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Chapter Six

A dry gust of wind blew across the oat farm. Tanio was plowing the field when he noticed Keklin approaching.

"Keklin's here?" he asked. "What's happening?"

Keklin merely stared at Tanio for a second, then he bent down and uprooted an oat plant. Without a word, he put the plant in his pocket.

What did he do that for? thought Tanio as Keklin walked away.

"He WHAT?" asked Sean as he dropped his bag. They were in his room, in the evening. The last day of school had ended.

"I told you, he picked a plant off the farm," said Tanio. "What's wrong with that?"

"Everything! He works as a border guard, right? We have to look for them, now."

"Hey, wait!" yelled Tanio as Sean pulled his hand. "What's going on?"

That guy, where could he have gone? thought Sean as he headed out the door. He ran up to the lookout fortress.

"Excuse me, sir, but you are not permitted to go near the border guard station or the city gate," said a guard. "A 15-year-old traitor named Keklin Sonra managed to break out of this city, so security has tightened up."

Sean nodded. "I thought so. Was there anything strange about Keklin?"

"Yes," said the guard. "He was with a companion who heavily injured some soldiers with a laser beam."

The soldier paused. "But I've said too much. You should stay in the city and look after yourself."

Sean and Tanio went back to his house and went up to his room.

"Sean," said Tanio. "What's wrong with leaving the city?"

Sean was silent for a while, but then he said, "When you're working as a soldier or a border guard, you are not permitted to leave the region. They would think you're a spy from another area. Also, since you're quitting in the middle of your duty, other soldiers would chicken out and do the same."

"But what about the oat plant?" asked Tanio. "Why is picking a plant disallowed?"

"The kind of oat grown in this city is the only known species of oat which survived to this day.

It was able to survive both the intense pollution and the ocean's polluted salt water.

And it can never be found anywhere else besides right here in the farm."

"So that means Keklin…" said Tanio.

"Yeah, he's a traitor. He's trying to bring a specimen of our rare breed and spreading it to other countries."

It was dark in the desert. The sandstorm made it even harder to see.

"That was a bad move," said Goruji. "Now we have to spend the night in this environment."

"Shut up and give me a hand," said Keklin, annoyed. He was trying to pitch a tent.

"Yes, I'm finally done packing!" said Sean. He put his hooded cloak on. "Let's go!"

"Mom, we're leaving now," said Tanio as they exited the house.

"Wait, where are you going?" yelled Sean's mother as she ran up to the door. But it was too late. The boys had gone down the road.

"Shouldn't we tell her?" asked Tanio. Sean looked annoyed.

"No, and you shouldn't have told her we were leaving! Oh well, let's think of a way to escape this city."

He squinted in the horizon. Tanio stared in confusion.

"Follow me," said Sean as he ran into a large windmill. Inside, electricity was being produced by the spinning fan.

"This should be the windmill that powers the lookout fortress and the city gate," said Sean. "Tanio, aim at the steel fan above us and close your eyes." Tanio did as told.

"Zakeru," said Sean after he opened the pink spell book. Tanio opened his mouth and shot a lightning bolt at the blades. Nothing seemed to happen.

"Maybe it's not powerful enough," said Sean. He stood still and gathered more energy.


After the bolt was fired, everything went white. After all the lights in the fortress shattered, everything went dark again.

Sean opened his eyes. "Let's go!" He pulled Tanio's hand and rushed towards the city gate.

The soldiers were flinching from the pain. "Ow, Argh! I can't see," said a guard. "What's happening?"

The team pushed the soldiers aside and ran out the gate. They didn't stop running until their legs were too tired to continue.

"That seemed to work out," gasped Sean as he collapsed on his knees. Tanio sat up and looked around. Behind them, a few towers of windmills were visible—the only trace of the city.

"Are you sure we can do this," said Tanio. "Walking in the desert, trying not to be burned… What if we meet another mamodo?"

"It's okay, I have a plan," said Sean. "Follow me."

The Next Day

"Well, do you have a plan?" asked Goruji. They were in the tent, but they could still feel the sun burning them through the tent.

"No," said Keklin. "What do you expect from a guy who dropped out of school at age twelve? At least give me a hint as of where we are."

"The city is still 1990 kilometers to the north," said Goruji. "If you plan of continuing, I don't mind. After all, I have much more stamina than any human."

Sean stopped digging and put down his shovel. All around him, the sand was overturned.

"We've been digging the whole night," complained Tanio. "Are we looking for some sort of treasure?"

"No, but it doesn't matter. We found it already," said Sean. He hit the hard object with his shovel to prove it.

"What have you found?" said a voice. It was Keklin. His spell book was open, and Goruji was standing besides him in the sun.

Cast Reference

Sean: 14-year-old boy, messy black hair, wears a dark green cloak and a mask when traveling in the desert, wears a black sweatshirt when at home

Tanio: 7-year-old demon boy, orange hair that covered his ears, wears a light-blue cloak

Pink-colored spell book

Keklin: 15-year-old boy, short, unruly brown hair, brown eyes, clad in tatters

Goruji: 14-year-old demon boy, spiky black hair, brown eyes, robot body with a red crystal at the center

Blue-colored spell book