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Summary: Ever wondered what the Akatsuki dream of at night? Or how their sweet dreams can turn sour?


Sasori snuggled into his sleeping bag. "Good night Deidara" said Sasori, hearing a tired mumble in reply.Slowly Sasori drifted off to dreamland...

Sasori sat up. He was on a small raft in the middle of an ocean. "Where the hell am I?" Sasori asked himself. He was busy wondering why he was placed in such a stupid dream, not noticing the humungous dark figure lurking in the water below. Sasori could hear the water bubbling nearby. He turned and looked at the little bubbles. "Aww it's probably a wittle fishie..." said Sasori in a goochie-goochie tone. Suddenly a gaint sperm whale rose up out of the water. Sasori screamed like a little girl and ran to the other side of the raft. The sperm whale swallowed the raft whole, then continued swimming.

Sasori found himself in total darkness. He took a step and his foot landed in something squishy. "Please don't let that be what I think it is" muttered Sasori. He used his flamethrower for light, and found that he was in the mouth of the whale, and covered in drool. He sighed and trudged his way through the whale's mouth. "Oh little fishie I say!.. no no no! BIG fishie he says" was along the lines of Sasori's complaining as he dropped down the back of it's throat. When he landed, up ahead he saw a wooden house with lights on inside. 'A house? in a whale?' he thought. He walked up to the house and knocked on the door. The door opened and an old man stood there. "Ah Pinocchio! You are back!" exclaimed the old man. (I had to look up how to spell Pinocchio on the internet!) "Pino-who?" asked Sasori, before being dragged inside. "I see you've grown Pinocchio!" said the old man.

"Look Mr..."

"Call me Geppetto" said Geppetto. (I had to look that up too --')

"Yeah, I think you've got the wrong person" sighed Sasori

"Nonsense just look at your overalls!" exclaimed Geppetto.

Sasori looked down and screamed like a little girl again. He was wearing Pinocchio overalls that were about 20 sizes too small. "I FEEL SO EXPOSED!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HELLO KITTY PAJAMAS!!?? Uh... that is... my akatsuki pajamas... you know... the black ones with read clouds..." said Sasori, then suddenly his nose grew and smacked Geppetto in the head. "WHAT THE (beep) DID YOU DO TO ME YOU (beep)!!!! GET ME OUT OF THIS (beep)IN DREAM!!!" yelled Sasori, flames appearing behind him. Suddenly there was light throughout the room and just above the unconcious Geppetto, a blue fairy appeared.

"DEIDARA?! WHAT'RE YOU DOING IN A DRESS!?" yelled Sasori. "I'm not Deidara silly! I'm the blue fairy!" said the fairy. "Deidara you're really scaring me..." muttered Sasori. "I'm here to turn you into a real boy!" said the blue fairy. "Tried that once, didn't like it" muttered Sasori,"I'm outta here". "You can't leave!" exclaimed the blue fairy. Sasori still walked to the door. "I won't let you!" hissed the blue fairy. Suddenly her arms became long tentacles and her teeth were sharp and yellow. She grabbed Sasori by the ankles and dragged him towards her. "You will become a real boy!" hissed the blue fairy. "No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..." screamed Sasori.

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