Windows to the Soul

Summary : His eyes were dark and empty like a starless midnight sky… She found herself being inexplicably pulled into them…

Chapter 1

I sit and I watch. I can be no further help. I am not strong, nor am I any type of a fighter. I am an intellect and I suppose, in my own way, I'm using that to fight. All my focus right now is on helping the most arrogant, selfish man I have ever met get stronger. It doesn't make sense, I know that. I have this nagging feeling deep inside that as soon as he's finished with the predicted androids in three years, he'll turn on us. It's a risk I have to take. He's strong and he will help us. I have no doubt that Goku will continually surpass his strength so the Earth isn't in any type of real danger.

I've grown tired of being indoors and have instead opted to sit out on the back deck with a science magazine and a glass of lemonade. I know I'm a geek, where as most women would grab a fashion or gossip magazine, here I am stimulating my brain on my off time. Yamcha, my boyfriend for the past decade, always scolds me about it and tells me that I should learn to relax more. I always promise him that I will but I never follow through on it. This is who I am and I don't understand why he can't accept me for it. I love him no matter what, at least I think I do. It's been so long now that I'm comfortable with him, sometimes I think that's all it is.

I sit here watching Yamcha train with his little companion, Puar, a flying cat like creature. He's been hanging around here a lot more lately after I offered Vegeta room and board. I think it's cute that he seems to think he'd be able to protect me if the Prince snapped, but I'm confident that I can hold my own with my flame haired guest.

I don't know a lot about Vegeta and probably never will. He doesn't talk much and most of what he does say are insults, boasting or commands. I try to look into his eyes to get some understanding of what he's feeling or thinking, but there's nothing there. His eyes are the most compelling things, even though I know they should be the most frightening. They are so empty, I can't tell anything from them because I don't think there's anything there.

I sneak a glance at the Gravity Room that is further back on the lawn to find flashing lights inside. It looks like Vegeta is going full force which means I'm sure I'll have some repairs to do by the end of the day. I can't help the sigh that comes out of my mouth. Yamcha hates me always fixing things for him and says I should make him fix them himself. I don't see that going over well and I don't feel like explaining to Mom and Dad why there's a wing missing from the house. I hate how Yamcha always puts me in the middle of him and Vegeta, I can't please them both at the same time.

I hear the GR door bang open which shakes me from my thoughts. I hadn't even realise that Vegeta had ceased training. I grit my teeth and sit up straight, readying myself for what was to come next.

"Woman!" I hear screamed in a gruff male voice as Vegeta walks out of the room and starts stalking towards me.

I roll my eyes, "what is it this time, your royal highness?" My voice is dripping with sarcasm and I notice with satisfaction that his sneer deepened. I also notice that Yamcha has ceased training and has come to stand a few feet to my right.

"Your inferior Earth technology, as always," Vegeta snarls. "Weakling technology made for a weakling planet." He stops a few feet in front of me and crosses his arms across his chest.

"It's not the technology that's the problem, it's the person using it," I reply as I narrow my eyes slightly at him. "I told you to take it careful with it, I am not at your beck and call to fix things that you break."

Vegeta's head tilts up a little, "you serve no other purpose."

"Hey! I have a lot of purpose here, buddy. A lot more then some freak alien who shall remain nameless," I cross my arms and turn my face to the side. I didn't mean to let him get to me, but his comment hit a little too close to home.

He snickered, knowing he got to me.

"Man, leave her alone," Yamcha piped up, trying to be my white knight, "she's relaxing, she's not working. She'll get to it when she gets to it."

This of course attracted Vegeta's anger and he took a few threatening steps towards Yamcha, "you do not tell me what to do," he told him, "you are filth compared to me. You wouldn't last two seconds with me and don't tempt me to prove it."

Yamcha's fear was obvious, but he stood his ground.

I sighed once more and stood up, "fine, I'll fix your toy, Vegeta, if it'll stop this disgusting show of testosterone." I started walking towards the GR without another word or look towards them but I knew Vegeta was following behind me.

