As badly as Severus wanted to say "yes," he had to refuse. He did not want her to see him naked, even if she was drunk. What if she went back to the party and told everyone about his clammy, pallid body? Plus, he had zero experience with females; Hell, he could barely satisfy himself, let alone a grown women who might as well have been oozing sex out of her eyeballs. He did not know how much Bellatrix would remember, and he did not want to take any chances.

"B-bellatrix, I-"

Severus had tried to tell her that he couldn't do it, but he never had a chance to finish. Bellatrix had dropped her robes, and pushed him backward onto his bed. She climbed up on top of him and began to kiss him in a rather vicious manner; her tongue thrust so far into his throat that he could very well have choked. Severus tasted the alcohol on her lips, as all of his muscles began to contract. He quickly turned his head away and began to push a fired up Bellatrix off of him. She sat up quickly.

"You'd fuck that filthy, Gryffindor mudblood and not me!?" she hissed, all the while spitting in his face.

Lily Evans. She was talking about Lily. It had only been mere months since their friendship had ended. Severus had been pushing her out of his mind ever since she refused to forgive him. But at the mention of her, all of the emotion and memories came flooding back. Severus had been in love with Lily; he still was in love with Lily, even though he tried to deny it.

Ever since he began to come of age, Severus had wanted to be intimate with Lily. He just never knew what to say or do. How does a boy convince a girl to get in bed with him? But those thoughts were now far in the past, or at least, they had seemed that way up until a few moments ago.

"What's your answer, Snape?" Bellatrix spat, becoming slightly more conscious of her speech.

All of Severus' inner rage came out in that moment; all of the pain that Lily inflicted on him when she rejected him.

Everything that had worried him moments before suddenly had no meaning. His unquenched lust mixed with unbridled wrath; Severus had controlled himself for much too long. He wanted to seek his revenge on Lily at that very moment, but she was not there. Bellatrix Black was the only person present and he was about to take it all out on her.

He shoved her off of him and they reversed positions; he was now on top, literally and figuratively. He pinned both of her arms down. Bellatrix was completely shocked in Severus' change of heart; he wanted it after all, she could tell by the look in his eyes.

The young boy's face was contorted in fury: she had struck a nerve in bringing up Lily. Inky black hair swung in front of his pale facial features as he glared down at her. His nails dug into the bare flesh of her arms as he held her down with all of his strength. She knew what act two would consist of. Bellatrix lay beneath Severus and laughed maniacally; he was trying to take control? How amusing!

Severus' dark eyes flashed with contempt. How dare she mock him? Now was not the time. He brought his hand back, and before she even registered what happened, she felt the sting: Severus Snape had slapped Bellatrix Black clear across her face.

She lay motionless for a few moments, still taking in what had just occurred. Her hands went straight to his throat as she began to shriek: "You filthy fucking half-blood! How dare you- !!"

Now it was Bellatrix's turn to be cut off. Severus slipped out of her grasp and grabbed a fistful of her thick, black hair smashed his face against hers in an extremely sloppy kiss. But Bellatrix was a sloppy kind of woman (especially when drunk) so forgetting that had only happened a moment before, she began to forcefully kiss Severus in return.

Their limbs intertwined as their bodies began to move in synch. Severus' rage morphed into a hot fever that consumed him as his fingers fumbled with Bellatrix's bra. She had no trouble in removing his clothes; she was obviously an expert at this. He was completely naked in under a minute, without the use of any magic. Fear was useless now.

Severus felt a fire burn uncontrollably throughout his body as Bellatrix's lips began to explore lower and lower. As her tongue reached his groin, she glanced up at him, gauging his reaction. Her eyes revealed that she was gaining the upper hand, and Severus most certainly would not allow that to happen.

When she was mere inches away from her final destination (he knew that he would hate himself for this later) he wrenched her head away. He would not allow her to gain any more power; he needed to be in control. Never again would he allow a woman to enslave him.

"Eh? Cold feet, Snivelly?" Bellatrix drawled, gazing downward at him, licking her lips, "You know, I'm quite impressed."

"Don't think you'll win me over with flattery," he replied with a sneer.

"I can win you over with so much more than flattery, Severus…" she purred in his ear. He blushed as she said his name. It slipped smoothly from between her lips; her words were like venom, rendering him incapable of escape.

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