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Summary: In the forests of the night x Underworld. A normal kid walking to school one day gets sucked into a world foreign to him and he must help save the world.


I was walking to school like a normal day. I walked past the same stores, same streets, except today Bright St. was looking very dark, sinister even. Despite my never-wrong intuition I turned.

I was walking cautiously down the dark road. I mentally noted no cars were coming or going down this street. I heard an ear-splitting scream emit from the road ahead. I looked hard, and I could barely make-out a figure of a man hunched over the limp body of a woman. Without thinking I ran towards the man, screaming.

I was halfway there when the man stopped what he was doing to the woman and looked up at me. I stopped dead in my tracks. His coal black eyes gleamed, and blood dripped from his chin.

He dropped the woman's lifeless body and turned to face me. Every fiber in my body told me to run, but I was paralyzed with fear. It wasn't until the man started to walk towards me that I finally could move. When I finally did, I ran like I was about to die. Which technically I was. I was the fastest kid in school so I doubted that this man could catch me. I turned into an alleyway, hoping to hide. I hit something hard and I fell. I looked up to see what I had hit and I saw the man.

I started crawling backwards still facing the man. I got up to run, but he grabbed me. I struggled, yet he held firm. I struck out with my leg, hitting his kneecap, shattering it. He let go of me and I knew I had to fight my way out of the alleyway. Using my martial arts skills, I jump kicked the man, striking him in his chest. He flew back into a group of trashcans.

I turned to run, but there he was. He was standing in front of me looking mad as heck, his knee was healed, and he had a rotten banana peel on his left shoulder.

Before I could move, he hit my right shoulder and I flew into a wall. The man picked me up very aggressively. He had one hand on my head and the other on my shoulder. He pushed my head to expose my neck. I looked up slightly to see fangs jetting from his jaws.

I felt the fangs entering my neck, and my blood leaving it. I had one last chance to save myself, and I wasn't about to let it slip away.

I reached up and pulled his mouth off of my neck. With my free hand I punched his cheek as hard as I could. He barely flinched but it was enough for me to wriggle free.

I started running towards the edge of the alley. I had one hand on the wound on my neck as I stumbled out of the alley. I was getting woozy, and I tripped over my own feet. Blood was gushing through my fingers. I looked up and saw the man standing over me, laughing, right before I passed out…

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