As I steped into the GR, I notice nothing obviously out of the ordinary until I notice the control system. The cover is missing and the wires are in a ruckus. I rush over to it to survey the sparking damage. "Vegeta," I whine, "what did you do?"

"Nothing, woman. I was merely adjusting the controls when they started to malfunction," he told me.

I stared at him, at his eyes, for a second, but they never wavered. They never seemed to change with the movements of his mouth or his emotions, even his anger didn't touch them. I had a suspicion that he was lying about why the control system was in the mess it was, but I knew he'd never admit that it was his fault and not the fault of the technology. I looked away and to the wiring. I didn't dare touch it until I turned off the power and the main switch was in my laboratory. I had placed it there as an emergency measure in case I had to turn off the gravity or stop the rooms power for one reason or another. I sigh and turn to leave the room, expecting Vegeta to still be standing there. Of course he isn't and has already made himself scarce leaving me to fix his favourite toy. I roll my eyes and leave to go to my laboratory to turn off the power before I can get to work. Some relaxing day this turned out to be.


I barely touch my supper that night, I'm not really hungry. I move the fork around the plate, absently mixing together the various food on my plate. My mind is on my work and on technology. I have once again fixed the gravity machine but it's not better then it was before. I must find a way to make it better, to re-enforce the control panel and walls. I sigh audibly which makes my mother give me a worried look.

"Bulma, dear," she says in her airy voice, "you're not eating."

Always the master of the obvious is my mother. "I'm just not hungry," I mumble back.

"You should try to eat a little something more, must keep your strength up," my mother tells me in her high pitched chirp. I'm way past old enough for her lectures but for some reason, I just can't bring myself to move away from home.

"I know," I mumble again but still don't put any food into my mouth. I have no idea how I'm going to improve the gravity machine. Earth's strongest and best technology is already built into it but it's no match for Saiyan power. I should get some information about the Saiyan home planet and create a replica of their materials. They would obviously be strong enough to handle Saiyan power. Of course, to do that, I would have to talk to the one last living being who knew the Saiyan home planet and somehow sitting down to a polite conversation with Vegeta was not something I wanted to do. Maybe I'll invite Yamcha along to 'protect' me…

I look across the table to my boyfriend. He stayed for supper and is currently in a conversation with my father about baseball. My father doesn't follow sports much and looks to be a little bored by Yamcha yammering on. I feel bad for my father, I know what it's like to be in his position right now. I mentally scold myself, I don't know why I've been thinking such mean thoughts about Yamcha lately. I think he's around too much lately and it's starting to wear on me. It's not like I can tell him to leave though, he'd give me that stupid look and then proceed to rant about how I let a known killer live in my house but I make my own boyfriend leave. That's not something that I really want to get into.

I hear the front door open and close with a bang, signalling the return of the Prince. I haven't seen him since he left after he broke the gravity machine and has no doubt come back to see if I have finished the repairs. I excuse myself from the table to intercept him before he makes his way from the front sitting room to the dining room. I notice the displeased look on Yamcha's face and I give him a little apology smile before walking off to find the Prince.

I bump into him, literally, when I turn a corner to get from the hallway I was in to the sitting room. His hand shoots out and grabs my forearm to keep me from toppling backwards. I know it's instinct for him and in no way an act of kindness towards me. He retracts his hand when I'm steady and stares blankly into my eyes, his face a blank mask. With the barely five inches of space between us, I notice for the first time that if it wasn't for his hair, we'd be the same height. Then I notice that there's barely five inches of space between us and take a step back. This amuses him apparently as he smirks.

"What's so damn funny?" I ask, placing my hands on my hips and glaring into those bottomless eyes of his.

He shakes his head to dismiss the subject which annoys me slightly and I think he knows it.

"Why do I put up with you?" I ask rhetorically. The thought passes through my mind briefly that we'd probably get along a lot better if I didn't always act like I was in a snit around him. I ignore that thought and continue with my behaviour.

"Because you want to survive in three years time," he answers my question.

