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Shady Memories


Shadows descended over the forest as the clouds slowly invaded the half moon's rightful place upon the sky. An almost tiny figure stood at the riverbank concentrating on the ice blades far away from her that scratched into a tree.

The last full moon was the only reason she could help her friend. Since the he was unconscious and she left their camp every night then cut a face to the trees that way facing the one she cursed herself for ever trusting.

Once she finished, the ice returned to circle around her while she stared at the face with fury through ice blue eyes. „Why?" She asked accusingly from his face and from herself at once. „Why?!" She shouted sending an ice dagger right between the face's two eyes as a tear fell from her eye. „You're clinging on false hope, you fool... just like I did when I trusted you!"

Another dagger slammed into the tree. She dried her eyes with her hand to look clearly at the face with an angered frown. „You've betrayed your uncle! You've betrayed us! You've betrayed me..." The last sentence was not louder than a whisper. „and I will never forgive you!" She yelled and immediately sent two ice arrows towards the tree aiming at the eyes... but in the end they slammed next to the face leaving it unharmed.

„Katara..." She turned with alarm as she heard her name but relaxed and sent the water back to the river when she saw her brother standing there.

„Sokka, I told you not to come... I could have attacked you." She said calmly with a tired voice.

The watertribe warrior took a step out of the shadows. „Toph sent me."

Katara's face filled with worry. „Did Aang...?"

„He woke up." He said and when she wanted to hurry away he stopped her with another sentence. „And I was right." He looked at the damaged tree just to see the same thing carved into it again... the face of Prince Zuko. He narrowed his eyes as he turned back to his sister. „He wants to go back."

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