It was New Year's Eve, 1976, and snow was falling heavily upon Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Severus Snape was trying to finish up his four foot long Potions essay that was due once winter break was over. He was having a rather difficult time completing his task, however, due to the fact that the annual Slytherin New Year's Eve party was going on in the common room.

Every Slytherin knew of the yearly blow-out that occurred, without fail, on every single December 31st since Hogwarts opened its doors. Rumor had it that the special tradition was started by Salazar Slytherin himself, but Severus was not sure if he really believed that or not. New Year's Eve was a choice date to hold the party, mainly because most of Hogwart's was deserted. This also gave some Hogwart's graduates the chance to sneak in and enjoy the same pleasures they did every New Year since they were eleven.

These "pleasures" consisted of mainly two things: alcohol and sex. It was the one night of the entire year where the majority of the Slytherin house got completely shit-faced and naked. It was one of those times where boys became men and girls lost their virginity. Severus was not interested.

To his surprise, he had indeed been invited. The "guest list" (the few Slytherins whom were not purebloods) was compiled by the 7th years. And this year he had made the cut. It was mainly because he had become friends with Avery, Mulciber, and most importantly, Malfoy. Lucius Malfoy had graduated a few years prior, but he had remembered Severus and wanted him in his inner circle, despite the fact that he was only a half-blood. This enraged quite a few Slytherins at first, but once they saw what the scrawny, greasy-haired boy was capable of, they quickly changed their minds. Severus was exceptional at curses and hexes. He had tremendous natural skills when it came to magic and Lucius saw that right away. He knew that Severus would make a perfect addition to the Dark Lord's legion of followers and quickly introduced him to his group of friends.

That was how Severus made it on the invite list for the party. But despite his amazing abilities in performing magic, he was seriously lacking in the social skills department. Whenever he would be with a group of people, he would usually just melt into the background and remain silent.

The noise from the common room shook the entire foundation of the dungeons. The ink bottle on Severus' desk rattled, as it moved closer and closer to the edge. He grabbed it just in time and screwed the top on and dropped his quill. There was no use in trying to finish homework at a time like this. He propped his elbows up on his desk, and sighed heavily as wild yelling could be heard from down the hall.

Suddenly the dormitory door swung open with a loud bang. A tall, feminine figure swaggered inside. Long, charcoal hair swayed about as she turned and slammed the door shut. She was holding a bottle of what was presumably Firewhiskey; at least half of the bottle was empty. Severus recognized her immediately as Bellatrix Black.

Bellatrix slumped to the floor, back against the wooden door. She sat there laughing to herself, and occasionally taking a swig of her drink. Severus innocently observed that Bellatrix's robes were wide open, revealing lacy, black lingerie. Severus also could not help but to observe all of her curves; he gulped hard as this was the first time he ever saw a female in such a way before.

He desperately tried to avert his eyes from her near nude frame, but it was impossible. Severus' adolescent body was all ready beginning to react to Bellatrix's full figure. Even in the dim light, he could almost see right through the flimsy material that clung to her body.

"Haa! Rodolphus'll never find me in hereā€¦" Bellatrix said aloud to herself, her words slightly slurred.

At the sound of her voice, Severus squirmed a bit in his chair: she was really here in his room. His eyes were not playing a cruel trick on him. As he debated on what he should do about the drunken sex goddess who was laying on the floor, barely clothed, with her legs spread wide open, Bellatrix's unfocused gaze landed right on Severus.

"Sniiivelluss Ssnape," the woman of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black crooned, "Iss that you?" She made an attempt to stand and stagger in his direction, alcohol sloshing in its bottle as she moved.

Severus jumped out of his chair with a start, as he backed up into his four poster bed. He went to grab his wand off of his desk, but he was too late: Bellatrix was all ready standing before him.

"Wha' are you doin' here, Ssnivelly?" Bellatrix questioned him, as she grasped onto his shoulder to support herself.

The tips of her long-nailed fingers gently grazed Severus' neck, and he felt a shiver down his spine. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. It took Bellatrix a few moments to register his reaction; she realized what was happening, a smirk twisted onto her beautiful face. She leaned in close to the young, inexperienced boy's face.

"Severus," she whispered softly into his ear, "Wanna fuck?"