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Eureka! It's a Stargate

It had been a typical week in Eureka--not that any day, week, or minute was typical in Eureka--and Jack Carter was looking forward to another peaceful evening, for once. That is, he was until he remembered that Allison had asked him to meet her at Global Dynamics this afternoon for the testing of some new something-or-other that had her and Stark excited.

Sighing, he took the turn at the intersection that would take him to GD instead of home. He had completely forgotten until now, and he had promised Zoe that morning that he would take her out to practice driving when he got home from work. Only now, he wouldn't get home early enough, and he was not taking her out to do that in the dark.

Zoe was totally going to kill him.

Carter pulled out his cell phone and dialed his daughter's number. Zoe picked up on the second ring.

"Dad! Where are you I've been at home waiting for twenty minutes!"

"Uh…yeah, Zoe, about that…"

She heaved a martyred sigh on the other end of the line. "What? What is it now?"

"Look, honey, I'm sorry, but I forgot that I have to be at GD right now. Allison wants me there while they're testing some new thingy--just in case."

"And I can't come?"

"Why would you want to come?"

"I have nothing else to do this afternoon."

He sighed. "Look, any other time, maybe, but I'm already late and I don't have time to come back and get you. Besides, I kind of got the impression that this thing could be dangerous--especially considering that they don't exactly know what it's supposed to do. Not to mention that Stark is excited about it too, so that's kind of an indicator…"

"How could they not know? They're the smart people."

"Well, yea, but apparently it's uh…what was it….I think Allison said it was some device they were given the idea for by uh…somebody, and asked to try to develop. Other than that, I think the rest is like, top secret or something."

"Is it a section five project?" Zoe asked, in about as excited a tone as she ever got when talking about anything to do with GD.

"No, Zoe. If it was section five, I wouldn't have even been told it existed. But it's as close to section five secrecy as it can get without being section five, and I shouldn't even be telling you this much." How was it that she could pry information from him before he even realized she was doing it and he was giving it away? Carter shook his head to himself. "Look, Zo, I gotta go. I'm almost at Global."

She sighed again. "All right. But you'd better fill me in when you get back."

"If I can."

"Fine. Bye." With that, the connection cut off, and he shrugged and slipped the phone back into his pocket.

Allison was pacing in the lobby of GD by the time he got inside.

"Carter! There you are. Did you forget?"

"Ah…no. I just out of the office late."

She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. "Uh huh."


Allison shook her head. "Never mind. Come on." She turned and started off down a corridor, expecting him to follow. He did, but not without pulling a boatload of curiosity behind him.

"So…what is this thing again?"

"We're not sure, exactly," she told him again as they walked. "GD officials were given the basic specs and theoretical equations by an anonymous source, with the understanding that they were to be able to take part in the operation of the device if we could create it. The only thing is, they didn't tell us what it could do. They just wanted it built; they said they would test it themselves. At first the board wasn't going to authorize us taking on the project, but then the source provided more than enough money, so…"

Carter nodded. "Ah. Makes sense. So what's going on right now?"

"We're testing it," she said shortly, as they stepped into an elevator.

The doors closed, and it started to move. "But didn't the source say that they--?"

"Yes. But GD isn't letting this one go so quickly. I think this is big, Carter."

He raised an eyebrow at her and grinned. "Big? How?"

She shook her head. "I don't know. But it's not typical of what we do here. It's different. I think it's connected to something a lot more involved."

"Why do you think that?"

Allison shrugged. "Just the way we got the information, the secrecy, everything. All I know is that I want this thing tested here before we hand it over to anyone."

"And why am I here again? You weren't really quite clear on that, if I recall."

She smiled. "I just wanted you to be here for this."

The elevator stopped, and he followed her out and down another corridor that he'd never seen before. "Okaaaay…." Carter had no idea where they were going, so he stayed close to Allison until she stopped at the door to one of the hundreds of labs at GD. Here, however, he hadn't seen any other doors for a moment or so, so it was relatively isolated, and probably pretty big on the inside.

Allison placed her hand on the scan pad, and after a moment the door opened and she beckoned him inside. He stepped inside, and the door closed abruptly behind him. Then he turned to look at the lab.

It was indeed bigger than most. The ceiling was almost two stories high, and room was separated with thick protective windows off to one side. On the other side he could see a strange-looking circular contraption of metal and wire about a story high that didn't look at all safe. It was downright shabby. It was a prototype though--if that really was the device. On the other side of the room was a series of control panel he assumed were connected to it somehow.

"Is that it?" he asked incredulously, staring through the windows.

The one heavy door in the wall of windows opened, and out came Stark, in a lab coat for once, and with goggles pushed up on top of his head. But then again, he wasn't the head of Global Dynamics anymore. He could do that.

"Well, look who decided to join us. And yes, Carter, that's it," Stark answered, condescending as ever.

"Nathan," Allison scolded. "Let's just get started."

Stark shrugged and headed for the control panel. "Fine. It's ready, as far as I can tell. But then again, how would we know?"

"You don't have any more idea of what it really is?" Allison asked, arms crossed.

He shook his head. "Nope."

Carter smirked. "Really? That's surprising, Stark. I thought you knew everything."

Stark leveled a glare at him. "Don't push it, Carter."

"Excuse me," he said, holding up his hands. "So….what are you gonna do? Just turn it on?"

"Basically," Allison shrugged.

Stark handed her a couple more pairs of the dark goggles. "Here." She took them and handed a pair to Carter.

"What are these for? You've got all the window and the big metal wall between us and it…"

"Yes, but that won't protect us from bright light, if there is any. Besides, it's typical safety procedure. Just put them on, carter," she told him, pulling her own over her head as Stark pushed his own back over his eyes.

Carter shrugged and put his on while Stark started fiddling with something on one of the control panels.

"All the readings are normal. We're good to go," he reported.

"Fire at will," Allison muttered. Carter smirked.

"What?" Stark asked.

"Nothing. Go for it."

Stark nodded and turned his attention back to the control panel. He pushed lever up slowly. "Bringing power levels up." The ring thingy on the other side of the windows started to shake, and Carter was pretty sure that the floor was vibrating. When the lever was as far up as it would go, Stark let it go.

At first, nothing else was happening besides the vibrating, but that was worrying enough. "Allison..?"

"Just watch, Carter," she said calmly. So he did. After a moment, he realized that there was something like blue gas or water pouring out from the inside edges of the ring toward the middle. He just had time to register that before it all exploded outward it a woosh of white/blue radiance, almost like water.

He jerked back. "Whoa!" He saw Stark and Allison staring, too, wide-eyed. The explosion of whatever-it-was settled back into the ring and formed what looked like a vertical puddle of deep blue, rippling water, just sitting in the ring of metal. "Okay, what the heck is that?" he voiced aloud.

Allison just shook her head, speechless, and it was Stark who answered.

"I have no idea."

Carter stared at the contraption hard, but nothing happened. It just sat there for several seconds, rippling.

And then five people stumbled out of it.