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When I originally wrote "The Angel of Alderaan", my writing skills weren't as developed as they are now. Now, years later, I looked at it, and decided, that while it was good back then, it has numerous flaws, was often far too superfacial in its storyline and didn't go into the needed detail. Also it didn't mesh well with Episode III (since I wrote it 2004), something needed nowadays.

So I decided to take it apart, drop and put in scenes, write new scenes, change parts of the story, and generally try to create a far better result than the first time. Based on the skeleton of the old story, this will replace the old one, the old one is already erased to avoid spoilers. So have fun with "The Angel of Alderaan- Remixed".

The Angel of Alderaan- Remixed


Obi-Wan looked in horror, when Padmè, already weak from the birth, suddenly went limp, only moments after begging him to believe that there was still good in Anakin, unknowing that he was most likely dead by now. The medical droids at once became hectical when their worst prediction- that they would lose their patient- became reality. They might be droids, but in their function they had developed a huge respect for life.

"Her heart has stopped! Fast, initiate revival!" the head droid ordered, while the medical scanners sounded a critical alert.

"Amidala...?" Obi-Wan could feel her life slowly starting to fade, trying to return into the Force. He was no healer, he had no idea how to stop it. "You can't leave now!"

"Revival!" the droid ordered, and a strong electric pulse shot into her heart, but it didn't start again. As if she'd lost all hope...

Is this her fate, to die of a broken heart? He didn't know her very well, but he felt that this was the worst way to go. She didn't deserve this fate. "You can't leave them!... They need you!"

"Revival!" Again nothing happened. As if she hadn't anymore the will to go on....

"Don't do it for me, or for Anakin... just don't leave the children alone!....Live for them..." pleaded for a last time, having no idea if she could even hear him anymore. He felt that in moments, she would leave to never return.

"Revival for the last time!" This time, she spamsed, and suddenly her heart started to beat again, the alert stopping. "Revival successful. Fast, more her into the IC-unit!"

Obi-Wan watched the droids hurring her away to stabilise her. Looking to the newborn twins, he couldn't help but to thank them. They had propably saved their mother's life without even knowing it. You two are just born, and already you have left your mark on this galaxy. You have given her the spark to hold on her life. I only wish things would have gone different, then Anakin would be now here and be so happy when seeing you.

Obi-Wan felt the pain returning when thinking about Anakin. His last words were that he hated him, before he had burst into flames, screaming in pain. It had been a horrible sight, one that he would never forget. Thank the Force that Padmè had been spared seeing this. He had no doubt, Anakin, or better, Vader hadn't survived. No one could have survived such extensive injuries.

But Anakin, the real Anakin, had died earlier.

How blind he had been not to see how Anakin had slowly drifted away, until it had been too late. The good man that Anakin had once been -tepramental and yet having his heart at the right place- was destroyed, and he was replaced by Darth Vader, twisted and evil. Obi-Wan felt, he could only hold the pain at bay when thinking, that he had destroyed Vader, who was wearing Anakin's face, that Anakin had already been killed on the inside.

How can it end this way...? He found no answer while wondering what they would do now, with the Empire in power. What to do with a whole galaxy against you?

...two days later...

"She is finally waking up. We feared that she would fall into a coma, but she has stabilised," the droid told them, then left them to give them the privacy for talking with her. Padmè had been critical for the first two hours, but she had made it, and now Obi-Wan, Yoda and Bail waited for her to wake up.

Finally she opened her eyes. They looked as if she had seen horrible things. When she saw Obi-Wan, she started to cry. " was so horrible."

"Amidala? What happend. What are you talking about?" he asked her, wondering what had happened.

"I saw thing...horrible things.... And I know they are true..." Her emotional distress made clear that whatever she had seen must have really horrified her.

Obi-Wan looked to Yoda. "Sense the influence of the Force, I do. After carrying the children, possible this could have been," the old Jedi master admitted. "Tell us of what you have seen."

