeed serious.


He glanced around, then dragged her into a conveniently-near storage room.

"Soo..." he prompted, drawing a confused look from her.

"Oh fer cryin' out loud!" he finally exclaimed "What did you want to talk about? The weather in these nice..." he waved his hand about and looked around faltering "... crystal tunnels? The amazing food in the commissary?" He then brightened up. "Fishing? Are there any fish on the planet?"

"I'm pregnant."

The abrupt declaration brought him up short.

Okay... so that wasn't what he'd expected... A little voice in the back of his head was doing a victory dance because it would mean that she wouldn't be dogging him anymore, being pregnant with another guy's kid. Kanaan, on the other hand, was for some reason laughing his snakey ass off.

' Shut up, you snake. '

- Sure thing, snakehead. - Kanaan knew it bothered Jack to be called that, because it was now true, no matter how temporary it was. And it also seemed that Jack's influence had mellowed him and let his evil, evil side out.

On the outside, Jack blinked, taken aback. "Uh, congratulations." it sounded more as a question than a statement.

"Thank you." she was still standing there, staring at him so intently that it unnerved him. This woman and her forwardness had always unnerved him. After spending the last five years around the woman who was so successful in pretending to feel nothing for him from fear that the wrong people would notice that she'd eventually even convinced him, he was certainly not used anymore to women who were direct and clear in their wish to be with him and thus had no idea how to respond or act.

Why was Freya still hanging around if she'd told him what she'd intended to? What did she expect of him? Fight for her honor? To kill the guy for knocking her up against her wishes? Cry? Challenge the guy (or was it the snake that had done the deed) to a duel and the winner would get her? Throw himself off a bridge because she was now pregnant with another guy's kid? Well, first he'd have to find a bridge on this damn desert planet...

Oooh... she was probably waiting for him to ask about the identity of the father.

"So, who's the lucky snakehead?" he winced at the name he used, but now that he was one of them, it didn't really have the bite that it'd once had.

"You." she said simply.

"Aaah!" he held up a finger. "Stop right there, sister! How can I be the father? We never did anything." he stammered ".. like that. Ever. Here. In these wonderful tunnels."

"We kissed." she said simply.

"Therefore?" he raised an eyebrow.

"I am not a human." explained Freya. As if that explained everything...

"Ya think?" Jack motioned with his hand for her to continue.

"We do not propagate the same as humans do anymore. 125 years ago my race, then still human, was almost extinct due to low birth rate and managed to preserve only through genetic engineering. Though we still have the same sexual organs as we did before and can thus still enjoy intercourse and get pregnant that way, sexual intercourse is no longer needed for impregnation." she stated in her calm scientist tone, the ones Carter used when she was explaining something, but wasn't entirely enthusiastic about it.

He was sure he'd never again ask Carter to explain anything to him, the memory of this talk would probably be too much.

That is, if he ever went back to Earth...



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