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Secret Feeling Finally Revealed

Chapter 6

Kiba and Akamaru had disappeared for over 15 minutes, and yet, no one dared to move a muscle. They waited until Kiba's cries vanished from their hearing to plan their next move.

"Kakashi-sensei, what are we going to do now?" Naruto whispered cautiously to his mentor. "Should we keep going without Kiba, or follow him? I want to save him and stuff, but Sakura needs us more! Kiba can handle himself, we just have to trust him." Kakashi gave him an apprehensive look.

"Although I'd like to keep going, we need Kiba to track down the Akatsuki's hideout. My nose isn't keen enough to locate Sakura's scent. And my dogs' aren't going to be able to help either. Without Kiba, this would be pointless. We're going to have to use the byakugan to find Kiba now."

Kakashi watched expectantly at Hinata as she summoned chakra to her eyes. Veins appeared around her eyes as she searched for Kiba and Akamaru diligently.

She gasped as she found the monster that had taken away her teammate. Her eyes widened in disbelief, as she looked at a horror unseen to the rest of the group.

"Th-this can't be true," whispered Hinata. "There's a dragon-like creature fighting Kiba-kun and Akamaru. But there's also another figure with them, I think he's the one who summoned the dragon. He's not doing anything, but he looks dangerous. And Kiba-kun's not doing so good against them either."

"Then lead the way Hinata-chan! We need to save Kiba's pathetic ass quickly if we want to rescue Sakura-chan, right?"


Sakura shivered slightly as she looked into the deadly eyes of Pein, the presumably leader of the organization, Akatsuki. She tried not to look away from his mesmerizing eyes, but she could not keep a steady gaze. She glanced warily at Sasori and Deidara, hoping to see their reactions mirror hers.

Surprisingly, they did. Their faces were frozen in either shock or surprise, Sakura could not tell.

"World domination is the goal that the Akatsuki have been working towards for several years. But," he looked directly at Sakura as he said this, "we need a medic to heal the many injuries that we, the Akatsuki members obtain during our privatemissions. To gain your trust, Sakura, we will tell you all you need to know about our plans for the future. If you decide to escape, we will not hesitate to eliminate you."

Sakura gaped at Pein. She could get information on the most secret organization ever made, without lifting a finger?

Of course she would have to waste her chakra, lie to their faces, and plan an escape without getting figured out or killed, but how hard could that be? Sakura was a formidable foe because of her high intelligence, so there was no problem. She wouldn't be doing much here anyway….

Sucking up her courage, Sakura announced:

"Fine. I will help your organization but, in return, I will become a member of the Akatsuki, agreed?"

"You're not in a position to demand preposterous ideas like this, brat. Plus, you're awfully impatient to betray your village, aren't you? I truly thought that you liked being a shinobi of Konoha. What happened to that pride and arrogance?"

Sakura snorted. "I only played the good little shinobi because I had to! Not only was it despicable, but humiliating! Konoha scorned me for being weak; they only let me become a kunoichi because they wanted more shinobi. I had to beg Tsunade to take me on as an apprentice since no one else believed I could make it as a kunoichi. Tsunade probably only took me on, so that she wouldn't be embarrassed that she had suck a feeble shinobi." Sakura glared at Sasori. "I can't wait to see that pathetic village burn to the ground."

"Oh is that right? Well this will be quite interesting, won't it Sasori-senpai?" Before said person could answer, Pein interrupted with yet another speech.

"Alright, Sakura. I agree on your terms. We will provide you with a much more suitable bedroom and an outfit that symbolizes our superiority. It will make you a true Akatsuki member. But," he leaned in menacingly, "someone will always be watching you. And if you make even the tiniest mistake, you won't even have time to regret your wrong doing since your head will be rolling on the ground."

Pein left an amused Sasori, a confused Deidara and a terrified Sakura to ponder his threat.


Naruto jumped almost frantically to Hinata's side. They had just arrived to find Akamaru and Kiba wounded badly. It was not fatal, but neither of the ninja could move without wincing.

Kakashi had ordered them to eliminate the suspicious character before actually destroying the creature.

Thus the attacking started.

Kakashi, Sasuke and Hinata attacked the dragon relentlessly, missing on purpose so their attacks would hit the owner of the creature.

He evaded all of them, without even blinking.

But the three Konoha ninja continued their assault and they watched as Naruto popped up behind the mysterious opponent and rasenganed his ass. Naruto cheered happily as his target disappeared into a puff of smoke, but not before he saw a glimmer of rinnegan eyes glaring at him.

"Naruto! Get back here, the dragon hasn't been defeated yet," Kakashi ordered when Naruto kept on yelling about their victory. Naruto appeared at his side and smiled goofily.

"What can I do, Kakashi-sensei?"


Naruto looked absolutely horrified at the red hand mark that had materialized on his cheek. He looked into Kakashi's eye and gaped. Kakashi sighed tiredly.

"Naruto, snap out of it. Okay, fine. You did beat the shinobi who summoned this dragon, but it was just a clone. Just a clone. Meaning that the real shinobi is elsewhere and he knows what happened. He knows what we look like, what some of are skills are and which village we are from. We still have to fight a dragon, two of our members are injured, and we still haven't located Sakura —God knows what happened to her. Do I make myself clear?"

The young shinobi nodded, ashamed. He hadn't meant to do that; it was as if he were possessed.

"Hinata! Go tend to Kiba and Akamaru! The rest of us will—"

"Kakashi-sensei, we'll take care of it," Shino announced as he arrived with the remainder of his platoon of missing-nin. He gestured at his injured teammate. "You guys take care of him and leave quickly. We'll distract this beast."

Kakashi nodded and directed his former students to help Kiba. Naruto summoned some of his clones and picked up the overgrown dog with difficulty and started toward his next destination. Kakashi followed with Kiba on his back.

If Kakashi had to chose one fact that he knew for sure about the future, it would be that:

Today it would be a long day, even for a shinobi.


The large room seemed empty and lifeless, save for the pink-haired girl who sat in the middle of a queen sized bed. She looked around, confused how there was such a big room in such a tiny space. From where she had come from, the hallways were so narrow she had to walk sideways.

"Put on the outfit," commanded Sasori, her guard for the night. "You wanted it brat, so put it on."

"Excuse me for not taking off my clothes when a certain someone keeps on watching me," Sakura huffed sarcastically.

"I was assigned here to watch you, so it's not my fault."

"…Fine. Just turn around," Sakura demanded as her face reddened considerably. Sasori just raised an eyebrow questioningly before facing the other direction.

Sakura took off her shredded clothes and exchanged them for a red, tight tank top and a pair of black spandex shorts. She put her hair up in a small bun, making sure that she had left out some hair to frame her face, and looked at her complexion in the full-length mirror. Not too bad.

She felt the hair band slip out of her hair and fall to the ground. There, much better.

Sakura wrapped the Akatsuki jacket over her slim form and looked in the mirror again. It was too big and baggy for her petite figure and it made her look… frightening, intimidating even.

Realization hit Sakura in the face.

It was not the jacket that made her look evil. It was because she had only seen it on the wicked shinobi of the Akatsuki. The very same union she was about o join. Wearing this outfit made her a fully-fledged member of the Akatsuki.

She scrunched up her face in disapproval and turned around to face Sasori. He strode over and seized the headband that she had left on the bed. With a kunai, he scratched out a thin line across the symbol of Konoha. All he said as he handed it to her was:

"Welcome to the most furtive organization ever to come to existence, the Akatsuki."


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