"I...I saw Anakin...on a operating table, more dead than alive, horribly burnt..... He was in so much pain... They...they puzzled him together with metal limbs.....and put him into a horrible black armor, like a prison," she told them under sobs, and Obi-Wan had to use what he knew to keep her from becoming even more distressed. "And the first thing he asked...was if I was all right..... Palpatine...said that Anakin killed me.... Anakin didn't want to believe it...he started to destroy everything in sight.... Despair... pain... and so much anger and was so horrible."

She then was unable to speak anymore, crying without restraint.

The others were also deeply troubled by this revelation. Vader was still alive, and now reduced to something, that could be only described as terrifying, going after her description of the horror she had seen. But the more important issue right now was, how to calm Amidala down. Finally Bail gave some descret oder to one droid outside.

A minute later Amidala was still in tears, nothing left of the woman that seemed to have been able to take any blow and go on, when she heared something that sounded like baby cries. Looking to her side, she saw that the twins had been brought into the room. Seeing them managed what the adults couldn't, it calmed her down.

"They missed you, as if they felt that something was wrong and wanted to be sure that you are all right," Bail explained. Padmè's hands were a little shaky, but as soon as she held these two bundles of joy, they stopped crying and became peaceful.

"My beautiful children..."

They felt that it was best to give her privacy for this bonding, so they left, walking down the corridors, while talking about the grave news they had recieved from her. "The truth, she had seen. Still alive Vader is. More dangerous than ever he now is," Yoda gravely concluded, speaking out the danger looming over them. "Know of her survival and the children, he can not be allowed to. Otherwise the darkness neverending will be."

"It should be possible to fake her death with a fake body appearing pregnant. This way, Vader will think mother and child have died. But what will become of them?" Bail asked.

"I don't like to say it, but after making the usual tests on the children, we will have a hard time hiding them and Amidala. Vader seems unable to feel her now because of all the pain he's still in, but the children... Luke is the stronger of the two, but his sister also would have been one of the strongest knights in the order. Both their counts are very high. It will be difficult to hide them..." Obi-Wan reminded them grimly.

"Desperate mesures to use we need," Yoda decided.

"But we have to wait until Amidala is stong enough again. I won't support making this decision without her," Obi-Wan made clear. No way he would make the same errors again. He felt that the decision they had to make would be difficult, and Padmè wouldn't like it, but she would see the need for them.

And he felt that the Obi-Wan of old had died in these days. Maybe he should find a new name for the future?

...on Coruscant...

"We had to put him under sedation again, your majesty. Otherwise he would have torn down the entire sickbay," the doctor reported to the Emperor.

"Good... wake him up tomorrow in my presence. I will know how to calm him down," Palaptine dismissed him, continuing to look over the skyline of the newly-named Imperial City.

Soon, in some weeks, he would leave this pathetic excuse of an office, to reside in the soon to be completed Imperial Palace, on which's construction site he had a perfect view. Despite having begun only yesterday, they had already eliminated all buildings on the building ground. It was impressive how fast the bureaucracy worked worked in a totaltarian state. In only hours they'd seized all the property, kicket out the former inhabitants and demolished everything. Truely impressive.

And also in his view was the ruin of the Jedi temple, a symbol of his victory. He's decided to let it stay to rot as a symbol of a defeated power. A symbol of the strength of the new Empire. That, and something he could simply enjoy when looking out of the window.

Palpatine couldn't suppress a pleased smile. He might have become disfigured thanks to that cursed Mace Windu, but that was a small price for what he had gained. This was now his Empire, the Chosen One was at his bidding, and all the nuiscances were removed.

Yes, it was a good day for him. And right now, the sun went up, to greet Coruscant with a new day of the new calendar, with the republican yearcount replaced. Today was a day at the year 1 of the new imperial calendar.

And it seemed to be a good day for Palpatine, now Emperor of the entire galaxy.

to be continued...