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Chapter 3 – Trust Me

Hermione was armed to the hilt with research materials. She was determined to be fully prepared this time around, and could not bear the thought of feeling stupid next to Malfoy.

She had gotten as many books on salsa dances as she could and had even purchased a couple of videos.

Ron had walked in on her attempting to move her feet like in one of the instructional videos. When she spotted him trying not to laugh from the doorway she fell on her butt in surprise. His laughter burst out and he looked like he was going to piss himself.

She looked almost as embarrassed as if he had walked in on her watching a porno, and her face was as red as a tomato.

"OUT!!! OUT! GET OUT!" she shrieked.

The image of her twisting in what looked like a standing epileptic seizure would stay in his mind forever, it was even worth the constant shrieking. He planned to regale the story to Harry at the soonest opportunity.

When his laughing finally subsided and he disappeared into another room in their flat she sunk down onto the couch in despair. She had read all of the books, and could recite the theories backwards and forwards, but her brain and her feet just didn't want to work together. Not to mention the damn shoes!

Draco had owled her a list of the things she needed, as promised, and much to her fury a pair of high heels was on the list. She had gone to the dance store he had recommended and tried on about a dozen pairs. They all hurt but she could tell the saleswoman was getting frustrated with her so she randomly picked out a pair. Hermione wasn't used to wearing heels. The closest thing to dress shoes she had were her mary janes and they weren't particularly high.

With those, she had also purchased some comfortable short flowing skirts, some tights, a couple of body suits and some weird rubbery things that seemed to go around her toes but she wasn't quite sure what to do with yet. Her books hadn't been helpful and searching 'weird rubbery toe thingies' in the card catalogue section didn't seem like it would be helpful.

She had even been getting up early to go for a jog before her shower and getting ready for work. When Hermione Granger is determined to do something, people get out of the way and run for cover.

Morning of class dawned bright and sunny once again, 'Is this London or California,' she thought grumpily. Today however, she felt prepared. She showered quickly, threw on a body suit and put some joggers on top. Grabbing her bag, she waved a quick goodbye to Ron and flooed over to the school.

This time she walked with purpose towards her room, barely glancing at the other students bustling around.

"Ah Granger, right on time as always," proclaimed a smooth voice from inside the room and she opened the door a crack.

There he was, in those infuriatingly amazing pants, looking practically godlike. Her stomach tightened and she tried vainly to shoot him one of her infamous glares.

"I see you have procured the items I mentioned," he continued, motioning towards her duffel bag.

"Let's start off with some jogging shall we?" he shot her an evil smirk and she gulped nervously.

This time around she fared a little better but was still exhausted and bustled into an adjoining change room to throw on a skirt and her shoes.

As soon as she exited the room she skidded on the smooth buffed floor and landed firmly on her derriere. She groaned mortified 'Second time in as many days!' She would soon be getting a very sore rump if she continued this way.

She looked up and again a man was laughing at her. He was trying very hard to hold in his giggles but ended up letting out a very undignified unMalfoyish (if that was even a word) snort. She stared at him a second and then burst into a fit of giggles to rival tickle-me-elmo. He couldn't hold it in any longer and soon they were both in fits of hysterics.

Finally wiping a tear out of his eyes he extended his hand to pick her up. She took his assistance and stood up slowly.

"There's a box of resin over there. Ballet dancers use it on their pointe shoes to help them to keep from sliding all over the place. Normally, you'd want smooth shoes to help you achieve the gliding look, but seeing as your shoes are new and it would be hard to teach you anything if you're constantly on your ass, you should go step in it for now."

Muttering something that sounded strangely like, 'You go step in it, and shove it up your ass while you're at it," she stalked over to the box he had mentioned and ground her shoes into the yellow stuff. Despite their odd outburst of laughter she still wasn't quite ready to accept him; he was the ferret after all.

He motioned for her to join him in the middle of the room.

"We'll start off with some easy steps first. We start on one and count in fours. Four is usually a pause to create tension. The salsa usually stays in a small area and you don't cover much of the floor. Here, when I step this way you use your alternate leg to go with me."

He grasped her right hand in his and pulled her close to him, letting his other hand support her lower back. Once again she felt those annoying flutters in her stomach when his hands made contact with her body. He started to teach her some simple movements and flicked his wand (once again pulled from who knows where) and a simple latin song came on.

She found, for once, that she was having a hard time concentrating, and kept mixing up the foot movements.

"Look into my eyes, not at your feet. Don't be so nervous, the salsa is a passionate dance. You're supposed to connect, with fire. On the pause we create tension with our arms and legs. It is a dance of lust, passion, and energy," he practically whispered.

Their eyes connected and she found that she could move much more easily when she wasn't even thinking. The tension was palpable, her feet moved on their own accord.

"We're going to try a dip now, just relax, extend your right leg and fall back. I'll support you, trust me."

He could feel her tense up and he stroked slow circles on her lower back with his thumb.

"1, 2, 3, pause, and 5, 6, 7…"

She closed her eyes and let herself be flung backwards. She was about an inch from the ground when she opened her eyes, amazed that her head hadn't been smashed into the floor. She stared into his steely grey orbs that were staring at her, full of something she couldn't quite pin. Her heart beat a mile a minute.

The eyes staring at her from her position brought back a memory flashback. She remembered a set of eyes much different then those, staring at her with contempt and disgust as she sobbed on the floor, broken in more ways then one.

She let out a shriek and flailed, he lost his grip and she was once again on her ass.

"I have to go! That's enough for today, I have somewhere, I have to do something that is something around that I have to umm….I've got to go!" she wiped away a few tears, grabbed her things and tore out of the room.

Draco stood in the middle of the room where she had left him and ran a hand through his hair, trying to calm his erratic heartbeat and take deep breaths. He wasn't sure what had happened at the end, but the part in the middle was scaring him, he wasn't happy about how much he liked holding her in his arms.

Hermione collapsed in her flat sobbing, grateful that Ron was still at work. She was with Ron because he was stable and always the same. He was normal, and he loved her, and it was safe. She needed safe. She was with him to forget that the world could blow up in your face at any point. She was with Ron to forget HIM. The monster who had taken her heart and thrown it back in her face. She was a bitch because she was determined never to be hurt like that again. And now, stupid Malfoy was stirring things inside of her that she never wanted to feel again. She couldn't go through it again, she wouldn't make it out alive.

She sat on the couch for a long time just staring at the wall, reminiscing, yet trying to forget that horrible year. She had been doing just fine until he came along. What was with men and causing so many problems?! She resolved to drop this silly crush, if that's what it really was. More like a physical attraction…maybe. Either way, she was going to forget about it, finish her lessons, and never look back. Grabbing a stack of work papers she had neglected she poured herself in them, determined to cram her mind with so much information that everything else would fall away.

If only it were that simple.

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