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Another Menace

Chapter One: Introduction

Year three thousand.

The desert wind was blowing hard, and a lone figure was having difficulty enduring his trip. He was wearing a dark green cloak and had a hood and a mask protecting his face. A shot was heard and a patch of sand flew up beside the walking boy.

An enemy.

I must have wandered into foreign territory...

Quickly, the boy ran back from where he came from, desperately looking for shelter.

But I have a mission to accomplish. I must endure.

He looked around, looking for a village he can spend the night in. His eyes caught sight of a lump on the sand, and he ran quickly towards it.


A long time ago, Earth was once a flourishing place, with great cities all over the world, diverse and happy.

But one day...

Disaster struck. World War III happened, and poor countries were devoured by power-hungry states. Technology boomed and weapons were constructed with the intent to eliminate whole nations.

Then nations were having difficulty maintaining their own welfare and resources. Everybody called for a truce, but it was too late. Technology had already wiped out 95 of human population, and due to immense pollution, all forests turned to deserts. Animals became extinct.

Sickness and hunger spread, killing most of the survivors. Consuming people continuously...

End of prologue

A few hours ago

It was sunny, and the sky was as blue as ever, without a cloud in sight. Trees of different colors decorated the landscape, and a soft breeze blew the air. But all was quiet.

A large crowd of children were gathered in front of the palace, waiting anxiously for the king to emerge.

"What's wrong, Gash?" asked a guard. "You're looking troubled."

"The battle," replied the King Gash. "It's starting soon. I'm just having flashbacks of the last battle." The guard remained silent, for the king's words were beyond his comprehension.

"If you become the kind ruler of the demon world," said Koruru. "Maybe we won't need to fight like this anymore."

But I can't... I don't have the power to stop this.

"It's time to give your speech," said Queen Tio reluctantly. "Good luck... Gash." King Gash didn't respond and proceeded out the door. He was greeted by a crowd of children.

These are the fighters. They will fight a bloody and sad battle. One of them will become the next king and take my place.

"Girls and boys," said Gash, looking at the crowd. "Children of Makai..." He stammered.

"If you become the kind ruler of the demon world, maybe we won't need to fight like this anymore."

Gash closed his eyes and fled the balcony.

"Gash, Gash!" yelled a guard, following him.

I can't take it. I'm not a strong king.

"Darn, after all these years, he still has post traumatic stress disorder," muttered a guard to another.

"Get back up there!" said a guard, pushing Gash back on the balcony.

"C-children of Makai..." said Gash. "You all know about the battle to become king. Each one of you... must become strong and confident, and endure this battle. No matter how much hardship you encounter, no matter how much friends you will lose... Each one of you must stay strong, and win the power to stop all future battles from mutilating Makai!"

A handful of cheers and claps echoed from the crowd, accompanied by some boos.

"May the best mamodo win."

Back in the desert

Why would a book be here? The boy picked up the object and brushed the sand off. It looked like a textbook with a pink cover.

Could it be what I'm looking for? He opened it up. He was greeted by strange symbols.

"As I thought," he muttered out loud. "This mysterious desert holds valuable treasure... Huh?" The boy noticed faint footsteps leading away from where he was standing.

Those are not mine. The sandstorm is strong, and considering that I still see them, they must be new. Better follow them before they fade.

He jogged along the path, stopping to squint ahead. Seeing a mountain, he continued to jog. It went up the mountain?

When he reached the summit, the boy took off his cloak and mask revealing his black sweatshirt and messy black hair.

"There's my city," he said to himself, doing a victory cheer inside. He was referring to the walled city next to a bunch of windmills. "Just wait till they see the treasure I found."

Clutching the book tightly, he trotted towards his house. Throwing his backpack on his desk, he took out the book, trying to decipher it.

"OW!" A large bump grew on his head.

"Where were you, Sean?" asked his mom, her fist clenched. "Your breakfast turned cold hours ago!"

"I was in the desert," said Sean, clutching his head.

"How many times do I have to tell you YOU CAN BE KILLED THERE!" yelled his mom. "You know how vicious the savages are. They ran out of food, so they feed on trespassers."

"I'm fourteen, I can handle myself," retorted Sean as he entered the dining room, eating his porridge. The city was fortunate enough to have an oat farm. Electricity was supplied by the windmills outside of town.

After finishing his breakfast, Sean took the elevator up to the roof of his apartment building, so he can get a good view of the city. Sitting on the edge, he took out the book he found.

What does this say? Can this really be a clue for solving the mystery of the desert? Sean searched from page to page, but all he could see was more and more symbols. All of a sudden, the book began glowing.

"I... can read this," said Sean, reading a page. "I can read these words!"

Something behind Sean gave a long sigh. "Then read it," said a voice. Sean whirled around.

"Wha-? Hey! Who are you?"

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