Kev Likes His Locker

By Hyperion Rising/Saber Girl Jaina

I like to live in my little locker. I've lived here for days now, I think. Time doesn't matter in my little locker.

Actually, I've just lost track.

My name is Kev, by the way. Nice to meet you, Mr./Ms. Hallucination.

Let me tell you what happened.

The fishies went crazy. I don't know why the fishies went wacky but went wacky they did go! So I went to live in my little locker house. A lady came by a little while ago, and tried to convince me to come out of my little locker house. But I didn't trust her, no I didn't! Kev used to be a soilder, and Kev has a good memory for faces.

Kev knew Revan when he saw her.

Kev isn't worried though, the fishies will take care of the zombie Sith and her minions of deat! The fishies could have defeated the Mandalorians with there stench alone.