I stick my nose into the air slightly, "please, Goku will be able to defeat those androids blind folded with both hands tied behind his back."

Vegeta narrows his eyes slightly at me. I only ever bring up Goku when I want to irritate him more then usual and it works every time.

"But since he has some kind of thing against killing you, I have to put up with your psycho butt," I continue on before he has a chance to say anything, "now, if you will follow me, I'll show you the updated controls in my gravity machine." I turn on my heel and start down the same hallway I had come from before which will eventually bring us to the back of the house and the back door. I know he's following me, he wouldn't give up the chance to play with the gravity room.

I walk into the open room at the back of the house. There's not much here, just basically a storage room. When you have as many rooms as we do, it's hard to find something to full all of them. I head out the back door and over to the gravity machine. When I go up the ramp to the door of it, I finally pause and look behind me. He's right there, another half an inch and he'd be breathing down my neck. I can't help the gasp of surprise that comes out of my mouth. I turn forward again and fumble with the security code to get into the gravity room. I finally get it and happily step into the room, glad to put some space between us. I know it was an act of revenge for him, to get me back for what I said about Goku. I'll let it go for now since we're technically even. I walk over to the newly configured control panel. I couldn't duplicate the previous one and didn't want to anyway. I created new controls for everything and had to show him what each was for. He listened quietly at my side which I saw as a blessing. The less he spoke, the better as I saw it. I can't say I didn't care for our games, our verbal spars and vengeful attitudes were actually quite fun. It was like a blast of exhilaration when I saw his eyes narrow at me and I knew I had finally gotten a small victory against him.

I turned to him with a proud smile after finishing my explanation, "you think you can remember all that?"

He scoffed, "of course I can. It's hardly complex, of course, I wouldn't expect anything better of you."

"You have it backwards, Vegeta. I have to make it simple to match the mind of the one who uses it," I reply and cross my arms over my chest, not backing down to him.

"Don't use me as an excuse for your own meagre intellect, woman," he stated, "you might as well save some dignity and admit that your technology is lacking."

"I will do no such thing, I don't tell lies," I told him, "now, if you excuse me, there's many other places I'd rather be then standing here trying to convince a hard headed man that he's wrong." I stepped around him and walked out the open gravity room door. As soon as I did he closed it from inside and I'm sure got down to some training. That argument wasn't going to go anywhere, we might as well have been standing there saying 'is' and 'is not' over and over again, neither one of us were going to budge. With a tired sigh I entered the house again and made my way to the stairs that would take me upstairs to the bedrooms.

I entered my bedroom to find Yamcha sitting at my desk reading a magazine of some kind. He had long since decided that he could come and go from that room as he pleased and I apparently had no say in the matter.

Yamcha looked up when I walked in and gave me a bright smile, before it slowly turned into a frown. "Babe," he started slowly, "is that a bruise on your arm?"

"Huh?" I replied, completely confused. A bruise, what was he talking about? I looked at my forearm and my eyes widened. I had a large, faint bruise on it. My mind hurriedly went over the events of the day backwards until I figured out what had happened. Vegeta must have grabbed my arm a little too hard when I had bumped into him. I chuckled, I hadn't even noticed.

"That's funny?" Yamcha asked, getting to his feet to face me. "Did that murderer do this to you?"

I rolled my eyes and smiled at him, "inadvertently," I told him.

"Inadvertently or not, I don't care," he stated. "Bulma, I don't want that man living here with you. Look how easily he can hurt you."

"Chill out, Yamcha, alright?" I told him, starting to get a little irritated, "I didn't even feel it and he probably didn't realise that he grabbed my arm too tight."

"What's he doing grabbing you anyway?" he asked me.

"I bumped into him and he grabbed my arm to keep me from falling on my butt, alright?" I stated, starting to seethe, "any more questions?"

Yamcha waited for a second before shaking his head, "no, and I have nothing to say that you haven't heard before."

"Good, now get out and let me get some time to myself," I told him, instantly regretting the anger in my voice. He left quietly after that and I curled up on my bed with a thick novel ready to immerse myself in another world.